AIPGMEE 2014- Dr Sumer Sethi shares preparation tips for last 20 days

National Eligibility cum Entrance Test for Post Graduation (NEET PG)

AIPGMEE 2014- Dr Sumer Sethi shares preparation tips for last 20 days

Dr. Sumer K Sethi, MD

Sr Consultant Radiologist

Founder Director, Delhi Academy of Medical Sciences (DAMS)

AIPGMEE 2014 Preparation Tips: With 20 days left for AIPGMEE 2014, what should be the preparation strategy? Should you be mugging up the repeat questions or brushing up the concepts? In an exclusive interview, Founder Director of Delhi Academy of Medical Sciences, Dr Sumer Sethi shares tips on how to prepare for AIPGME 2014 in the last 20 days. Dr Sethi was himself a topper in AIPGMEE, AIIMS and PGI and is a known mentor amongst students.


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Careers360: What topics would you advice students to brush up now that only 20 days are left for the exam?

Dr. Sumer Sethi: Last 20 days are very crucial and entire syllabus needs to be brushed up in these 20 days. Usually this is possible by reading your notes that you have made during the year. We recommend class notes to all our students. In addition to the notes that you have compiled during the year, special mention needs to be made of few new topics like Biophysics, which have been introduced this year in AIPGMEE.

: At this point of time, what should be the strategy and focus area of the aspirants?

Dr. Sumer Sethi: At this point of time, the focus should be on concepts and one should have a thorough knowledge of facts. Very few repeat questions are being asked and traditional approach of reading ten year papers will not work this year. In addition this paper is being conducted by National Board of Examination (NBE) while in past it was conducted by AIIMS. And exam pattern by NBE has more one liners and visual based questions. Particularly in subjects like radiology, dermatology, pathology, this is a new change which was evident in August DNB 2013.


Careers360: What are the books that you highly recommend for the AIPGMEE 2014 preparation?

Dr Sumer Sethi: Routine textbooks would be more useful than so called guide books as very few questions are being repeated in these exams. In DAMS, we recommend comprehensive brush up of the entire subject in contrast to just mugging up the repeats.

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Careers360: With AIPGMEE (previously known as NEET PG) going online from last year, what difference has it made in the overall AIPGMEE 2014 preparation strategy or in any other way?

Dr. Sumer Sethi: This year AIPGMEE exam will have 300 questions in contrast to NEET which had 240 MCQ and this would be one of the key differences from last year. Online exam is a positive step forward and it ensures the fairness of exam.  Students have to be computer friendly, and should practice giving long session CBTs to be confident in this pattern. CBT is way forward and almost all exams globally are now conducted on computers and it is good that our examiners have started this in India.


Careers360: How has the difficulty level been for AIPGMEE (NEET PG) over the last 3 years?

Dr. Sumer Sethi: Difficultly level has risen tremendously and there is almost complete change in the exam pattern and kind of questions being asked and examiners have gradually drifted away from the repeating the same questions.

Careers360: Which are the other major postgraduate medical exams that you would advice students to take this year?

Dr. Sumer Sethi: I will recommend all medical students to appear for AIIMS, PGI, and AIPGMEE exams.  States using AIPGMEE results for their 50 percent quota are Haryana, Punjab, Odissa, Chhatisgarh, Delhi - University of Delhi only, so there will not be separate state PG exams for these states and for other states, students will have to appear for their state based exams as well.

Careers360: Few golden tips you would like to share with the aspirants of AIPGMEE 2014.

Dr Sumer Sethi: Make sure that you revise your notes in last 20 days and are familiar and comfortable with CBT pattern. Don’t forget to revise visuals as this is a possible change this year. And finally this exam will have 300 questions which is more than the NEET PG so make sure that your are geared for a long session. I wish all PG aspirants best of luck!

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First Published On : 04 Nov 2013 04:41 PM IST
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