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All About SAP Certifications: SAP Course Fees, Eligibility, Scope, and FAQs

All About SAP Certifications: SAP Course Fees, Eligibility, Scope, and FAQs

Edited By Soumi Roy | Updated on May 13, 2024 12:26 PM IST | #Software Engineering

Is SAP certification worth taking? What are the SAP certification fees in India? What are its career prospects? These questions may intrigue your curiosity if you are looking to pursue a SAP certification. This article by Careers360 will discuss everything about SAP certifications including SAP course details, SAP courses fees, and eligibility.

So let’s go and find out the best SAP certification courses and the cost of SAP certifications. Also, read more about free ethical courses and certifications.

SAP Certification: What is it?

SAP stands for 'Systems Applications and Products,' and it was created to allow clients to communicate with a single database across a wide range of applications. SAP is now employed by top firms such as Microsoft and IBM, and additional applications are constantly being developed. In Mannheim, Germany, SAP was started in 1972 by five IBM workers.

Over the years, SAP applications and related certifications have undergone myriad changes. This is because these SAP online certifications have been trying to keep up with the changing trends in the market. So it's best to check the SAP online course fees, and SAP course details.

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SAP Course Eligibility

SAP consists of many courses and modules, so candidates who want to take a certification in SAP need to meet certain SAP course eligibility, and check for SAP certification fees. The SAP course qualifications include the relevant academic background in fields such as Information Systems, Computer Science, Operations Management, HR Management, and the like.

SAP online classes and SAP training can be organised into two categories: functional and technical—both courses, however, present authorisation and transaction numbers that are tied to your educational profile. Furthermore, depending on the nature of the course, the SAP certification online content can be substantially modified.

  • The Technical SAP online course with certificates focuses on module customisation and programming. The eligible candidates can choose the SAP training that has the SAP course duration and fees fitting their requirements and needs.
  • Roles that combine functional and technological capabilities, such as business analysts' responsibilities, add to this. If you have a programming, development, or computer background, you should take technical classes.
  • Before taking the SAP certification exam, there are no specified courses or sets of courses that should be taken. To meet the SAP eligibility criteria and qualify for a higher-level Professional, you must first obtain an associate-level certification.
  • Keep in mind that these online courses showcase the skills of professionals. So having an adequate SAP qualification is crucial before taking a certification in SAP. The SAP certificate course is globally recognised and required for a variety of tasks and responsibilities.

Advantages of SAP Certifications

It is one of the best in-demand SAP certificates in today's corporate world. IT experts who are familiar with SAP platforms are in high demand worldwide. Certification in SAP and SAP training online courses tell the recruiter that you have the right expertise. So they are always on the lookout for professionals. SAP certification can act as an important support in every professional’s career.

Job Opportunities

Professionals who gain SAP certification online can advance in their careers. Let’s see why. All top industry giants look for professionals with certification in SAP. The Forbes 500 list has estimated that SAP ERP is used by 70 per cent of organisations. So taking SAP certification exams will give you an edge.

Reputation and Recognition

Better salaries and a better role are inextricably linked to improved reputation and recognition among peers, coworkers, and customers. SAP certifications can also give the individual the zeal to advance in their career. They will have their horizons expanding. They can use their credentials to grab the attention of potential recruiters.

Prospects of Promotion

The same goes for promotions as well. You will not only land top jobs with high salaries but also big promotions if you have SAP certification. Because this credential shows that you have built that calibre for yourself. Thus you have become an asset to the organisation because you are recognised experts in the platform, and they thus care after you.

Top 5 Online SAP Certification Courses

Online SAP courses teach you some concepts of business training, database management, human resource software administration, and more. Some popular providers like openSAP, Simpliv Learning, and Udemy offer around 10 online SAP courses some of which have been mentioned below:

SAP Certification - Scope and Salary

Keep in mind that your salary depends on several factors: work experience, SAP certification, additional skills, educational credentials, industry, location, and others. SAP consultants are needed in a variety of industries including manufacturing, consultancies, ERP systems, logistics and supply chain management, production, CRM solutions, and distribution.

Let’s take a look at the average median salaries of professionals with SAP Certifications in India.


SAP Consultant

Rs. 7.32 Lakhs

Senior SAP Consultant

Rs. 13.92 Lakhs

SAP Project Manager

Rs. 19.65 Lakhs

SAP Basis Administrator

Rs. 7.86 Lakhs

SAP ABAP Programmer

Rs. 4.50 Lakhs

SAP Business Analyst

Rs. 10.45 Lakhs

Junior SAP Consultant

Rs. 4.91 Lakhs

** Source: payscale

SAP Certification Cost

SAP course fees in India may come to around Rs. 40,000. The SAP course online fees will differ from one country to another. SAP course fees online and SAP exams are covered in the cost mentioned above. You can expect somewhere around this amount for the SAP certification course fees. The SAP Fico certification fees will also vary from course to course.

How to Choose a SAP Course Online?

How do you choose from the plethora of SAP certificate courses and SAP training? It all depends on what you are aiming at. Following are some of the areas: Finance, Customer Experience, Network and Spend Management, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, HR and People Engagement with SAP, Technology, and Industries.

For example, take a look at how you can take a certification in SAP based on your niche. Then take those SAP certification exams. This is just one small example. The list could be quite enormous with different providers and their SAP Certifications.

There are also SAP Certification for beginners offered by top providers that may require very low SAP certification costs in India. The SAP course eligibility and duration, as well as the SAP course fees in India, will vary from institute to institute and college to college.

Popular Providers Offering SAP Certification Courses


Organisations are always on the lookout for professionals with top SAP certifications to make their businesses efficient. With an SAP certification, the professional has an edge over the others in the job market. Also, in some companies and for certain roles, SAP Software training and SAP classes are mandatory.

Now that you have some clarity over SAP course fees, SAP certification price, and SAP classes as well as why you should focus on specific certifications for your career, we hope that you will make the right decision. All the best!

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

1. What are some top careers I can pursue after completing SAP certifications?

Software developer, project manager, SAP EP consultant, software engineer, SAP basis administrator, system engineer, SAP basis consultant. DevOps engineer, operations manager, etc. are some of the top jobs you can take after completing these SAP certifications.

2. What is the SAP course duration online?

A SAP online course can take 1-10 weeks based on the learners’ capacity, available time, and the course he or she has chosen.

3. Are these SAP certification exams difficult?

Sap global certification exams can be challenging. If you have some work experience, and you are passionate, then you will ace these SAP certification exams.

4. What top industries can I pursue after completing these SAP certifications?

Information technology, e-commerce, banking, and education are some of the top industries that you can pursue after developing these SAP certifications.

5. How much does it cost on an average to take these SAP certifications?

It can cost up to Rs 3 lakhs for these SAP certifications. Please keep in mind that the SAP training costs can differ in different countries.


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