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What is the difference between BA in journalism and mass communication and b.sc in journalism and mass communication?

Which are best colleges?

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Shagun Tiwari 6 months ago

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BA and B.Sc in journalism and mass communication are more or less the same course. They are named differently because of affliation to different universities and their consideration of the subject as a part of either arts or science. I would suggest you to check the list of subjects before joining the course.

Coming to the colleges that offer the course, there are a few top colleges namely;

These colleges have their own specified eligibility criteria which includes clearing an entrance test. Apart from these institutions, I would like to bring to your knowledge that some news channels have their own specialized training and course that they offer to aspiring talent in journalism and mass communication.

All the very best!

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Shaurya Sharma

Shaurya Sharma 6 months ago

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Hello Rahul,
It is more or less the same, the changes could differ in the curriculum offered under the 2 mentioned courses. Also, the difference lies in the type of degree offered and the University affiliation for the mentioned courses and the institutes.
Difference between Mass Comm. and Journalism.
In order to know the best colleges for this field use the link below:
Hope this helps.
Good luck!!

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