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Sales Manager Job Description & Roles and Responsibilities

Sales Manager Job Description & Roles and Responsibilities

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A sales manager is a professional responsible for managing a team of sales associates. He or she is responsible for making goals, analysing data and making training plans for improving sales department performance. One handles the responsibility of planning, implementing sales strategies and oversees the sales process to accomplish the organisational goals. A sales manager monitors the latest market trends and updates sales strategies accordingly.

Sales Manager Job Description

A Sales Manager leads a team of sales professionals, with whom he or she works collectively to attain targets set by the respective organisation. Addition to increasing sales numbers, a sales manager also prepares sales plans, forms strategic decisions after analysing data and also trains the team members simultaneously.

A sales manager works together with marketing and product development teams to streamline sales strategies including business objectives. One is also required to make and maintain client relationships and overlook latest market trends to improve the sales process. This helps in maintaining the company’s market share.

Sales Manager Roles and Responsibilities

A Sales Manager Roles and Responsibilities include various commitments. One is assigned for sales maximisation and plays a major role in development of a business. Some Sales Manager duties include :-

Monitor sales process and strategies: Sales manager oversee and analyse the sales process and determine the best techniques to reach the sales target. A sales manager sets goals for the team and for this one needs to have strong coaching, analytical and solid command on sales techniques. This is one of the key Sales Manager Duties.

Collaboration with other departments: A sales manager is often required to collaborate with the marketing, product development and customer support teams to determine the best sales techniques according to the needs of the customer base. This overall enhances the sales procedure making it more effective.

Follow Latest Trends: A sales manager is supposed to keep a sharp eye on all the upcoming trends and development in the market, hence the department can capitalise on potential opportunities and enhance the performance and improve the market standing of the company. This is again ones the important Sales Manager Duties.

Analysing Team Performance: A sales manager is assigned to manage and lead the team of sales professionals. One is required to analyse the team's performance and train them accordingly. He or she acts as a leader and makes sure that the performance of the team remains high.


Career Progression of a Sales Manager

The position of a sales manager is essential in any firm or business. The manager position is already a higher position which demands skills and expertise. But there is still a room for a lot of development as the following hierarchy of sales include many top positions titles

Regional Sales Manager: One manages sales operations across a designated region. He or she coordinates multiple teams, focusing on regional targets and strategic objectives to enhance overall sales performance.

National Sales Manager: A National Sales Manager oversees sales activities and strategies nationwide. He or she is responsible for setting and achieving country-wide sales targets, ensuring a unified sales approach across all regions.

Sales Director: A Sales Director manages the company's overall sales strategy and also oversees regional and national managers. A sales director focuses on future sales targets, market growth, and matching sales strategies with business goals.

Chief Sales Officer (CSO):- This the top sales executive position, overseeing the company's entire sales and revenue generation strategy. He or she leads major strategic decisions and aligns sales objectives with overall corporate goals.

Sales Manager Qualifications

An interested candidate for a Sales Manager position must have an undergraduate degree in commerce in subjects such as management, economics, finance , statistics etcetera. One can consider masters in commerce or masters in management in sales specifically. He or she needs to have a good amount of work experience after all the mentioned qualifications to become a sales manager.

Undergraduate Degrees

Masters Degree

Sales Manager Skills

Sales Manager is a high skill demanding position, one must have necessary skills and qualities to flourish and perform effectively in the respective field. Some of the essential Sales Manager skills required are mentioned below:-

  • Sales forecasting skills
  • Product knowledge
  • Recruiting and hiring top talent
  • Leadership skills
  • Data analysis
  • Strategic thinking
  • Team management


Top Recruiters

Sales is one of the most prominent fields in the corporate world. Demand for sales managers and related employees have remained high in the market . Following is the list of the top recruiters of a Sales Manager.

  • Dell
  • Amazon
  • Tata Consultancy Services
  • Bharti Airtel
  • HDFC Bank

Sales Manager Salary By Top Recruiters

Sales Manager is an attractive position for the people pursuing and the people hiring, due to its very high demand and necessity in any kind of organisation. Hence, leading companies pay very attractive Sales Manager Salary salaries.

Sales Manager Salary ranges between Rs.2 lakhs to Rs. 16 lakhs, with the average salary being Rs. 7 lakhs. The table given below, mentions the salaries offered by the top recruiters of the sales manager job profile.

Popular CompaniesAverage Salary (per annum)


Rs. 7.4 Lakhs


Rs. 17 Lakhs


Rs. 8 Lakhs

Tata Consultancy Services

Rs. 11 Lakhs

Bharti Airtel

Rs. 9.4 Lakhs

Source:- Ambitionbox, Glassdoor

Note:Salary figures mentioned anywhere in these articles are just for reference purposes. Actual salaries may vary depending upon the respective candidates,employer, job location and numerous other factors.


A Sales Manager is one of the most important people for the sales department of any organisation. This position remains in constant demand and has a high scope in India. Even after the position of manager there is a lot of room for growth for an individual. One can only reach this position by obtaining necessary qualifications and gaining a lot of experience in the field of sales.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

1. Who is bigger than the sales manager?

Sales Managers report to the Sales Director, who holds a higher position in the organisational structure.

2. What is another name for a sales manager?

A Sales Manager can also be called as a Business Development Manager, Account Manager, and Sales Executive.

3. Is sales a hard or soft skill?

Sales skills are a mix and match of both soft and hard skills.

4. Is sales a transferable skill?

Yes Sales Skills can are transferable. The most common of them are communication, negotiation, preparation, coordination, problem-solving, and teamwork skills.

5. What is the key strength for a sales manager?

A sales manager must have solid leadership skills, as it is the key strength for a sales executive to lead the team members efficiently.


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