What is English

This is the era where English is the only most prevalent language in all over the world and has the widest scope among all other languages. Even, it is the language which is used in mainstream media these days as well which makes it easy for a non-native English speaker to speak and use English as a language. The reason behind the fact why the English language is the most prevalent language in the world is that it is the easiest language to adopt and practice. But, here the question arises how the people got used to with the English language, how they have become affluent in speaking English and how they have become adept at English writing skills? Mere listening to the media where the English language prevails is not enough to master the English language. One should go for a proper English course where they can learn English in a systematic manner. Just listening or watching or reading the English media would lead to skipping some important points which should be kept in mind while speaking or writing English.

An English course provides you with a well-organized pattern to learn English. Even in a particular country, at a particular place, there are so many institutions which offer the English course but one has to select the best among them to proceed further. Once an institution is selected, one should look into the module’s structure provided by their respective institution so as to know what those modules are going to offer them. 

The mentors start from the very basic concepts so in earlier modules they provide to practice basics of the language first. These basics in general, include the basic rules of English grammar which should be followed when using English and once the basics are clear one should proceed further with the help of modules of different levels. The English course moves you from easy to moderate level and then moderate to a difficult level so as to make you enable to face the complexities while practising the language. Hence, therefore, it is advisable that whosoever wants to master the English language, should go for English course along with the atmosphere where this language prevails.

English Course Highlights

There are certain things which one should keep it in mind before pursuing an English course as there career:

  • Eligibility criteria: Eligibility criteria of a particular educational institution decides whether one may pursue an English course of their interest from there or not. To enrol in an English course or to be eligible, one has to fulfil all the eligibility criteria given by the institution.

  • Duration of the course: The duration of the course differs as per the university which is offering the course. So, one should keep in mind if they are able to invest a particular period of time to pursue the course.

  • Subjects offered in the course: The subjects offered under the course must be taken into consideration as per the interest as English courses differ according to the interests of the students. For example: if a student is more inclined towards journalism and other is inclined towards English literature then their subjects would also be different.

Eligibility Criteria (UG & PG) of English

In India, approximately all the universities offer English courses at Postgraduate (PG) level to provide good career opportunities. The most prestigious course offered in India to pursue English literature as a career opportunity is M.A English course.

M.A English is basically a 2-year post-graduate course of English language and literature. The course covers English literary studies, theories, criticism and pedagogy, all in the form of theory. The eligibility criteria for M.A English courses are similar in almost all the universities within the territory of India.

The eligibility criteria for MA English Course includes:

  • Graduation in any course from a recognized university

  • Minimum 45% or 50% marks obtained in graduation.

To get admission in top colleges and universities to pursue M.A English course in India, graduate students have to take the MA English Entrance exam as well. It is compulsory. However, the direct admission in this course is also possible in few universities and colleges and the admissions are done on the basis of merit of the students.

But, here is an exception for those who have done B.A. English Honors as they are exempted from the entrance test and can get admitted on the basis of their merit.

Apart from the entrance exam, there can be an interview as well and it totally depends upon the discretion of the universities whether they want to have an interview with the students for admission or not. For example: To get admission in M.A English course in JNU (Jawaharlal Nehru University), one has to crack the interview along with the entrance exam.

Scope of English in India and Abroad

The demand for a particular course decides its scope in domestic or the foreign country. In India as well as abroad, the scope of English literature is so wide that whosoever opts for the English course has multiple career options.

Scope of English Language in Abroad

If we talk about the context of abroad, a country like the UK provides a bright career in English literature as this course has more demand there. One can become an Author and publish short stories, novels, and poems, etc., by pursuing such a prestigious course there. There are so many poets and writers in UK history who proved themselves as the gems of English literature there and William Shakespeare, Jane Austen, William Blake, John Donne etc are the examples of such gems. Now the time has also changed and English literature is not limited to just stories, novels and poems etc. one can also work as a freelancer and a regular blogger sideways.

Teaching also has always been one of the most respected professions and at present, the teaching sector is at its peak in all over the world. Hence, therefore pursuing English courses abroad widens the career scope in the teaching sector as well.

Scope of English Language in India

India is a country where there is diversity not only in culture, race and religion but also there is the diversity of languages in this country and English is known as the second official language in India. So, the country where the English language prevails as its second official language, how this language cannot offer a shining career to the people of this country. It is noteworthy that India, a multilingual nation, is the third-largest English-speaking country after the U.S. and U.K.

Here are the following points are given below which talk about the scope of the English language and course in India:

  1. Recent research shows that employees with English language communication skills have a better scope and progress faster in companies and corporate sectors. It is also helpful to perform targeted tasks with ease.

  2. English also dominates the business, publication and media sector in our country as almost in all these sectors delivery of new thoughts and ideas and communication is done through the English language only.

  3. Certain international journals and papers are published in English. Moreover, one-third of the books all over the world are published in this language.

  4. The growth and development of the English language in India have given new dimensions to careers in the field of writing and teaching the language. It has not only offered new and exciting opportunities to people but also has increased scope in English as a career.

Course Fees English

Minimum Fees Maximum Fees
Private Government Private Government
B.A.(Hons) in English at Nilamani Mahavidyalaya, Balasore
B.A. in English at JN College, Nehra
25.25 Lakhs
B.A.(Hons) in English at Ashoka University, Sonepat
2.36 Lakhs
Dual Degree in English at Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University, Katra
M.A. in English at Holy Cross College, Kanyakumari
M.A. in English at Government Arts College, Salem
9.10 Lakhs
M.A. in English at Ashoka University, Sonepat
2.14 Lakhs
M.A. in English at Baba Ghulam Shah Badshah University, Jammu
34.00 K
Ph.D in English at Dnyanopasak Shikshan Mandal's College of Arts, Commerce and Science, Parbhani
6.60 K
Ph.D in English at Indira Gandhi National Open University, New Delhi
8.50 Lakhs
Ph.D in English at Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan University, Bhopal
1.85 Lakhs
Ph.D in English at National Institute of Technology Andhra Pradesh
12.50 K
Diploma in English at Province College, Bangalore
1.70 K
Diploma in English at Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar Open University, Ahmedabad
12.50 K
Diploma in English at Province College, Bangalore
4.68 K
Diploma in English at Indira Kala Sangit Vishwavidyalaya, Khairagarh

Course Subjects

In India, English literature can be pursued at Undergraduate (UG) and Postgraduate (PG) level. The English course which is pursued at UG level is known as B.A Honors and the course which is pursued at PG level is known as M.A in English literature.

Subjects of B.A Honors

The students have various choices to make choices for subjects under B.A Honors English literature course. The course provides the subjects like:-

  • Anthropology

  • Art History and Theory

  • Chinese

  • Biblical Studies

  • Classics

  • Christian Thought and History

  • Computer Science

  • Communication Studies

  • Archaeology

  • Ancient History

  • Asian Studies

  • Art History

  • Communication & Cultural Studies

  • Classical Languages

  • Drama

  • Criminology

  • English Literature

  • Economics

  • Geography

Topics under M.A English Literature

This course is the mixture of both modern and ancient English literature and mainly focuses on three areas like - Prose, Poetry, and Drama. The course includes literature by not just English writers, but also from all over the world, such as-

  • Irish

  • Scottish

  • American

  • Welsh

Job Profiles and Top Recruiters

English course is one of the widest and accepted courses in the country today because of its growth opportunities in future and personnel development altogether. There are many job profiles available for any candidate but the most accepted and reputed profile chosen by the students is the teaching sector. Since, the demand for educators with the core competency in English is emerging, the scope also increases respectively. Those candidates who are looking for opportunities after English course can look up to make their career in the following sectors

  • Print and Media industry: With an almost great package of remuneration and personality development, the Print and Media sector is another option which a candidate can choose to make their career after completion of English course. Job profiles such as newspaper editor, editorial manager, content writer there are a lot of varieties for the candidates with a lot of exposure to work. To be noted that, newspaper editor and activities related requires a lot of experience of work. 

  • Marketing and publication industry: Another sector which brings a good scope for English course candidates is marketing companies and industries because of the fact that marketing comes with a catchphrase accompanied with thinking and under publications also the scope for the English course candidates is wide enough to start for a better growth.

  • Lectureship in College and universities: As we all know, lectureship is another option which students can choose if they consider gaining knowledge and getting experience of teaching.

  • Language institutes: Candidates can also apply in various institutions which are initiating teaching language to students. Since, after completion of English course students are confident enough about the history, exposure and use of English correctly, institutes become a good option to choose in the country because of the growing areas of use and exposure of English in every department. The vibrant use of language makes the selection of institutions a wise decision.

English course is a course which not only makes students educated enough but also makes the candidate self confident to look up for them in the near future. There are many universities, institutions and companies which are rich in recruiting candidates with English courses for various positions such as assistant professors, copywriters, editors,guest lecturers, teachers, content writers, web writers and many more. However, the scope areas and top recruiters are a vast thing to cover but some of the most famous recruiters are mentioned below

  • IBirds Software Services Private Limited

  • Top universities in India like Delhi University, Amity university, IGNOU and many state universities

  • NBA Tech solutions in tech business

  • Various Multinational corporations and BPO like Wipro, Deloitte etc

  • Digital expertise Pvt. Ltd. In marketing

Teaching as an English Literature Teacher

After completion of the English course, opting to teach the English language as a subject to teach the students at school levels can prove to be the best option. Teachers not only have to teach English to their students but they have to develop their personality through English. As an English literature teacher, one has to perform several duties like:

  • Counselling and advising students for career issues.

  • Arranging and delivering lectures to students on a daily basis.

  • Evaluating the academic performance of the students.

  • Organizing class activities for the students to enhance their personality.

  • Making English an interesting subject for the students by the help of including curriculum.

  • Arranging Parents Teacher Meeting to apprise parents about the progress of their wards.

Teaching as a Professor

English literature course is not only confined to the junior or secondary level education but it is used to teach the students who are pursuing higher education that is, at the university level as well. After completing post-graduation in English literature, one can join the job as a professor at colleges affiliated to top universities. As an English professor at the college level, a professor has to perform the following duties:

  • Providing quality study material to the students

  • Completion of the prescribed syllabus by the university on time.

  • Conducting curricular activities such as English Role Play, Story Telling, Poem Recitation competitions at inter-college level.

Teaching English as a foreign language

As we know that English is not only a subject which is used to teach at school or college level but it is also a language and is used to teach the students as a foreign language as well, to make them more affluent at speaking English. Besides this, English as a foreign language (EFL) teachers help adults and children also, to learn or improve their English in the UK and in other countries. As an English as a Foreign Language (EFL) teacher, one has to use a range of course books and materials which provides a strong base for their pupils. To enhance their teaching process, they can choose for the audiovisual aids.

An EFL teacher has to perform the following duties to teach his/her student:

  • Planning, preparation and delivery of lectures to a range of classes and age groups

  • Preparing assignments on a regular basis

  • Conducting tests and examinations after completion of each topic

  • Providing best sources of vocabulary for the foreign terms

  • Evaluating the performance of the students

  • Giving remarks on the performance of students and telling them at which point do they lack

  • Conducting foreign language training sessions

Job Profiles apart from teaching

Besides the profession of teaching, there are many other types of jobs offered after the completion English course as given below:

  • Digital Copy-writer

  • Editorial Assistant

  • Newspaper Journalist

  • Magazine Journalist

  • Publishing copy-editor/ Proofreader

  • Web agent manager

  • Talent Agent

  • Writer

English Course Top Recruiters

After completing the English course, almost all the newcomers face the question: what should they do with their English degree if they are not willing to go into the teaching sector? To cater to their problems there are so many recruiters in the market from different sectors who know how to make the best use of your English degree.

Some of the sector given below in which recruitment is done on the basis of your English degree-

  • Administration

  • Arts Management

  • Events Management

  • Finance 

  • General Management 

  • Research

  • Advertising Marketing and Public Relations Agencies

  • Media Organizations

  • Publishing Companies

  • The retail, leisure and tourism sectors also typically recruit English graduates

Questions related to English

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I got 50% in UG so will I get admission in JNU in MA English?...will it be based on entrance exam or cur off?

dandeharitha 24th Feb, 2021

Hello aspirant,

Minimum 50 percent marks in graduation from UGC recognized university or equivalent.

There's no age bar for JNU MA English Entrance exam.

The JNU eligibility criteria 2021 will vary with every programme which is offered by the university and for every student category such as general, SC/ST/OBC/PWD.



can we get eflu previous years question papers?

ginnisachdeva02_9364270 Student Expert 23rd Feb, 2021


I am attaching a link below from where you can download the previous years question papers/sample papers of EFLU in a pdf format. You can dowload it as per you choice of course.





what is eligibility criteria for MA integrated political science in university of Hyderabad. Is it compulsory to have Hindi/Telugu as optional subject in +2? I have only MPC, English and computer science as only as optional subjects is I am eligible with these optional subjects?

shelly 19th Feb, 2021

Dear Student,

Yes, Hindi/Telugu is required as eligibility along with 60% in +2 class for MA integrated political science course if you have not studied hindi/telugu then you have to given equivalent examination in hindi/telugu by government of India or any state government along with +2 as it is mentioned on the official website.You can visit official website for more information.



Im 45 years old and doing master in English from Indira Gandhi National Open University. whether I can appear NET/SLET/SET exam. And, after qualified whether my age be eligible for Assistant Professor ?

Aditi amrendra Student Expert 17th Feb, 2021

The eligibility criteria for NET/SLET/SET is that a candidates who have secured at least 55% marks in Masters Degree OR equivalent examination from universities/institutions recognised by UGC. Since IGNOU is recognised by UGC you are eligible and there is no upper age limit for the role of Assistant professor. Hence you are eligible for all these exams.

I hope this helps.

I am again feeling low down my friends well settled n i need to start now Studies no guarantee of success clearing Bank exams but my friend working in MNC earing good&will also leave Job in 2 yrs as has wel Business crore worth i am idiot wasted life no knowledge weak shi aspirant no English age 21

Aditi amrendra Student Expert 16th Feb, 2021

There are lakhs of people who are at better place than you, do you think about them ? Obviously not.So, just like that don't think about what your friend is doing. You have to focus on yourself. There is no shortcut to success and Rome wasn't built in a day.You cannot control things that are not in your hand but you can control what you can do. Instead of thinking and wasting time in these unnecessary stuffs, you should focus on your preparation.
Good thing is you are just 21, and you have plenty of time left to prepare. Having weakness is not a big deal as all of us have certain weaknesses but we can work on it and strengthen that area with determination,hardwork, practice and perseverance. So, focus on yourself and keep doing hardwork without thinking about outcomes.
Do meditation to calm you mind and stay happy.

I hope this helps.
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