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Top 10 Soft Skill Certification Courses to Boost Your Career Prospects

Top 10 Soft Skill Certification Courses to Boost Your Career Prospects

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Soft skills incorporate a variety of social attitudes, emotional intelligence, personality qualities, and others. With a soft skills certification, a student can learn new skills and identify his full potential. Several top institutes and online learning platforms offer the best soft skills certification courses that students can take to hone their skills.

Top 10 Soft Skill Certification Courses to Boost Your Career Prospects
Top 10 Soft Skill Certification Courses to Boost Your Career Prospects

Soft skills have a great promise for future jobs. These skills acquired from online skill development courses are typically personal traits that influence your interactions with people and work. Essentially, soft skills are a crucial driver for your success in today’s fast-changing world.

To help you with this, we have compiled a list of some of the best online soft skills and personality development courses that will help improve your personal and professional life and boost your career.

Top 10 Soft Skill Training to Pursue to Boost Your Career

Soft skills are not generally taught in school. Some skills are developed over time or with experience, while some you can learn by pursuing soft skill courses online.

Enrolling in an online soft skills trainer certification will prepare you for the modern work world. Online soft skills courses will give you an edge in this highly competitive market. They will also make your career and life more rewarding and enjoyable.

List of Top 10 Soft Skill Certification Courses to Pursue Right Now




Soft Skills

IIT Bombay

4 weeks

Enhancing Soft Skills and Personality

IIT Kanpur via Swayam

8 weeks

Soft Skills

School of Open Learning, University of Delhi, Delhi

2 months

Soft Skills & Personality Development

School of Open Learning, University of Delhi, Delhi

3 months

BLI-225: Communication Skills

IGNOU, New Delhi via Swayam

12 weeks

Leadership Essentials

IIM Tiruchirappalli

3 days

Enhancing Managerial Effectiveness Through Leadership, Performance, Excellence and Innovation

IIM Ranchi

2 days

Inspirational Leadership Insights from the East and the West

IIM Bangalore

4 days

People Management

IIM Bangalore via Edx

6 weeks

Effective Business Communication

IIM Bangalore via Edx

6 weeks

1. Soft Skills

Offered by IIT Bombay, this is one of the top soft skills training courses designed to expose learners to the professional skills that help prepare them for a better job profile. This best soft skills certification online is apt for students, employed professionals, and HR professionals.

2. Enhancing Soft Skills and Personality

This is an 8-week online soft skills training programme that aims at improving learners’ mindset, communication skills, and personality attributes and preparing them for success.

Offered by IIT Kanpur via Swayam, this, one of the online courses on soft skills, provides students with the secrets of developing growth mindsets, the importance of time, and understanding Perceptions of Time, and Types of People, among other topics.

3. Soft Skills

This is one of the best online soft skill courses from the School of Open Learning, University of Delhi, Delhi. The soft skills development training course is aimed at enhancing undergraduate students’ employability abilities in the corporate sector.

With this one of the important training, soft skills certification courses, students will boost their confidence and self-image of individuals improve their communication skills, and develop the "I-Can-Do-It" approach.

4. Soft Skills & Personality Development

This is one of the best online certification courses in soft skills from the School of Open Learning, University of Delhi, Delhi and it will help improve learners’ overall persona and mannerisms, along with public speaking abilities, body language, and other skills.

After completing this soft skills training course, candidates will gain an understanding of English/Hindi Vocabulary and Grammar, Interview Preparation, Communication, Leadership, Speech-giving and Presentation techniques, Group Discussion, Body Language, and more.

5. BLI-225: Communication Skills

Understand the significance of effective speaking, reading, and presentation skills to work effectively with people in this of the top online courses in soft skills.

Offered by IGNOU, New Delhi via Swayam, this 12-week soft skills and personality development course is aimed at teaching the fundamentals of communication, steps to prepare for job interviews, and core skills essential in the workplace.

6. Leadership Essentials

In this soft skill development course from IIM Tiruchirappalli, you will be taught about team building, decision-making, communication, self-understanding, change management, and conflict management.

With this among the best online courses in soft skills, you will be able to become more effective in your current leadership role and unleash your potential to become a future leader.

7. Enhancing Managerial Effectiveness Through Leadership, Performance, Excellence, and Innovation

Offered by IIM Ranchi, this is a 2-day soft skills trainer certification programme that will introduce students to aspects such as leadership, innovation, and more.

The soft skills certification programme will let you learn how to work effectively, understand the performance excellence framework, and get the desired outcomes related to your business. This one of the best online certifications in soft skills will also teach you how to leverage innovation properly.

8. Inspirational Leadership Insights from the East and the West

This 4-day soft skills training course from IIM Bangalore aims to provide specific inputs from the Indian scriptures that will help learners master distinguished skills and practices to deal with leadership challenges.

The soft skills trainer certification is ideally apt for top and senior management of organisations, leaders and managers, and senior business leaders.

9. People Management

In another one of the best online courses on soft skills from IIM Bangalore, you will learn to conquer crucial impediments faced by first-time managers.

This best soft skills training certification course will provide you with hands-on knowledge of how to create a self-development plan and become an effective people manager. Throughout the online soft skills training course, you will become familiar with numerous aspects of people management.

10. Effective Business Communication

This soft skill development course focuses on how to share any thoughts and ideas in the right way. This certificate in soft skills will equip you with the techniques and methods of effectively and properly communicating while at work.

This one of the soft skills certification courses will also expose you to various ways of presenting and speaking to the targeted audience with conviction.

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Advantages of Enrolling in the Best Soft Skills Courses

Soft skills give the candidates opportunities to allow an individual to evolve, and seek good jobs at reputed organisations. Soft skills are also called personal skills or people skills that give the candidates all the essential competencies so that they can improve a person's ability to work in teams with other departments.

The candidates can thereby improve their ability to perform their jobs with ease and comfort. The candidates will become sharper as these skills will enhance a person's technical knowledge.

What are the Top 5 Soft Skills?

The top 5 soft skills that can be opted by the candidates are as follows:

  • Flexibility
  • Communication
  • Critical Thinking
  • Time Management
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Team Player Attitude
  • Growth Mindset


Having soft skills along with academic excellence and experience will set you apart in the crowd. These skills derived from soft skills courses will help build your confidence and give a boost to your career.

Soft skills are usually transferable across different careers and industries. It means that you may find that you have many of the required attributes even if you don’t fit the exact profile in a job description provided by a company.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

1. What is soft skills certification?

Soft skills comprise a variety of abilities related to people and social situations. Some common soft skills that one can learn from soft skills certification courses are communication, problem-solving, teamwork, and leadership. You can learn soft skills online through online skill development courses.

2. How do you become a certified soft skill trainer?

You have to enrol in soft skills online courses and soft skills and personality development programs to learn soft skills and become a certified soft skill trainer.

3. What are the five soft skills to master?

Communication, Teamwork, Problem-solving, critical observation, and conflict resolution are some popular soft skills that you can learn through online soft skill courses and soft skills training programs. 

4. What is the salary of soft skill trainer in India?

A Soft Skills Trainer in India can earn an average salary of Rs 26,000 per month, according to Glassdoor. This can be done after enrolling in soft skills training courses.

5. Is Soft Skill Certificate important?

Pursuing the best soft skills certification will equip you with competencies like communication, conflict resolution, and problem-solving. In all business domains, soft skills are crucial for getting new clients, enhancing customer service metrics, and developing a stronger team dynamic. The skills can be learned after enrolling in soft skills courses.

6. Can soft skills be hard to learn?

Soft skills can be extremely hard to learn. While some people have inbuilt leadership abilities others should have to pick habits over time.


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