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Free Online Courses by ISRO: Details, Eligibility, and Admission Process

Free Online Courses by ISRO: Details, Eligibility, and Admission Process

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Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) is a government-regulated national space organization headquartered in Bengaluru, India. It has achieved various successful space missions. Apart from this, ISRO has its footprint in the academic sector, offering numerous theme-oriented free ISRO training through the Indian Institute of Remote Sensing (IIRS).

Free Online Courses by ISRO: Details, Eligibility, and Admission Process
Free Online Courses by ISRO: Details, Eligibility, and Admission Process

IIRS-ISRO Outreach Programme is designed to strengthen the academia and user segments in Space Technology and its applications via online learning platforms. Under this programme, the candidates get two modes of content delivery systems for ISRO online courses. The ISRO free online courses for students offer live and interactive classrooms and e-learning.

Features of ISRO Online Courses

The live and interactive mode of learning for ISRO courses is delivered through the Internet-based platform. These ISRO certification courses are available through the Internet free of cost to the user. Experts from IISR-ISRO and other institutions conduct the live and interactive sessions. The ISRO e learning free online certificate course for students courses, on the other hand, is self-paced and learner-centric.

The syllabus of ISRO free courses is developed as per the latest developments and trends in geospatial science and technologies with a specific focus on Indian case studies for geospatial applications. IIRS conducts many theme-based ISRO free online courses, ISRO online certificate courses and monthly webinars on current topics on geospatial technologies and their applications.

There have been 22 ISRO certificate courses by IIRS so far with the participation of more than 120,258 participants from over 1,048 academic institutions, government departments, and industry.

If you are interested in pursuing ISRO online courses, read on. We have compiled a list of some of the best ISRO free courses with certificate that can help you advance your knowledge in space technology. Currently, two ISRO learning courses are in the ongoing process. So, let’s get started.

ISRO Free Online Courses

ISRO provides many IIRS courses on topics like remote sensing and the like. Check below to learn some of the IIRS free online courses

1. Basics of Remote Sensing, GIS and GNSS

One of the most comprehensive free ISRO certificate courses for students and professionals, providing insights into remote sensing, Geoinformatics, and GNSS. This ISRO online free course is designed for undergraduate and postgraduate students, Technical/ Scientific Staff of the Central/ State Government, and Faculty and researchers at universities/institutions. The ISRO online course certificate can be completed within three months and ten days.

Duration: 3 months 10 days

Platform: IIRS-ISRO

2. RS and GIS Applications

This ISRO free course with certificate is a module-based course where learners will learn about agriculture and soil, geoscience and geo-hazards, marine and atmospheric sciences, forestry and ecology, urban and regional studies and water resources.

This ISRO free certificate course is ideal for undergraduate and postgraduate students of any year. Technical and Scientific Staff of Central and State Governments and faculty and university researchers/ institutions can also enrol in this ISRO free certificate course.

Duration: 18 days

Platform: IIRS-ISRO

Who Should Take ISRO Free Online Courses with Certificate?

If you belong to any of the following, IIRS free courses are the right choices for you.

  • Students of Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses (any year)
  • Technical/ Scientific Staff of Central/ State Government Ministries/ Departments
  • Faculty/ Researchers at universities/ Institutions

ISRO Free Course - Registration

For the registration of ISRO free online courses, participants need to visit To participate in free courses by ISRO, participants will have two options. They can either make ISRO online free course registration individually or through Institutes/ Universities/departments networked under the IIRS Outreach Programme.

If your university/ institute is not listed under the IIRS Outreach Programme, you need to register your organization under the IIRS Outreach Network by providing the details, such as Type of Organization (University/Institute/College, State Govt. Ministry/Department, Industry/ Corporate and other), Organisation Details, Personal Details of Nominated Coordinator/Focal Person, and Nomination & Request letter Details.

After approval from IIRS, you can register for an ISRO free certificate course. You must fulfil the eligibility criteria before applying to ISRO courses. They can be taken by undergraduate and postgraduate students (any year), Technical and Scientific Staff of Central/ State Government Ministries and Departments, and Faculty and Researchers at universities/ institutions.


So, ISRO free online certificate courses are primarily meant to provide skills in fields like remote sensing. There is an ISRO course for students and professionals as well. In this article, we looked into a few of the courses offered by ISRO as well as the benefits and the process for taking ISRO free online courses.

These ISRO courses for students can give beginners an idea about space technology and for freshers, they will help in expanding their knowledge. We hope that now you have better clarity on these ISRO-free online courses with certificates. So don't wait. Join any ISRO online training programme already and start learning!

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

1. What is IIRS-ISRO?

Indian Institute of Remote Sensing is a premier Institute in the field of remote sensing and geospatial technologies and applications, and it offers ISRO free course for students.

2. What is the mode of delivery for ISRO certificate courses?

IIRS-ISRO conducts ISRO certificate courses through live and interactive classrooms and e-learning content and learning management systems. There are ISRO online courses for students as well as for the entire public.

3. Who is eligible for ISRO free online certificate courses?

ISRO course certificates are ideal for students, working professionals in government organizations, and faculty and researchers in universities and institutions.

4. How do I join IRSO free online courses with certificate?

You need to register by visiting to take ISRO online free courses.

5. Do I get a certificate after ISRO online courses?

Yes, working professionals will be awarded an ISRO certificate based on 70% attendance and submission of assignments. Conversely, students will get a certificate based on 70% attendance and online examination of the ISRO online free course.


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