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Cyber Security Salary in India For Freshers & Experienced

Cyber Security Salary in India For Freshers & Experienced

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Cyber security salary in India varies as per the skills and experience of a candidate. Cyber security is becoming more critical to businesses as networks become more prevalent. It has become a top concern for businesses as the increasing number of people using the Internet and online services has raised concerns.

Cyber Security Salary in India For Freshers & Experienced
Cyber Security Salary in India For Freshers & Experienced

Cyber security is a domain that pertains to the various technologies and procedures used to secure networks, systems, and devices from various threats and unauthorised access. Cyber security salary in India has increased significantly. The cyber security salary per month in India goes upwards as one progresses with skills and experience.

Types of Cyber Security Jobs

Operational Security: This process involves handling the various aspects of protecting and managing the data assets of an organization.

End-User Education: Not following proper security practices can lead to the accidental introduction of a virus. This is why it is important to educate users about the importance of keeping their devices secure.

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity: Business continuity refers to the process of restoring a company's operations after a cyberattack or other type of incident. It involves planning and implementing measures to prevent a loss of data or services.

Network Security: It helps to prevent and protect networks from intrusions such as targeted attackers. Cyber security salary in India for freshers for network security is quite high.

Cyber Security Analyst: Security professionals can help keep their organisations up to date with the latest threats and monitor all suspicious activities.

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Types of Cyber Security Attacks


Malware is software that can perform various harmful actions on a system. It enters a system through a link or email that's sent by a user. Once it gets installed, it can steal sensitive data and control the system.


Phishing is a type of email phishing that targets individuals to steal sensitive information such as banking details and passwords. An email can also trick the recipient into providing sensitive information.

Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS)

A distributed denial-of-service attack is a type of attack that uses large numbers of requests to overwhelm a computer network. It causes a website to crash due to the overload of requests.


A ransomware attack is a type of malware that prevents a system or individual from accessing files until a ransom is paid. It usually uses encryption to prevent the system from accessing files.


The Trojan Horse is a type of malware that takes advantage of the legitimate application or file-loading process of your device. It then launches a malicious code that can steal sensitive information from the network.

Wiper Attacks

A wiper attack usually carries out a variety of tasks, such as wiping the infected computer's hard drive. It is considered very destructive and doesn't involve the demand for a ransom. In most cases, wiper attacks are carried out to cover a separate data theft.

Man-in-the-middle Attack (MITM Attack)

A MITM attack is a type of attack where an attacker secretly inserts themselves in a communication between two parties. They can then impersonate one of the parties or intercept the message.

Rogue Security Software

Rogue security software is a type of internet fraud that uses fake software to trick users into installing it on their computers.

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Highest paying jobs in cyber security in India

Network Security Engineer

A network security engineer is responsible for protecting an organisation's network from various types of threats. It is one of the highest-paying jobs in cyber security in India. He or she can detect and prevent unauthorized access to the network. Cyber security average salary in India is mentioned below:

Salary: Cyber security fresher salary in India, on average for a network security engineer is around 5 LPA.

According to Indeed, the following salaries are paid to the network security engineers in different cities in India:


Rs. 682,989 per year


Rs. 960,887 per year


Rs. 864,704 per year


Rs. 878,338 per year


Rs. 595,862 per year

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Cyber Security Analyst

A cyber security analyst works for an organisation to find the possible security issues that can be exploited by an attacker. Analyzing and enforcing security policies is an essential part of keeping an organization secure. This course will teach you how to identify and manage security breaches. The cyber security salary for freshers in India is mentioned below:

Salary: On average, a network security engineer earns Rs. 5.3 LPA. Whereas the cyber security salary in India per month for network security engineers is around Rs. 38,000.

As per PayScale, the salary of cyber security analysts varies in different cities:


Rs. 460,000 per year


Rs. 575,849 per year


Rs. 732,425 per year


RS. 450,000 per year


RS. 632,265 per year

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Security Architect

A security architect is a person who helps develop and implement security policies and solutions for an organisation. This person works with the other team members to create a final product that meets the company's needs. Cyber security salary for fresher in India is mentioned below:

Salary: The yearly salary of a security architect starts at Rs. 17-22 LPA. Cyber Security salary per month in India, for security architects is around Rs. 1.5 lakh per month. As per PayScale statistics, the salaries paid to security architects in different Indian cities are:


Rs. 2,182,678 per year


Rs. 1,600,000 per year


Rs. 2,137,764 per year


Rs. 1,900,000 per year


Rs. 2,000,000 per year

Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

A chief information security officer is a C-level executive who is responsible for the organisation's security operations. This person is also involved in developing and implementing policies and procedures to safeguard the organization's information assets. Cyber security average salary in India is mentioned below:

Salary: The average annual salary of a CISO is Rs. 23 LPA.

Ethical Hackers

Ethical hackers are individuals who take on the responsibility of guarding against cybercrimes and ensuring that their actions are legal and legitimate. It is one of the highest-paying jobs in cyber security in India. Ethical Hackers are responsible for finding and fixing security issues in computer systems. They perform various tasks such as debugging, reverse engineering, and analysis of software.

Salary: The annual salary of an ethical hacker ranges from Rs. 5 lakhs to Rs. 6 lakhs.

Cyber Security Manager

A cyber security management plans and designs effective solutions in the case of computer security breaches. A cyber security manager provides reports to the management and concerned employees to implement security measures in the system. He or she creates a security plan and implements it during the high-level security issues that usually occur in an organisation. Create a security plan and implement it during the high-level security issues that usually occur in an organization.

Salary: The average annual salary of a Cyber Security Manager is Rs. 23 LPA.

Factors Affecting Cyber Security Engineer Salary in India

There are four main factors that affect the salaries of cybersecurity engineers in India.

  • Location
  • Experience
  • Skills
  • Company

How to Pursue a Cyber Security Career?

Cyber security analysts are in demand in India due to the increasing number of cyber attacks and security breaches. Salaries for these professionals are also increasing in the country. If you are looking for a career in cyber security, then online courses are the best option for you. With the increasing demand for skilled professionals in cyber security, a career in this field is becoming more prevalent. With salaries that are significantly higher than those of traditional security professionals, this profession is definitely worth pursuing.


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