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Technology-driven Advisory Products used by a million+ students

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Who we are

Careers360- The Education Hub: A data-enabled and technology-driven Educational Products and Services Company, Careers360 seamlessly integrates millions of student and institutional data points with the user generated preferences of its more than 15 million+ monthly visitors, to build sophisticated Prediction and Recommendation products for the students to explore and achieve career plans, based on their interests and abilities.

Driven by a 210 members young team, we cover 20,000+ colleges, 250+ courses and have 250+ products, from exam preparation to college recommendation, used by over a Million students.

We are a hub of activities on everything to do with education. Our Products, Content, Forums, Experts and Events help the students, parents, policy makers, educationists and academics in taking informed decisions. We are driven by data, tools & products. We predict and recommend. We enable the best decision for every student, every time.
We are Careers360 – The Education Hub.


Mahesh Peri

Maheshwer Peri - Chairman & Founder/Thinker, Entrepreneur, Dreamer, Worker

A passionate entrepreneur, Mahesh is a qualified CA, CMA and ACS. He started his career as an investment banker with SBI Capital Markets. He was associated with the Outlook group for 17 years and headed it for more than 10 years. Mahesh believes that the demographic dividend India seeks can turn into a nightmare if youth are not shown the right direction to maximize their capabilities. CAREERS360 is the result of his deep understanding of student issues, and the information gaps that need to be filled to help students take an informed career decision.

Mahesh Sarma

Mahesh Sarma - Education Evangelist/Academic, Counsellor, Ombudsman

Mahesh was happily pursuing research at JNU, New Delhi when he was entrusted the responsibility of hand holding students and helping them decide on their careers and lives. Mahesh believes, "In the Indian context, a career is a life". An academic at heart with a deep insight and understanding of the education domain, Mahesh is the 'Go To Man' for students, parents and educators.

Nimesh Chandra

Nimesh Chandra - The Monk – Details Man, Ranking Specialist & Researcher

Nimesh is driven largely by macro factors that influence the education domain and links them to institutional data to creating engaging and relevant advice. He holds an M.Phil and PhD from JNU in the broad area of management of innovations. His research interest is in knowledge transfer, particularly from academia to industry. At Careers360, he leads the largest ranking and rating exercise of educational institutions in the country in addition to shepherding the magazine and almanacs.

DeoAshish Kumar

Deo Ashish Kumar - The Perfectionist, Web Technology Lead

Deo Ashish is the perfectionist who always strives for high productivity and team excellence through strong technical focus, research and development, soft skills and enhancements in process and operational maturity. Deo has a deep understanding and rich experience in managing all the stages of the web application development cycle including project management, application architecture, server achitecture, database design and quality management.

Shafali Chopra

Shafali Chopra - Marketing Strategist and Executioner

A Marketer by both degree and passion, Shafali is a result oriented individual with proven leadership and ability to develop and deliver highly effective and measurable strategies to drive new customer acquisition, and expand brand awareness for B2C and B2B businesses at Careers360. Leading the Product Marketing at Careers360, her role primarily involves creating and executing Go-To-Market strategies for new product launches, responsible for product brand awareness, product-market fit, value proposition and positioning of an upcoming product. Being a well-rounded marketing professional Shafali thrives in fast-paced environment and never says no to doing something different and believes in "Decide that you want it more than you're afraid of it"

Ashish Jha

Ashish Jha - The Content Strategist

Passionate about everything related to New Media, especially Web and Mobile, Ashish began his career with India's premier news agency Press Trust of India (PTI) and subsequently worked for a niche marketing magazine. As a communication professional, he has sharp understanding of information needs of the target audience. With his 24X7 tab on audience pulse and two-way engagement initiatives at Careers360, he leads a young content team which brings news, info, and analysis first time every time.

Rajesh Jain

Rajesh Jain (Investor) - Friend, Guide, Early Stage Investor, Pioneer

Rajesh needs no introduction. He is the first investor in Pathfinder and continues to be extremely bullish on technology driving education and employability. Known for his sharp understanding of the digital world, Rajesh is the first port of call for any of our new initiatives.