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Ethical Hacker: A Lucrative Career That Doesn’t Require A Professional Degree

Ethical Hacker: A Lucrative Career That Doesn’t Require A Professional Degree

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The journey after graduation is often perceived as a linear path where one pursues a profession aligned with their degree. However, there's a growing trend among graduates to consider less conventional but highly rewarding career paths. These careers don't require extensive professional qualifications but demand specific skill sets, dedication, and a thirst for knowledge. While traditional career choices like engineering, medicine, and finance have their merits, it's crucial to remember that there are options for those who do not want to follow the conventional path.

Ethical Hacker: A Lucrative Career That Doesn’t Require A Professional Degree
Ethical Hacker: A Lucrative Career That Doesn’t Require A Professional Degree

Careers360 had done depth analysis that majorly focused on one such unconventional career path: Freelance Ethical Hacking. This field offers exciting opportunities to those with a keen interest in technology, cybersecurity, and an ethical mindset. Let's unravel the world of ethical hacking and discover how it can be a lucrative and satisfying career choice.

What is Ethical Hacking?

Ethical Hacking is not about malicious intent or criminal activities. Instead, ethical hackers, also known as "white-hat hackers," use their skills to identify and rectify security vulnerabilities in computer systems, networks, and software. This vital role is critical in safeguarding organisations and their data from cyber threats, making it a career option worth considering. Contrary to malicious hackers, ethical hackers operate with legal and moral boundaries.

Ethical hackers are hired to test the security systems of organisations, government agencies, or individuals. Their mission is to identify vulnerabilities before malicious hackers can exploit them. This proactive approach to cybersecurity is essential in our interconnected world.

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Career Opportunities in Ethical Hacking

The freelance ethical hacking domain is a multifaceted arena, offering a diverse range of career options:

Penetration Tester: These individuals simulate cyberattacks to identify vulnerabilities in systems and networks, helping organisations fortify their defences.

Vulnerability Assessor: Focusing on identifying and evaluating system weaknesses, vulnerability assessors are integral to ensuring airtight security.

Security Consultant: Advising businesses on security best practices, these professionals help organisations safeguard their digital assets.

Bug Bounty Hunter: Ethical hackers can earn bounties for discovering vulnerabilities in software or websites.

Security Researcher: Exploring emerging threats and devising novel security solutions is the domain of security researchers.

Skills Required for Freelance Ethical Hacking

Unlike traditional careers that demand extensive academic qualifications, ethical hackers primarily require a proficiency in programming languages, network security,passion for problem-solving and a deep understanding of system vulnerabilities. Many ethical hackers are self-taught or have pursued online courses and certifications, making this path accessible to all. While a formal degree is not mandatory, continuous learning and certifications like Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) can boost your credibility.

Lucrative Earnings in Freelance Ethical Hacking

The financial aspect of freelance ethical hacking is undoubtedly attractive. Entry-level ethical hackers can expect to earn a substantial income, and as they gain experience and a reputation, their earning potential skyrockets. Freelancers often charge hourly rates, and it's not uncommon for seasoned ethical hackers to earn six-figure incomes annually. As a freelance ethical hacker, your income largely depends on your skills, experience, and the complexity of the projects you take on. On average, freelance ethical hackers can earn anywhere around Rs 2.8 lakh annually. Top-tier professionals with years of experience can command even higher figures.

Freelancing vs Traditional Employment

One of the allures of freelance ethical hacking is the flexibility it offers. You have the autonomy to choose your projects, set your rates, and work from anywhere. Traditional employment in cybersecurity may also be an option, with competitive salaries and job security, but it often comes with a fixed schedule and less flexibility.

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Building a Successful Freelance Career

To succeed in freelance ethical hacking, you will need to build a strong online presence, network with potential clients, and continuously upgrade your skills. Ethical hackers often collaborate, share knowledge, and engage in bug bounty programs, where they receive financial rewards for discovering vulnerabilities. Online forums, conferences, and social media groups offer opportunities to connect with like-minded professionals. Establishing trust and delivering results are key to a thriving freelance career in ethical hacking.

Ethical Hacking Tools and Resources

A plethora of tools and resources are available to aspiring ethical hackers. These include penetration testing tools, online courses, and certifications such as Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) and Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP). You must have to do continuous learning, because it is key to staying relevant in this dynamic field.

In the ever-evolving job market, aspiring professionals should explore unconventional career paths that align with their interests and skills. Freelance Ethical Hacking, a qualification-free career, offers financial stability, personal fulfilment, and the chance to contribute to a safer digital world. With the right skill set, determination, and dedication to ethical principles, you can carve out a successful future as an ethical hacker.

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If you wish to work as an ethical hacker after graduating from high school, you have a lot of alternatives. With this knowledge, you can work for a reputable organisation in the private sector as well as in government. because it is crucial to have legal hackers. You must have at least a 50% average in your 12th grade class to be eligible for this course, and the science stream is crucial. Following that, you can enrol in a BTech engineering, BSC, or BCA programme such as a BSC in computer science, BCA, or a BTech in computer science engineering After that, you can focus on hacking. You can also seek a BTech in cyber security. You have a plethora of choices. This programme also offers a master's option. Thus, you learn a lot more.

Hope I have answered your question. All the best!


There are 4 paths that you can choose from to become an Ethical Hacker in India-

  1. Student can do 12-Science. Then complete B.Sc in Computer Science. Further you can Proceed with Certification course in Ethical Hacking (CEH. Then you can Proceed with CCNA. Further you can Proceed with SCNS. After that you can do CPTE. Further more you can Proceed with CISSP).
  2. Student can do 12-Science. Then complete Certification course in Ethical Hacking (CEH. Further you can Proceed with CCNA. Then you can Proceed with SCNS, then CPTE, then CISSP).
  3. Student can do 12th. Then complete in electronics and communication. Further you can Proceed with Certification course in Ethical Hacking (CEH. Further you can Proceed with CCNA, then SCNS, then CPTE, and then with CISSP).
  4. Student can do 12-Science. Then complete BCA. Further you can Proceed with Certification course in Ethical Hacking (CEH. Further you can Proceed with CCNA, then SCNS, then CPTE. Further you can Proceed with CISSP).

Hope this helps!

Hello Nayan,

Yes, why not? Anyone may earn their Certified Ethical Hacker designation.

You must begin practising and training for this.

You may begin studying technologies like Linux, network foundations like TCP/IP, programming, coding, markup languages like Python, and more.

Learn how to utilise tools efficiently by taking the time to learn about them thoroughly.

Cybersecurity offers a promising career path and several job prospects in India. Jobs in the field of cybersecurity include those for security analysts, network engineers, computer specialists, information technology officers, complaint managers, assistant chief security officers, etc.

Some of these jobs simply need an associate's degree or a professional certification, which is the minimum amount of training necessary. Others will call for a doctorate, master's, or bachelor's degree in cyber security.

Thank You

Yes, you can become an ethical hacker after B.Tech. You can do courses on Coursera or Udemy related to Ethical Hacking. Then apply for an internship on Internshala. It will be beneficial for you in future endeavours.

There are also universities which have started providing courses related to Ethical Hacking with Computer science as a mainstream.

You can check universities like Chandigarh University, Lovely Profesional University, MIT, Amity University etc.

Hello aspirant,

See Studying in GOOD Colleges for courses do not have much effects on your career on what extra skills you want to learn. But having studying in good colleges, it do offer you much exposure with various highly optimistic students, from those you can learn, explore, and seek new habits and thoughts. So, I would recommend you to keep pushing hard and try hard to give competitive exams like JEE mains to get admission in top institutes of India, because you will meet really talented people in the college and the social environment of the college will have a positive impact on your soft and hard skills.

but on the other side, if you are not able to crack any competitive exams, or if you couldn't able to get in good colleges, do not worry, you can still learn Ethical hacking as it will not affect your career. your career is in your hands and not any college will jostle down your dreams. So believe in yourself and in your dreams and go and achieve them. there are many online and free resources on the Internet from where you can learn Ethical Hacking. Youtube, google, etc.

Further, to know more about the ethical hacking Career, scope, etc - you can follow the below mentioned link to know more about it in detail :

I hope that this will help.

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