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Where should I go Jaipuria institute of management Or ISME Bangalore. Where should I get better placement, Roi,faculty.

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Kashish juneja 3 months ago

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The fee is around Rs.1,65,000 per annum for BBA(might vary year to year) . This fee even includes one Singapore internship which is held after the first year. All of the travel, stay , food is included in this yearly fees.

90% students have already been placed. Companies like - Marico, NextGen, Simplilearn and many more have visited the college. The average package is maybe around Rs.3.9 lakh

The teachers here are highly qualified and experienced. They treat the students and other faculty members more like one single family. Every teacher is very caring , friendly and down to earth. They're open minded and a perfect blend of a friend as well as guide and a mentor. The classes are two way, they ensure every student participates and the classes are interactive and fun. The classes are filled with concepts being related to daily life examples , with so many examples being given - the concepts stay with us better . Classes even go on with presentations and videos relating to the topic.

In Jaipuria Institute of Management, the highest package is Rs.16.65 lakh, average package is Rs.6 lakh and the lowest package is 4.5 lakh. Here, the faculty is very friendly and understanding, they helped us in the projects, assignments, live projects and also the summer internship program.

I firmly believe that the ROI in Jaipuria Institute of Management is more than ISME Bangalore. 

This is from a personal experience, don't take a college in Bangalore, stay in North India otherwise you'll regret it.

Hope this helps, all the best for the future.

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