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5 Things to Never Say At An Interview

5 Things to Never Say At An Interview

Edited By Parisraja Bajpai | Updated on May 26, 2023 09:00 AM IST

You finally got the call back! Now is the time to ace the interview. However, just like there are dos and don’ts while writing an exam, there are things which you can avoid saying in an interview. From opinions on international politics or religious beliefs or anything that can risk your chances of getting hired.

5 Things to Never Say At An Interview
5 Things to Never Say At An Interview

It is okay to be nervous when you’re facing an interview panel or just one interviewer. You may fumble, sound repetitive, or be caught off guard by the questions that are posed to you. But there is always a tact in answering “difficult” questions. Here are some tips to better communicate what you actually want to say.

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Let us first understand what are the goals of an interview. Through an interview an attempt is made to establish the following:

To understand the track record of work of the candidate

You give a brief of what you have done in the past and give instances of your work experience that are in line with the role you have applied for.

To understand the role and culture fitment

The candidate and the organisation ascribe through the interaction if this is the great fit for both the parties in terms of candidate’s career trajectory, expectations, and growth. And for the company if the candidate will be a fit in role, blend in the culture and contribute to the overall success of the business.

While it is appreciated to be your most authentic self in the interview; it is not advisable to let your guard down as it is, a formal professional setting.

Here are some definite no-nos that you must absolutely avoid!

>> Never Bad Mouth your Previous Company/ Boss: Don’t speak negatively about your organisation

>> Avoid saying – It’s on the Resume: If during an interview you are asked something which you have already answered on the phone with the HR/ hiring manager and the question is posed again, don’t say – “It’s already mentioned on my resume, you can check that.” It could be that the interviewer has already seen that thing on your resume and needs a little more explanation or wants to discuss it further for their better understanding.

Even if it’s an obvious thing about you, always remember that the organisation is trying to understand your fitment for the role, so you need to answer questions to prove your fitment.

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>> Show desperation: Come what may, showing how bad you need the job is just not okay. You can’t say- “I need this job!” or “I will do anything for this role.” Apart from coming off as desperate, this also means you are using emotions to get a job and not your skills/ experience.

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>> Salary Entitlements : Put off the discussion about the salary at least on the first call. When you ask what will be my salary in the first call itself, it shows you are extrinsically motivated only by money and not interested in the role itself. Let the organisation and hiring manager discuss salary first. This means you will have more leeway in negotiation.

>> Avoid mentioning personal reasons for reasons for a higher salary: For instance, “I need a raise because I am the sole earner in the family and ailing parents.” Ensure what you are asking for is for no reasons other than your worth, capabilities, and skills.

Most Common Errors

When asked about your salary, you will be posed a question like – “What is your current CTC and expected CTC?” Avoid saying things like: “I am getting 40K and I think if I get 50-60K, I will be happy.” Or “My current salary is 3.6 Lakhs/annum, but I feel I am underpaid.” Instead, you can say- “I am currently drawing INR XXX per annum with the benefits of INR Y. I am expecting a 20-25 per cent hike as per industry standards.”

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Here are a few lines you can say instead to make a lasting impression on the interviewer:

  • “I have a deep understanding of the current industry trends and strive to stay ahead of the curve.”
  • “I have a proven track record of successfully completing my projects while working collaboratively in a team.”
  • “I am motivated to continuously work on myself, gain new skills and work towards proving an asset to the organisation.”
  • “I am passionate about my career and strive to use my abilities to best serve my coworkers and my career.”
  • “My experience has taught me how to creatively solve problems and handle difficult situations.”


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