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Which exam is tough jee mains or Bitsat ??

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Kowshik mogali

Kowshik mogali 3 months ago

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We can't decide which one is difficult ,one is based on logic and one is based on time.
   Yes! We require lot of speed to crack bitsat .The questions are very easy and only matters is the speed .
And in jee main also speed matters but not as much as bitsat.
So the toughness depends on the person.if he is comfortable with speed then bitsat is easy ,if not it is difficult.

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Anantha krishna 3 months ago

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Both exams are challenging in different ways. The PCM part of BITSAT might not be that difficult for a JEE aspirant, however, it does have an English Proficiency and logical reasoning section that is very important in determining your chances of getting into BITS.

Hope this helps.

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Snigdha Sachdeva 3 months ago

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Hello tanmesh. Thank you for choosing Careers360.

Both the exams are tough on their own level. JEE Mains and BITSAT both are considered to be very difficult engineering exams. However if you want to see in terms of cut off, then BITSAT has a very high cut off whereas the cut off for JEE MAINS is not that high.

Hope this helps!

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