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14+ Online Courses to Help You Become a Professional Wine Taster

14+ Online Courses to Help You Become a Professional Wine Taster

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The world is now becoming more and more open towards newer and offbeat career options. Gone are the days when a person could just become a doctor, engineer or lawyer. If you are someone who is inclined towards newer experiences and cuisine and wish to become a professional wine taster then there are some amazing online courses and certifications that will help you with relevant wine tasting knowledge. Wine tasting is a unique profession concerned with checking an alcohol-based wine beverage for its texture, smell, taste and flavour, increasing the demand for wine taster courses.

14+ Online Courses to Help You Become a Professional Wine Taster
14+ Online Courses to Help You Become a Professional Wine Taster

You need to have a strong sense of smell and refined taste buds to be able to identify the various pros and cons of wine. With the increase in demand, there are many top institutes as well as industry experts who are offering professional wine taster courses.

The demand for skilled wine tasters is picking up pace in India and although it is still very nascent in comparison to countries in Europe or elsewhere, the skills offered by wine tasters are integral to a lot of hospitality-based businesses in India. Hotels, restaurants, resorts and bars are increasingly hiring people with the requisite skills after they have completed either online wine courses or wine appreciation courses from a renowned institution offering them professionally. If you are willing to make a career in this field, check out some of the best wine tasting courses.

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14+ Professional Wine Taster Courses

Here we have compiled a list of some of the best wine taster courses

Offered by
Wine Tasting: Sensory Techniques for Wine Analysis
Coursera14 hours

Food and Beverage ManagementCoursera13 hours
Wine in 9: The Complete Wine Tasting CourseUdemy

6 hours

Intermediate Wine Certificate (IWC)
International Sommelier8 days
Introduction to Wine and

18 to 24 months

Advanced Wine Certificate (AWC)International Sommelier48 hours
Become a Champagne expert with the Comité ChampagneChampagne MOOC5 hours

Wine Training Courses by

Varies depending on the specific course
World of Wine: From Grape to GlassEdx6 weeks
Fundamentals of Wine Tasting - Taste Wine like a SommelierUdemy1 hour
Introductory Wine Course (EXPRESS)Udemy1.5 hours
Wine Tasting and Restaurant Assessment CriteriaUdemy3.5 hours
Crash course on Wine : Wine 101Udemy40 minutes
How To Taste Wine Like A WinemakerUdemy2.5 Hours
Become a Wine Expert: 40 questions you want to askUdemy

2 Hours
Personality in a bottle- Wine basicsUdemy1 Hour
Wine Primer- Learn Wine From A SommelierUdemy

2 Hours

Note: The above data is gathered and compiled by the Careers360 team.

  1. Wine Tasting: Sensory Techniques for Wine Analysis

If you are someone who wants to understand the process behind wine tasting, the historical significance of wine as a beverage alongside understanding its physiology, this is one of the best professional wine taster courses to help you learn wine tasting in-depth.

In the first module of the wine making course in India, the students will learn about different types of wine alongside setting up their own tasting. Furthermore, the course also delves deep into the language or terminology used while tasting and recording your wine-related experience apart from reviewing classic types of wines. Over time, you shall be able to develop an understanding of the multiple defects and advantages of a particular wine with a couple of spotting techniques to achieve the desired results. What is even better is that you shall be getting to know how to pair it with different food items and achieve the best results, culminating in a project at the end of the course.

Platform: Coursera

Duration: 14 hours

  1. Food and Beverage Management

This is one of the best wine taster certification courses that not only delves into different types of wine, and their tasting process but also about food in general. Offered by Bocconi University, this particular wine class also focuses on the challenges faced by managers, quality assurance professionals and entrepreneurs in the F&B industry and offers possible tools and guidelines to ensure that they help satisfy customers and create competitive advantage.

It is based on 4 modules of study with a quiz and weekly discussions to accompany the video lectures, assignments and other additional course-related resources.

Platform: Coursera

Duration: 13 hours

  1. Wine in 9: The Complete Wine Tasting Course

This wine taster online course emphasises helping the learner delve deep into the process of wine tasting. You are taught how to connect grape-growing and wine-making to the smell and taste of whichever wine you taste and analyse, apart from focusing on developing a sense of aroma, taste and flavours on your palette when it comes to wine.

This is one of the best wine taster courses helping you curate ideas for tasting wine as well as learn wine tasting through hands-on training with video demos.

Platform: Udemy

Duration: 6 hours

  1. Intermediate Wine Certificate (IWC)

Offered by International Sommelier, this is one of the winery courses and is focused on helping you know about the use of different grapes in the wine-making process, how to use those different varieties in your wine apart from understanding what techniques are required for evaluating wine in an efficient manner. If you have struggled with the vocabulary or even whilst understanding what’s written on the label, we would recommend you to give this amazing course a shot, which is available through in-person training, live online training and full-time course formats.

Furthermore, International Sommelier is one of the pioneers in wine-making and tasting and their list of oenology courses is quite comprehensive as well as rich in terms of content and course delivery.

Platform: International Sommelier

Duration: 8 days (8 total sessions of 24 hours each)

  1. Introduction to Wine and Winemaking

Offered by the prestigious University of California, Davis, this wine taster online course gives you in-depth knowledge about the process of grape making, and the history of different wines apart from understanding the various sensory and legal aspects associated with wine appreciation, which helps you create a well-paid career as a wine connoisseur, after you learn wine tasting through a slew of videos and assignments, which provide end-to-end information about wines.


Duration: 18 to 24 months

  1. Advanced Wine Certificate (AWC)

This is one of the wine courses in India. An advanced level wine tasting tutorial, it focuses on inculcating skills associated with food and wine pairings, serving techniques, storage and wine management among others. It also helps you develop in-depth knowledge about different wine regions globally and the essential grapes used in some of the most famous wines across the world. The course is created specially by the board of education at ISG, making it a much-valued wine tasting training course available to enthusiasts.

Platform: International Sommelier

Duration: 48 hours

  1. Become a Champagne expert with the Comité Champagne

If you are looking for online degree courses and certifications to become a Champagne expert, this course is for you. This is an uberly popular wine training course being offered by Comite Champagne in two variants - a free and premium version. As part of the course curriculum, you shall get access to 4 modules which cover the history of the art of making champagne, alongside offering a closer look at the history and economics associated with the creation of champagne.

One of the best things about this wine taster online course is that in the premium version, you get extra course material, videos and practice tests to check your knowledge of winemaking.

Platform: Champagne MOOC

Duration: 5 hours

  1. Wine Training Courses by WSET

WSET is a prestigious organization offering 10 courses for beginner and advanced learners, through a diploma and certificate programme. Their wine tasting degrees are quite renowned and are offered through both the online mode as well as through in-person, live classes. Not just English, these wine connoisseur courses are offered in various local languages through affiliated institutions and using Zoom and Microsoft Teams for online certifications.

Courses start from as low as 135 euros and WSET offers webinars, industry Q&A sessions and live sessions additionally.


Duration: Varied time duration for various courses

  1. World of Wine: From Grape to Glass

This wine taster online course is being offered by the University of Adelaide in Australia and helps you learn about the best practices and methods of growing grapes at the production scale and the principles associated with it. Pursuing this wine tasting class will allow learners to know the perfect process to taste wine and check out its aroma, flavour and taste.

This is a beginner-friendly course and you will get self-paced classes along with assignments and weekly discussions being offered as incentives.

Platform: Edx

Duration: 6 weeks

  1. Fundamentals of Wine Tasting - Taste Wine like a Sommelier

Taught by TV host and celebrity wine sommelier Ryan Vet, this wine appreciation course is a great start for those who want to take up wine tasting as a professional career in the long term. As part of the syllabus in this Wine tasting course for learning wine tasting online, you shall discover techniques of tasting wine and becoming a wine-tasting guru and identifying the techniques for identifying palette notes and decoding the structure of wine varieties.

It is a short-term course and has been enrolled by 1,350 students so far.

Platform: Udemy

Duration: 1 hour

  1. Introductory Wine Course (EXPRESS)

Are you looking for online diploma courses to learn wine tasting? This Oenology Course by Express helps you learn the basics of Wine, its production and how to assimilate one’s own wine library.

The instructor, Svetlana Kasparova, is an experienced sommelier and wine expert who's been teaching about the intricacies of wine-making and tasting in three countries.

She bases the course curriculum on questions she's been asked the most and what was rated by her students as the most helpful information, which is a highlight of this online wine course.

You’ll come out of this Wine tasting course having learned some basics ranging from Choosing quality wine to organizing your own tastings, from learning about families of wine aromas to professional wine vocab.

Platform: Udemy

Duration: 1.5 Hours

  1. Wine Tasting and Restaurant Assessment Criteria

This particular online wine course is for wine and food enthusiasts who want to assess wines properly at tastings. Whether it be for wine sales staff who need to know how to assess wines and foods or for food club members and Amateur food critics and bloggers to know how to assess restaurants.

The wine training helps you assess the Appearance, aroma and taste of the wine. Additionally, it teaches you the use of assessment sheets for white wines, red wines and sparkling wines/Champagne.

Platform: Udemy

Duration: 3.5 Hours

  1. Crash course on Wine: Wine 101

In this wine tasting training course with Ryan Vet, we talk about some of the most basic blocks of wine and answer some of the most frequently asked questions.

If you want to learn wine appreciation or figure out which glass to use for what type of wine, this course is for you. After this course, you will be equipped with some tips to buy the best bottle for you and your money and use some fancy wine terms in the process.

Platform: Udemy

Duration: 40 minutes

  1. How To Taste Wine Like A Winemaker

Wine is not an easy course. It is the blueprint formula for tasting wine as a wine connoisseur does. Yoav Sitruk says “I'm giving you on a golden plate all my knowledge such, as saving your money when you purchase wine and tasting wine like a professional. Applying this knowledge, you could be sure of receiving confidence and pride around your people.”

It is important to note that the course is recorded in Hebrew, but with on-point captions in English. This wine class is for beginners, wine lovers and mediums.

Platform: Udemy

Duration: 2.5 Hours

  1. Become a Wine Expert: 40 questions you want to ask

This wine tasting tutorial is divided into 6 subsections so that you can understand wine better. In this course, Antonie Bertin wants you to understand the things happening and not just apply theory.

The crux of this Wine tasting course is for you to build strong wine basics which will let you make sense of what is happening when having or pairing wine. The main reason why he decided to make these wine courses this absolute is that he does not believe it is possible to pair or taste wine if you do not understand why or what happens before the wine is bottled.

Platform: Udemy

Duration: 2 Hours

  1. Personality in a bottle- Wine basics

This is one of the shortest wine taster courses offered by the Udemy courses. This wise taster online course provides the comprehensive skills to buy the correct wine for the right occasion, to serve any customer in any restaurant, to combine wines with any type of meal as well as serve wine the right way and taste wines like a professional.

This is one of the best wine taster certification courses for those looking to better their wine skill set as wine connoisseurs, and professionals in the restaurant and hospitality industry.

Platform: Udemy

Duration: 1 hour

  1. Wine Primer- Learn Wine From A Sommelier

One of the shorter wine taster courses offered by the Udemy platform, this wine taster online course can turn you into a wine expert in a fortnight. This course is for those who are beginners who wish to become professionals. You will also learn how to make better comprehensive wine-buying decisions.

Platform: Udemy

Duration: 2 Hours


A skilful wine waiter with proper wine training can go on to be a wine counsellor to F&B institutions, wine distributors and liquor businesses. Worldwide job options are wide; cruise liners, wine bars, theme parks, aviation services, and recreation areas among others. The wine industry is emerging every day, creating new wine labels for worldwide sales and offering jobs with high wine taster salary. At the same time, thanks to all the iconic wine labels still control the hearts of wine lovers. Wine tasters and certified sommeliers play a unique role in uniting the community and helping them grow globally. The wine taster salary in India starts between Rs. 10-20,000 and then up to Rs. 50,000 with a few years of experience, after completing the slew of wine degrees available online and offline. With international information, accountants can earn up to Rs. 1 lakh or more in India. So take some of the best wine taster courses to become a professional in this field. So, become a professional wine taster by enrolling in the best course.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

1. Is it important to have a Hotel Management or a Regular degree to get into this particular field?

No, it is not necessary. There are a number of wine taster certification courses that can give you the credentials needed for a professional. 

2. Are there any minimum eligibility criteria for taking wine taster courses ?

Typically candidates who have completed their (10+2) can opt for wine taster courses so that the candidates have basic educational requirements. 

3. What is the Average starting salary of a Wine Connoisseur?

A qualified Connoisseur in India can range from about Rs. 10-20,000 to Rs. 50,000 with a few more years of experience.

4. What is the fee for enrolling into a Wine Tasting institution?

An average wine tasting institution charges Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 70,000 per month.

5. Which sectors can I work as a wine taster in?

As a wine taster, you can work in the hospitality industry in resorts, hotels and bars.  

6. What are some essential skills I will learn in wine taster certification courses?

 Some of the skills that you will be trained in professional wine taster courses include knowledge of the flavour, knowledge of taste, and aroma of wine.  

7. Which of the above wine appreciation courses is ideal for those who want to pursue a quick/short-term course curriculum?

‘Become a Champagne expert with the Comité Champagne’ is an amazing short-term course that talks about winemaking and appreciation in under 5 hours, so if you want to pursue a course like that, we recommend you choose this course. 

8. Who are some renowned people in the wine tasting business?

Some renowned names in wine tasting include Sahil Mishra, Rakesh Awaghade, Gagan Sharma and Reva K. Signh.

9. Do I get certified after completing these wine taster courses online?

Yes, you will get certifications for Professional Wine Taster courses which are recognised worldwide.


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