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What is the syllabus of M.A in Urdu For JNUEE 2019

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Srishti Mehta 3 months ago

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Hello Rizwan

By and large syllabus will cover the curriculums/syllabuses of B.A./B.A. (Hons. ) of Urdu as prescribed in various university/Colleges all over the 

country. Which will commonly be based on the following topics: 

a. History of Urdu Literature: (From begging till 20th century )

b. Classical Urdu Poetry: (Major classical Urdu poets and their selected works)

c. Classical Urdu Prose (Major classical Urdu Prose writers and their selected works)

d. Modern Urdu Poetry (Major Modern Urdu Poets and their selected works)

e. Modern Urdu Prose (Major Modern Urdu Prose writers and their selected works)

f. Major Genres of Urdu Poetry Prose

g. Major literary movements and trends of Urdu Literature.

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