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    8 Promising Careers That Don’t Require A College Degree

    By Dr. Srividya
    16 Aug'22  8 min read
    8 Promising Careers That Don’t Require A College Degree

    Is fetching a college degree the only way one can make a decent living in India? Many western nations focus on only school education while college education is for the select few who want to move into specialised careers. This article throws light on a few without degree jobs or career options that one may pursue in India without acquiring a specific college degree

    8 Promising Careers That Don’t Require A College Degree

    Is fetching a college degree the only way one can make a decent living in India? Many western nations focus on only school education while college education is for the select few who want to move into specialised careers. This article throws light on a few without degree jobs or career options that one may pursue in India without acquiring a specific college degree

    Traditionally in India, the need for college degrees to get even basic-level jobs has been very high. However, there are careers that historically also did not insist on a college degree and may even benefit from hitting the road early. Which are the jobs without degree in India and how do you prepare and plan for them? This article gives you an overview.

    Indian Army

    Indian Army is one of the without degree jobs one can pursue as a career option in India. Sanjay loved sports. He enjoyed football and had this very patriotic streak. He wanted to join the Army. However, he wasn’t sure what to do. In fact, the National Defence Academy of India (NDA) conducts selection tests for army recruits right after class 12. You need to have taken Science with Maths (PCM) to qualify for these tests. Apart from this, a high level of physical and psychological fitness is needed to join the Army. The entrance tests are a combination of general aptitude, mathematics, language skills, physical fitness and psychological attributes. Students who successfully complete the NDA training are also provided academic support and university affiliations to complete a degree of their choice alongside training.


    Are you someone who loves to practice, strive, and play hard? Have you represented your school, district, state or even country in a sport and done exceedingly well? Does your heart beat for the sport of your choice? Are you willing to put in the hours of effort, travel, hard work and give many trials to make it to a team? If you have answered in the affirmative to many of the questions just posed, you might be inclined towards a career in sports or sports jobs without a degree in India.

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    Share Of Risks And Chances

    India has seen the rise of many sports like kabaddi, shooting, wrestling, and athletics in recent times. Of course, cricket continues to be a favourite and there are many leagues where you can play cricket in. The journey of a sportsperson in India involves its own risks and chances, however it has become more rewarding and encouraging than before. You need to be willing to take the step forward and take calculated risks to succeed in the sport of your choice.

    Formal Training Helps

    There are schools dedicated to training sports people too, and they provide the infrastructure and academic support sports students need. With a sporting career a college degree is not necessary, although you may choose to do one for your own interests and to follow the convention of acquiring a degree. You can also grow to become a good sports coach in your area of specialisation by following coaching certifications, as well as open your own training academy to train budding sportspersons. It helps if you have good financial backing or if you can get sports agents and sponsors early.


    Are you someone with a photogenic side, someone who can carry themselves well, and make heads turn? Have people mentioned that you look good on camera? Then modelling jobs without a degree in India are something for you.

    Consult An Agency

    Modelling careers start early as models who look young are preferred by many brands and advertising agencies. Most models start in their school years and may undertake a degree of their choice, by alternative media like correspondence or online. To be a model, you will need to create a professional portfolio with your pictures and consult a reputed modelling agency or commercial photographer.

    Can Get Competitive

    This profession has its challenges as it can get very competitive. It helps to educate yourself on the field and understand the different types of modelling requirements so you can focus on your strengths as a model. It usually helps if you have a family or friends connected to the modelling or glamour industry to support and guide you.

    Flight Attendant/Cabin Crew

    If you love travelling, would like a jet-set lifestyle, are pleasant, and like to provide customer service, you can consider becoming a flight attendant. Most airlines focus on physical attributes like clear skin, above average height, high fitness levels to qualify for a flight attendant’s role. You also need to clear medical tests and screening procedures as mandated by the DGCA and the specific airlines. A cabin crew member needs to be very alert, high on energy, have good language skills, and be comfortable working in different time zones and schedules.

    Knowing a regional language and a foreign language is usually an asset. The salaries for flight attendants are usually higher for international flights. However, there is an age limit for in-flight duties for many airlines and crew members are requested to retire thereafter. Usually, crew members take other jobs or may take ground staff services after they reach the specified age limit.

    without degree jobs, jobs without a degree with high salary, jobs without degree in india, high paying jobs without a degree or experienceA Cabin Crew Member Needs To Be Alert, Have Good Language Skills, And Be Comfortable Working In Different Time Zones.

    Beauty And Hair

    Nothing sells like vanity! Many men and women are keen to look their best and are comfortable keeping a monthly budget for their skin and hair care routines. Beauticians and hairdressers who understand skin and hair types and cater to customers’ demands for make-up and hair styling are usually in high demand. Many make-up artists specialise in model shoots, wedding make up etc. Many beauticians and make-up artists learn their skills through tutorials, YouTube videos and do a splendid job without a diploma or any formal training. Further, if you can rent some space and have good business skills, you can set up your own beauty parlour or salon and have a thriving business.

    Coding And Hardware

    This may be surprising to know, but jobs in coding and hardware could be without degree jobs. Are you someone who has been fascinated by computers from a very young age? Maybe you have already learnt many coding languages and are even able to protect the privacy of the network and data. You may be one of those computer wizards who might even land a job in organisations like Google. Recently, Google announced that they are open to recruiting high school students as they are keen on skills and not degrees. Similarly, a few other organisations from the IT industry are open to hiring coders, networking specialists, hackers, etc at the entry level and train them further on the job. While you may not need a degree to start your career in this industry, as you grow you may face competition from other degree holders. So you may choose to opt for certifications and courses to enhance your skills and stay in competition.

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    Nancy would spend all her evenings gazing at the sky and taking pictures on her camera. She had an amazing eye for detail and was the sought-after photographer in her group of friends. She soon started to upload her pictures on a website and created a good online portfolio. During her school years she also connected with a professional photographer and learnt more technical aspects of photography. Soon, she was doing assignments and earning pocket money. In a few months, it became a lucrative past-time for her. Nancy gradually carved a career in still photography after completing a few months of internships with some well-established photographers. She has a client base of her own now. She is thinking of completing a diploma from the USA once she has earned well and saved enough for the expensive course. Photography is one of the jobs without a degree in India, a career that is based on skills gained in training and practice and many photographers have learnt through trial, error, and practice.

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    Content Creation

    During the lockdown days, Ansh created an Instagram account and started to post reviews about movies online. He also started to talk about teenage challenges and health issues. Soon, his page went viral and there were many teens like him connecting and joining his talk shows. Ansh found his passion in writing, editing, and curating content on online platforms and social media. He found his calling as a content creator.

    Posting relevant and regular content on social media and making your channels and social media handles lucrative has been an upcoming line of work in the last few years, be it reviews of the stock market, automobile or product reviews, or recipes, customers have posted their content and experiences that has ended up creating a huge following and subscriber base. As the channel grows and services are offered, there is a conversion to monetary values and gains. Many popular youtubers and Instagram influencers are also offered brand ambassadorship by various companies, and even roles in films and OTT shows. Hence, content creation could be one of the jobs without a degree in India.

    Home Chefs

    Another without degree job that many teenagers do who love cooking and baking is setting up their own home-based kitchens and bakeries, and delivering many orders through the pandemic and beyond. They are often self-taught through cookbooks, watching adults bake, or learn from other YouTubers who post recipes. These home chefs and culinary experts are earning a good profit as they receive regular orders for their home-made cakes and other delights. They earn as they learn, and eventually set up their businesses in a dedicated physical space.

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    All the careers we just spoke about do have trainings and certifications available. Some of these like flight attendant and NDA are part of the employment process. For those of you students who are itching to hit the road running, check out the careers above and see if any of them interest you. Remember to keep growing your skills and work in environments that compliment your life and academic choices.

    Dr. Srividya is an Organisational Psychologist, Career, and Personal Growth Coach. She works with teens, parents, adults, and returning professionals, to help them align their personal and professional needs, desires, and overcome personal and professional challenges. She can be reached at

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