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Low Risk Careers in Hospitality, Travel and Tourism Industry in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

Low Risk Careers in Hospitality, Travel and Tourism Industry in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

Edited By Team Careers360 | Updated on Mar 14, 2024 02:30 PM IST

Hospitality, travel and tourism is an industry which is based on one of the most important skills and traits which is empathy. Artificial intelligence can surely be beneficial for the hospitality industry but it cannot really replace the jobs of human beings. Hospitality industry evolves by each passing day and for being updated it requires technologies. In this article, we will be discussing such careers in the hospitality, travel and tourism industry that are less affected by AI and Robotics.


Hotel Manager

A hotel manager is responsible for overseeing a hotel's daily operations and employees. A hotel manager is in charge of overseeing the workers as well as planning, marketing, coordinating, and handling hotel services like catering and hotel accommodations. The efficient functioning of all aspects of a hotel environment is upon the shoulders of the hotel manager. You need some fundamental hospitality skills; other skills also include planning, interpersonal, communication, leadership, and money management, to be successful as a hotel manager.

Restaurant Manager

Restaurant managers are responsible for the seamless and efficient running of the restaurants. The restaurant manager is responsible for dealing with customer service, making sure that the food leaving the kitchen is of the highest possible quality as well as managing the needs of the employees, while also ensuring that everything runs as effortlessly and effectively.


Chefs are experts in the culinary industry who make meals for customers. They can take on leadership responsibilities for preparing the food and experiment with different flavours. Chefs generally work in restaurants, however they can also find employment in hotels or in other catering business. They are creative experts who combine flavours and ingredients to make fresh cuisine for every changing season. The restaurant's weekly food supply is managed by the chefs through maintaining inventory and they also maintain good relationships with vendors. Along with the general manager, they establish business objectives and come up with new items on the menu.


A baker is a specialist who creates and creates baked products to add to a bakery's menu. Additionally, while baking cakes, pastries, and many other dishes, he or she can prepare garnishes as required and decorate various pies using pastry bags.

Advancement in machines can be a blessing in this profession as bakers can easily bake a cake without spending a lot of time in the kitchen but it will not help them to be precise with their measurements. Nowadays we can order a cake online but we sure cannot make a cake using Artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Travel Coordinator

For individuals, groups, and organisations, travel coordinators organise travel arrangements, which include organising accommodation, arranging airline as well as ground transportation, and performing all other duties involved in planning a trip. The majority of the time, travel coordinators are employed by a singular business, team, or sports entity. A travel coordinator might be a member of a team, depending on how big the company is. Travel Coordinators may also supervise the efforts of junior members of their team. To become a successful travel coordinator, communication skills, organisational skills, business acumen, eye for detail are some of the essential skills.


The Hospitality, Travel and Tourism industry in India also started incorporating such advancements but without the humble gesture and ‘always at your service’ attitude no one can excel in this industry. Technology can do each and every task easily and more efficiently but it cannot replace any jobs from this industry as Hospitality, Travel and Tourism is based on the interpersonal skill and communication, which is not there in the machines. We can definitely say that the hospitality, travel and tourism industry can benefit from Artificial Intelligence but at the same time jobs are quite safe from getting replaced by AI.


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