ashutosh gupta 10 months ago

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Why the NMAT cutoff of NMIMS is 210 and IBS H is 155 as the both take fess arount 15 to 17 lacs.? What are the reports of their placements??

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Tanushree Seth 10 months ago

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Hello Ashutosh ,

First of all , there is no such relation between cut off and the fees of the college . Both the colleges you are talking about are in the top lists for MBA in India. The placements are very good .

In IBS H the avg package is nearly 7 lakhs per annum and the highest is nearly 47.5 lakhs per annum .

In NMIMS , the avg placements are nearly 18 lakhs per annum and the highest is nearly 31 lakhs per annum.


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Sarvesh Naik

Sarvesh Naik 10 months ago

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Sarvesh NaikLast Seen: 5 months 1 week agoJoined on: 22-Aug-2018Education Interest: ManagementEducation Level: Graduate & Above

Hi Ashutosh,

Well to start with the fees and the cutoffs really are not in any relation. The fees to be taken and the cutoff marks for a particular college is solely decided by the college or the university it is affiliated to.

But, to answer you I would say, a college with high cutoff will have a refined quality of students and ROI to offer, it does not mean that the college with slightly less cutoff is bad, it can be equally good. Also, it depends upon the intake a college has.

Now to compare NMIMS and IBS-H, is not fair actually. NMIMS is one of the best colleges in whole India, while IBS-H lags behind a little bit in its rank. Also, the ROI in IBS-H is little lower as compared to NMIMS.

But, IBS helps you to excel in other races of career, i.e. you have various clubs in college itself to nurture your academic knowledge and also talents other than academics. This helps the student to improve his overall attributes. Also, the case based study pattern in IBS is a charm, it helps you to understand concepts easily. 

Well to sum up, if you want a high ROI at the start of your career go for NMIMS, but if you want to improve yourself in all ways of life and career and also start with a decent package, go for IBS-H.

All the best for future.

Best wishes.

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