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Which book of legal aptitude will the best for CLAT preparation?

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Neelam Prusty

Neelam Prusty 4 months ago

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Taxman Legal Aptitude

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Alisha 1 year ago

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1- English
Word Power Made Easy by Norman Lewis for improving vocabulary- trust me this book is more than enough for vocabulary further this will also improve your grammer and reading.
Tata McGrawhill (check CLAT on the cover page dont buy the CAT one) This book is important and highly recommended for 3 reasons (1) It is brief, concise, comprehensive and doable (2) CLAT is written on its cover so anyone making the paper for the first time will definitely give questions from this book.(3) It mostly consists of the tricky questions from RS Agrawal which is the third book i would like to recommend. It is important to remember that in case of conflict between TMG and RS Agrawal where no apparent correct answer can be given, follow RS.
2- Legal Reasoning and Awareness
Lexis Nexis student guide for CLAT - It is arguably the best book for CLAT preparation and definitely the best for legal reasoning all other books provide wrong answers most of the questions from this book, even from section other than legal reasoning appear in paper directly.
3- Maths
RS Agrawal for Maths and 30 days maths wonder- 30 days maths wonder covers questions from the lowest difficulty level to the difficulty level higher than RS Agrawal, RS Agrawal just gives you lot of questions to practice. Dont buy Quicker Maths by M.Tyra (just a suggestion)
4- Logical Reasoning
RS Agrawal is more and than enough, rather i would suggest you to restrict yourself to RS because same questions appear in different books with different and mostly wrong answers. Answers from RS match the answers from the Exam Correct answer script.

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Syed Shahnawaz
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Dear Patel.

Use this link you have N number of book refer any one of them.


I know this link is huge but its very helpfull fopr you.


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