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Photography Courses After 10th - Check Eligibility, Duration, Top Institutes

Photography Courses After 10th - Check Eligibility, Duration, Top Institutes

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Photography is defined as the art and science of capturing and processing pictures. It requires the use of cameras, frames, and software programs (for picture processing and editing), as some of the main skills. If you are drawn to the visual world and want to capture what surrounds you, you can transform your passion for photography into a profession and earn money.

Photography Courses After 10th - Check Eligibility, Duration, Top Institutes
Photography Courses After 10th - Check Eligibility, Duration, Top Institutes

Photography is a non-academic career, but one that requires dedication and patience. You must have both technical and creative skills to become an excellent photographer. Colours, images, illumination, and other elements must spark your attention and expertise. With the advancement of technology, the world of photography is constantly evolving.

There is no quick way to make a successful career in photography. Hence, you must be quick-witted and eager to learn throughout your career. Some abilities and talents that you would require to successfully pursue a photography course after 10th would be creativity, willingness to travel and work at irregular hours, patience, and originality.

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List of Photography Courses After 10th

The minimum educational requirement for a professional photography course is class 10. These courses cover photography, angle, lighting, technical knowledge of tools such as cameras, and awareness of fine arts. Students who have completed class 10 in India are eligible to enrol in the below-mentioned courses.




ITI Digital Photography

1 year

Government ITI- Pune, Advanced Training Institute- Ludhiana, Advanced Training Institute- Kolkata, Mahadev Private ITI- Uttar Pradesh.

Diploma Courses in Photography

1-2 years/ part-time

MIT-WPU, Le Mark School of Art- Mumbai, AAFT- Delhi, Morph Academy- Chandigarh.

Certificate Courses

1 month to 1 year (varies from course to course)

Le Mark School of Art- Mumbai, AAFT- New Delhi, Pixel Institute of Photography- New Delhi.

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Photography Courses After 10th- ITI Digital Photography

Industrial Training Institute (ITI) Digital Photographer is a diploma-level course offered by the government and private institutes in India. The ITI Photography course after 10th is designed for those who want to improve their photography and composition abilities while also learning about picture editing.

Eligibility: Students who have completed class 10 from a recognised board are qualified to apply for the ITI photography course after 10th.

Duration: The duration of the ITI photography course after 10th is one year, and is divided into two semesters.

Institutes: ITI photography course after 10th can be pursued in almost every state of India. Some of the popular institutes that provide ITI Photography courses after 10th are-

  • Government Industrial Training Institute, Pune
  • Advanced Training Institute, Ludhiana
  • Advanced Training Institute, Kolkata
  • Mahadev Private Industrial Training Institute, Uttar Pradesh

Photography Courses After 10th- Diploma Courses in Photography

A diploma in Photography after 10th includes everything from basic to advanced photographic studies. The training guarantees that a strong technical and artistic foundation is established. Students of photography can put their skills to use in a variety of disciplines, including advertisements, fashion, wildlife, and healthcare.

Eligibility: Students who have completed class 10 from a recognised board are qualified to apply for a diploma in photography after 10th. Most institutes providing a diploma in photography after 10th prefer that students have English as one of their compulsory subjects in class 10.

Duration: A diploma in photography after 10th is usually for one to two years, depending on the chosen specialisation. Many institutes provide diplomas in photography after 10th as a part-time course.

Institutes: Some of the institutes which offer diploma in photography after 10th are-

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Photography Courses After 10th- Certificate Courses

The shortest programmes are certificate programmes. Certificate photography courses after 10th are available at several private institutes across India. It is intended to give you a comprehensive introduction to the subject and help you grasp the fundamentals of Photography. It will help you lay a solid foundation and broaden your horizons in the field.

Eligibility: Students who have completed the 10th grade from a recognised board are qualified to apply for this course.

Duration: The length of certificate courses in Photography can range from one month to one year. However, the most popular certificate courses last around six months, consisting of three months of training and three months of practical experience.

Institutes: Some of the institutes that offer certificate photography courses after 10th are-

  • Le Mark School of Art, Mumbai
  • AAFT, New Delhi
  • Pixel Institute of Photography, New Delhi

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Career in Photography After 10th

Photography is a broad subject. It has a wide range of work options. Photography course after 10th can be utilised to specialise in specific sub-disciplines of photography. A professional Photographer can operate alone or with the help of colleagues. A Photographer can play a variety of jobs depending on their specialisation. Let us now discuss a few of them.

Fashion Photographer

Fashion Photographers work in the fashion industry and specialise in apparel and personal appearance. In print and electronic media, the images are used to promote new designs, and celebrities, and publicise certain labels. Most fashion photography is done for commercials or fashion magazines like Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, or Elle. They earn around Rs. 6-12 lakhs per year, depending on their experience and skills.

Industrial Photographer

Industrial Photographers take pictures of commodities, machinery, infrastructure, and employees. These images are then utilised on websites as well as in marketing materials such as brochures, posters, commercials, and news articles. The goal is to portray the manufacturing process as well as the difficult duties that employees conduct. They make around Rs. 4-10 lakhs per year, depending on the firm they are hired at.

Wildlife Photographer

Wildlife Photography course after 10th specialises in photographing wild animals and birds. This type of photography is significant not only in terms of artistic worth but also in terms of scientific relevance. It is one of the well-paid fields in photography. The average salary after completing a wildlife photography course is around Rs. 9-12 lakhs per year.

Sports Photographer

The goal of this form of photography is to capture an athletic event. It might be a big game or merely a warm-up session for an upcoming match. Capturing activity quickly during athletic events is a demanding photography task. Experienced sports photographers make around Rs. 9 lakhs per year.

Event Photographer

Marriages, business meetings, concerts, and exhibits are examples of large-scale or noteworthy events for which an event photographer is hired. An Event Photographer's purpose is to capture the atmosphere and aspects of gatherings for the client's promotional or personal needs. They earn an average of Rs. 6-10 lakhs per year.

Travel Photographer

A Travel Photographer is a photographer who documents an area's beauty, inhabitants, culture, traditions, and heritage through photography. You can work full-time for a travel magazine (such as National Geographic or Outlook Traveller) or a web portal as a travel photographer. Freelancers are paid based on the number of images they can publish. They make around Rs. 3-9 lakhs per year.


Photojournalists, often known as news photographers, report news events through images. Their job is to use photos to communicate a story. They not only take images, but they also write captions or other accompanying material to convey more information about each image. The average salary of photojournalists is Rs. 4-6 lakhs per year.

Scope of Photography Career After 10th

A photographer's job is fascinating and innovative at the same time. This is a career that has changed dramatically over the years. A photographer can operate as a freelancer or as part of a team for organisations such as journals, newspapers, blogs, and businesses.

Photography necessitates not only persistence and talent but also a technical understanding of how to utilise gadgets and instruments. It also provides knowledge on the usage of camera shutters and positions, which can be learned at various institutions providing diploma and certificate courses, as mentioned in the article.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

1. What is the average photography course fees in India?

The average photography course fee ranges from INR 35000 to INR 500000, depending on the duration of course and the type of the institute.

2. What is the admission procedure for photography courses?

Most institutes provide admission based on merit, but institutes like AAFT require the candidates to take entrance tests and clear personal interviews.

3. What are some of the famous photography books?

Understanding Exposure by Bryan Peterson; The Art of Photography by Bruce Barnbaum; DSLR Photography for Beginners by Brian Black are some famous photography books.

4. Which are the top recruiting companies for photographers?

Nat Geo, History Channel, Vogue, Times of India, Myntra, Amazon, and Fashion TV are well-known recruiters for photographers. 

5. What is the average photographer salary in India?

On average, a photographer in India earns around Rs. 3.8 LPA, according to the Ambition Box. 

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