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What type of question are asked of hotel management in college admission intreview

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Hello Sudip

What is the meaning of the term catering?

List out the various kinds of linens used in the hotel industry

How would you go about promoting your hotel?

Describe the various types of accommodations

What do you mean by the term adding value?

What is hospitality in terms of the hotel industry?

How are hotels classified?

What are the makings of a good Hotel Manager?

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Hello aspirant,  

They do not ask planned questions but questions are designed to give you opportunities to highlight your persona. At the end of the interview, you’ll be given the chance to ask questions that give you even more time to highlight your interest in the work and the specific property. Some questions are listed below:

  • Tell me something about yourself?
  • How Would You Handle Guest Complaints?
  • What Opportunities Are There For Advancement?
  • Tell me about a suggestion that you have made that has been successfully implemented
  •  What did you like/ dislike about your  last job ?
  • How do you take direction?
  • What do you know about this organization?
  • What are you like working in a team?
  • What is your greatest strength & biggest weakness?
  • What kind of decisions do you find most difficult to take?
  • Tell me about a suggestion that you have made that has been successfully implemented.

Thank you!!

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