payal rohatgi 6 months ago

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What is the cmat cut off for jims Rohini and Jaipuria Noida ?

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manika sood 5 months ago

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Hi Payal. CMAT Cut-offs varies every year in every College. This Year for 2019-2021 batch CMAT Cut-off

JIMS Rohini- 70%le for PGDM(gen) , 55%le for PGDM-IB, 50%le for PGDM-RM.

Jaipuria Noida - 40%le for all Specializations.

Also, you can consider the fact that the Eligibility Criteria showcases the Attribution of Students in College. 

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v neeraja 6 months ago

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Hi Payal,

CMAT exam for 2019 will be conducted on JAN 28, 2019 and the result will be released on February 10, 2019. Every year the cutoffs keep varying for various colleges based on relative performance of the other candidates. However, the cutoofs for JIMS Rohini over the years have been around 65%le for its flagship programme while that for Jaipuria Noida is also around the same at 63-67 percentile. 

For more information about colleges and cutoffs based on CMAT, you can refer here: https://bschool.careers360.com/articles/cmat-cutoff

Hope it helps.

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ÑÍthesh 6 months ago

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hii payal

the cut off for both places is same while 60 Percentile is PDGM ,40 Percentile for PDGM-IB and 40 Percentile for PGDM-RM

hope this help

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