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Which all colleges accept FDDI AIST

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Sai Meghana

Sai Meghana 4 months ago

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Hello Johanne Ninan Paul....

FDDI has 12 campuses that accept FDDI AIST scores for admissions,these FDDI  camouses are locked at noida,kolkatta channi,rohtak,jodhpur,fursatgani,chhindwara,patna,chandigarh,hyderabad,gujarat and guna.

1.FDDI Noida

2.FDDI Rohtak

3.FDDI Fursatganj

4.FDDI Chenni

5. FDDI  Jodhpur

6.FDDI Chhindwara

7.FDDI Patna

8.FDDI Chandigrah

9.FDDI Guna

10.FDDI Hyderabad

11.FDDI Gujarat

These are colleges that accept FDDI AIST

All  the best

Thank you

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Priyanka Shahane

Priyanka Shahane 4 months ago

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Hello Johannes,

Colleges accepting FDDI AIST scores are as follows:

1)FDDI Noida

2)FDDI Rohtak

3)FDDI Kolkata

4)FDDI Fursatganj

5)FDDI Chennai

6)FDDI Chhindwara

7)FDDI Hyderabad

9)FDDI Gujarat

10)FDDI Guna

All the Best.

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