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What is the management seat fees for Engineering in VIT Pune...

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Abhinav p v 8 days ago

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Hello aspirant, 

Basically it ranges from 5 to 20 lakhs and it varies with your branch of interest.your yearly fees

For Comp and Mech it's 18 to 20 lakhs

For IT, Entc and Electronics its 8 to 10 lakhs

For Chemical, Industrial & Production, Instrumentation its 5 to 7 lakhs

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Jangili Pavan Kumar
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  • First of all it Depends completely on the branch in which you want to pursue your degree.

  • The second thing is that be careful of being fooled and getting admission in its second campus, VIIT ,which is in Pune University.

  • VIT is an autonomous institute and has its own separate exams whereas VIIT will have its exams as per Pune University.

  • Now coming to the management quota fees,it depends onthe availability of seats and on when you will be taking admission.

  • It may vary from a very low cost to a maximum of 67 lakhs depending on the branch and the availability or demand.


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