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What should I do so that I can score good marks in neet and what should I do to build up my concentration??

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to score good marks in neet you need good preparation yours basics should be clear 
you should set yourself a score goal and work accordingly . revise all important topics 

bio should be done properly, avoid negative marking in the exam which is only possible if you practice lot of mcq questions
join any test  series but assess your performance work on your mistakes . and be regular & dedicated to your preparation

to build up concentration meditate in the morning and think about your future . this exam and what importance it holds in your life. motivation will lead to better efficacy and output . Neet is not just an exam of your bookish knowlegde but also your calm and patience during the exam. 

make sure you do the important topics properly. refer to career 360 percentage weightage of important topics in NEET link. 


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Mayank Kukreti 10 days ago

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Hii Kshitij
I can understand your situation as it is not easy to prepare for any entrance exam but to   get a good life ahead you need to work hard so the first thing you should keep in your mind that you have to stay positive and have a firm determination that I can achieve anything in my life.you should start your day with meditation and yoga as it will help you to remain calm and stress free,make it a habit to do meditation in the morning for atleast 10 minutes.The main aim of doing all this is that it will increase your concentration power as it is not the duration that counts but it is the concentration in studies which really matters.if you are concentrated in doing some work then you will be able to do it in the less amount of time and it is the concentration that will help you to achieve your goals.As we know that it is difficult to concentrate for long hours while studying so to build that concentration power you have to remain stress free and motivated.As you will start doing meditation daily then after few days you will start feeling the change in you.As these things might be funny for young generation but it is the reality that if you start doing these things you will surely get a result in your day to day life so if you want to be successful in life then you should start doing it.
To crack any entrance exam,you need to have a proper schedule to follow so here are some points you should keep in mind while studying-
1) divide your day into 4 halfs and each half should be of 3 hours atleast,first half should be for physics,2nd for biology,3rd half should  be for chemistry and 4th half should be for solving objectives.
2) always study physics in the morning as you will be fresh in the morning so it will be easy for you to concentrate on it.As you know that every medical aspirant find it difficult so make sure you make it a plus point for you.
3) your main focus should remain on NCERT textbook as most of the questions are asked from it so make sure you go through your NCERT textbooks thoroughly as it will help you to build your basics strong
4) opt any one reference book for each subject for solving objectives like for physics you can opt universal publication,dc Pandey,Allen module,for biology you can opt trueman of biology,MTG,Allen module, Pradeep publication,for chemistry you can opt Dinesh objective,op Tandon,Allen module,ABC publication.Don't try to opt too many reference book as it will only confuse you so make sure you solve one reference book for each subject multiple times
5) solve previous year question papers because sometimes questions are repeated as it is and it will also give you the idea that how the questions are being framed from each subject
6) join any test series so that you get familiar with the pattern and can Manage your time as time management is the most important thing because if you can't manage your time properly then there is no use of studying
7) last and the most important thing not to get distracted from your goal as this your very crucial time so if you feel that your getting distracted then try to watch some motivational videos or meditate as so will bring down your stress level.
I hope this information helps you.
Thank you

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Nafisa Turabi 10 days ago

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The key to scoring good marks lies in your hard work as well as smart work, both at the same time. Its high time now so you should dedicate most of your time to studies with full focus and concentration. You should be practicing questions more than just reading theory whole day. Solve previous years questions as they tend to repeat. At last, stay confident and don't lose hope.

As you asked about how to concentrate on studies, i would like to tell you that try enjoying studies. Try to learn the concepts rather than just by hearting it all. Enjoy the topic. Once you start getting fun in solving questions, you won't feel the need to concentrate anymore. Also, you need to focus on your aim now. Think what you have to achieve. Visualise your goals. That would help in making your mind to study.

Hope this helps.

Good luck.

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Hi kshitij, I think you may have all ready joined a crash course. But still self study is more important to clear such exams. You can make a list of topics and can make use of you tube and other study related apps to clear your idea about the topics . Because understanding is more important. You can also practice a previous year question papers. 

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