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Web Designer Salary in India (For Freshers & Experienced)

Web Designer Salary in India (For Freshers & Experienced)

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A Web Designer is a professional responsible for developing, creating, and coding web pages and other associated applications for individual clients, and companies. He or she works with the client on technical and graphical aspects of a website or application. Several web designers also maintain websites even after their completion for clients.

Web Designer Salary in India (For Freshers & Experienced)
Web Designer Salary in India (For Freshers & Experienced)

To succeed in a career as a Web Designer, candidates need to keep themselves updated with the latest developments with frequent updation of skills. Due to technological advancements over time, touchscreen accessibility has quite become a trend for more and more websites. Web Designers must be capable of coding the website on simultaneous platforms. Read further to know more about web designer salary in India or web designing salary for freshers.

Skills such as computer programming and coding are crucial for a career as Web Designer. Web Designers must be familiar with internet technology and understand how networks function. They are required to debug websites frequently.

What does a Web Designer do?

A Web Designer is primarily responsible for designing web pages. He or she has to ensure the right combination of colours, images, layouts, fonts, and other elements have been used in the website. Striking a balance between the website design and its usability is crucial. A website is designed concerning its target market, therefore a Web Designer must be aware of the target market of the website.

The target audience for the Website varies. For a Gaming company, it would be teenagers and the website needs to be more focused on the colours and images. Similarly, for businesses, the target audience has unique characteristics and the website is built keeping all such things in mind.

Web Designer Skills

Visual Design: A Web Designer job involves considering the design principles. It is crucial to determine the design and feel of a website. It includes proportions, typography, grid systems, and colour theory.

Use Experience: UX or user experience is concerned with approaching the designs from a user-friendly and user-first perspective. As a UX Designer, you’ll be required to build wireframes and use prototyping and templates to sketch the key parts of each page.

HTML: HTML or HyperText Markup Language is a programming language. It is used to add content on a web page and structure it for front-end view. Thus, a cluster of words is transformed into a headline, paragraphs, and footer. It is also used to display content such as photos, videos, and graphics on websites.

CSS: CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets. It is a coding language used to format and style HTML for a web page. It provides support in making all the text and other content look good and has a design. Web Designers can adjust colours, change fonts, add stunning backgrounds, and do other things with CSS.

Communication Skills: A Web Designer must be proficient in communicating ideas and understanding the client’s requirements. He or she must be able to explain his designs. A Web Designer may also be required to do a bit of copywriting or editing for sites. He or she has to be clear while getting his or her points across to clients and coworkers.

Web Designer Salary

The salary of web designer in India depends on his or her skills, knowledge, experience, and employment organisation. The average salary of a Web Designer in India is Rs. 280059 per year and a web designer fresher salary in India is Rs. 20,000 (web designer salary per month). Let us now look at web designer salary experience wise.

ExperienceAnnual Salary

0-1 Year

Rs. 197417

1-4 Years

Rs. 250474

5-9 Years

Rs. 409208

10-19 Years

Rs. 527071

  • The average web designer salary for fresher in India is Rs. 250,474 per year.

  • The average salary of a mid-level Web Designer in India is Rs. 409,208 per year.

  • The average salary of a Senior Web Designer in India is Rs. 527,071 per year.

Web Designers employed in Mumbai earn 9 per cent higher than the national average. Web Designers employed in Pune, Maharashtra get 7.4 per cent higher pay and in Chennai, Tamil Nadu get 6.7 percent higher pay than the national average.

Web Designer Job Roles

There are various types of Web Designer roles. Here, we have discussed a few web designing job profiles with their roles and responsibilities.

Front End Developer: A Front End Developer is a professional responsible for adding visual effects or elements to web applications. Whatever users see and interact with on the website is considered the front end of the website.

Back End Developer: The role of Back End Developer is responsible for handling the server-side aspects of the web application. He or she is responsible for integrating the work of front-end developers.

Web Application Developer: Web Application Developers work considering the client’s requirements. Their work responsibilities may vary such as website designing, coding, modifying, layout, and others.

Web Analyst: A Web Analyst works with trend and data reporting. He or she analyses online marketing acquisition strategies and explores new opportunities. A Web Analyst is required to analyse maintenance and web development costs.

Web Marketing Analyst: The role of Web Marketing Analyst includes gathering and analysing data to study client behaviour, search engine optimisation, website analysis, and online advertising.

Web Designer Education

Web Designer is a skill-based career and there are not any mandatory formal education requirements. Still, several employers prefer candidates with a minimum of an undergraduate-level degree in computer science or information technology or relevant specialisations.

Check some preferred undergraduate Web Designer degrees:


There is a good prospect for a Web Designer career with numerous job opportunities and roles. The salary of Web Designers varies depending on candidates’ skills, prior work experience, and employers’ locations. A bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field is preferred for the role.


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