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Kiran Gowda 1 day ago

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Kiran GowdaLast Seen: 14 hours 2 min agoJoined on: 21-Feb-2019Education Interest: MedicineEducation Level: Class 12

Is it ok to do mmbs in abroad like Philippines it is good or bad

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Twinkle Mamnani 20 hours ago

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Twinkle Mamnani Last Seen: 16 hours 58 min agoJoined on: 05-Jul-2018Education Interest: Degree ProgrammesEducation Level: In Graduation
Hello Kiran,It isn't bad at all. But let me make you aware of it that once you get a degree from abroad you would have to keep practicing in the same country. Since in order to come back to India for ... Read More

venkat teja 13 days ago

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Venkat TejaLast Seen: 1 week 6 days agoJoined on: 12-May-2019Education Interest: Study AbroadEducation Level: In Graduation

How much GPA is required to do post graduation in Norway

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Sunanda Dhar 2 days ago

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Sunanda DharLast Seen: 48 min 25 sec agoJoined on: 02-May-2019Education Interest: EngineeringEducation Level: In Graduation
Admisson to a  programme in Norway requires an A or a B grade on the master’s degree. In Norway the universities and university colleges use the ECTS grading scale. An A would put you in the to... Read More

Ankit Prasad 4 days ago

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Ankit PrasadLast Seen: 3 days 13 hours agoJoined on: 21-May-2019Education Interest: Study AbroadEducation Level: Class 12

After compartment can i get admission in abroad

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Aman Raj 4 days ago

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Aman RajLast Seen: 12 hours 31 min agoJoined on: 06-Jan-2019Education Interest: EngineeringEducation Level: Graduate & Above
Hello AnkitYou are having very very high chances of getting admission in colleges after a compartment.Compartment can never be a thing that describes ,who you are exactly. It's just a wrong notion, ha... Read More

kahan patel 1 year ago

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Kahan PatelLast Seen: 12 months 1 day agoJoined on: 10-May-2018Education Interest: Study AbroadEducation Level: Class 12

I completed my 12th from india this year what are elligiblities to apply for mcat

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shreyash patils picture
Shreyash PatilLast Seen: 4 days 42 min agoJoined on: 25-Mar-2019Education Interest: MedicineEducation Level: Class 12
There is no as such eligibility for the International students.Even I had same query like you.I had just finished my 12 grade,that time I had sent an email to [email protected] you have completed certa... Read More

Ranjini Basu 1 year ago

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Ranjini BasuLast Seen: 4 days 3 hours agoJoined on: 16-Nov-2017Education Interest: ManagementEducation Level: Graduate & Above
Hi Kahan,Thanks for your query. Good to know that you are aspiring to pursue medical studies abroad but this is just to inform you for international candidates, MCAT conducting body has prescribed cer... Read More
Sekhar Devinenis picture
Sekhar DevineniLast Seen: 5 days 16 hours agoJoined on: 18-May-2019Education Interest: Study AbroadEducation Level: In Graduation

What is mainly required to do MS in germany ?

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Tech. India 5 days ago

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Tech. IndiaLast Seen: 5 days 10 hours agoJoined on: 20-Apr-2019Education Interest: EngineeringEducation Level: In Graduation
Hii,Well Mainly Requiired to do MS in Germany are:-Certificate and transcript of your undergraduate studies.-Details of your secondary education –some very competitive application processes may wish... Read More
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Literally FelicityLast Seen: 21 hours 1 min agoJoined on: 17-May-2019Education Interest: MedicineEducation Level: Class 12

How many neet marks do I need to study abroad in 2019?

What's minimum neet marks needed to pursue a mbbs degree abroad at present date?

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Syed Arooj 6 days ago

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Syed AroojLast Seen: 1 day 14 hours agoJoined on: 14-Mar-2019Education Interest: Degree ProgrammesEducation Level: In Graduation
Hi. To study MBBS abroad first thing you have to do is to qualify NEET. NEET qualifying marks will be mentioned your result card. Last year students from General category who had scored as low as 131... Read More
prakriti grovers picture
Prakriti GroverLast Seen: 1 week 6 days agoJoined on: 02-Apr-2019Education Interest: LawEducation Level: Class 12

Are there any reputed online courses available for 3 to 4 months for undergrad students in the commerce field which are pocket friendly?

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Aishwarya Rajeevs picture
Aishwarya RajeevLast Seen: 1 day 19 hours agoJoined on: 10-May-2019Education Interest: EngineeringEducation Level: In Graduation
hey prakritiYu must check out coursera .It is an amzing online portal where you can learn from great universities like stanford.Most of the time the material is free and you have to pay for the certif... Read More

sunidhi suri 14 days ago

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Sunidhi SuriLast Seen: 10 min 41 sec agoJoined on: 06-Apr-2019Education Interest: ManagementEducation Level: In Graduation
Hey Prakriti, There are alot of courses that you can do online and they are cost friendly also 1 DIGITAL MARKETING Digital Marketing is a vast and wide field. It covers topics such as- SEO, Content... Read More

nidhi jain 1 year ago

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Nidhi JainLast Seen: 1 year 2 months agoJoined on: 03-Sep-2017Education Interest: Study AbroadEducation Level: Class 12

Sir please guide me I want to go abroad after 12 class for fashion designing??? So please guide me what will I do?? ?

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Adil faisal khans picture
Adil Faisal KhanLast Seen: 1 week 17 hours agoJoined on: 07-May-2019Education Interest: Study AbroadEducation Level: In Graduation

hello nidhi,

the best city for fashion design is paris.there are number of colleges for fashion design the best one i know is Lisa school of design.

Sameer jha 1 year ago

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Sameer JhaLast Seen: 1 year 3 months agoJoined on: 22-Oct-2017Education Interest: B.E /Btech.Education Level: Class 11
Buy two tickets for abroad one for me also

Rishabh Raj 8 days ago

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Rishabh RajLast Seen: 1 week 1 day agoJoined on: 17-May-2019Education Interest: Finance and AccountsEducation Level: Class 11

Which is the best college to study for CA?

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Sriya Bose 8 days ago

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Sriya BoseLast Seen: 2 days 21 hours agoJoined on: 17-Apr-2019Education Interest: Study AbroadEducation Level: In Graduation
Hello Rishabh! You are being provided with the names of the top 5 Chartered Accountant institutes in the world. 1.) Institute Of Chartered Accountancy In England And Wales (ICAEW) 2.)The American I... Read More
Hushn Ma Aab Rahmans picture
Hushn Ma Aab RahmanLast Seen: 1 week 2 days agoJoined on: 15-May-2019Education Interest: MedicineEducation Level: Class 12


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Priyaanka Sarkars picture
Priyaanka SarkarLast Seen: 16 min 17 sec agoJoined on: 01-Nov-2018Education Interest: Degree ProgrammesEducation Level: Graduate & Above
Dear Rahman, now even for studying Medicine abroad, you need to appear and qualify in NEET UG. Once you qualify in NEET, you can apply for various foreign Universities which have need based scholarshi... Read More

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