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IoT Engineer Salary in India

IoT Engineer Salary in India

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All the devices that are somehow connected to the Internet are referred to as the Internet of Things. It includes vehicles, household appliances, wearables and others. It enables the transfer of data through embedded sensors. The Internet of Things is being used around the world to access information, communicate with others or for business purposes. It’s not only people who connect to the internet but products and machines do the same. In the world of the Internet of Things, numerous smart devices are creating a web to communicate with each other.

IoT Engineer Salary in India
IoT Engineer Salary in India

The primary goal of IoT is to make everyday life easier through automatic processes without any human intervention. The Internet of Things has been adopted by numerous companies to grow their businesses as it increases the efficiency of processes worldwide. In this article, we will discuss IoT engineer salary in India, IoT engineer roles and responsibilities, and IoT engineer fresher salary in India.

Who is an IoT Engineer?

Are you searching for an IoT Engineer job description? An IoT Engineer is a professional who builds, administers and monitors an array of IoT devices. He or she is responsible for building, administering and monitoring an array of IoT devices and systems by merging data, technology and research. IoT Engineers are professionals responsible for building and maintaining a broad array of IoT devices, software, platforms, hardware and systems by utilising a combination of data, research and technology.

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What does an IoT Engineer do?

An IoT Engineer performs numerous tasks on a daily basis. It includes creating and developing devices, sensors and software. It allows the devices to connect seamlessly with the other systems. An IoT Engineer is responsible for researching, creating, testing and documenting the IoT solutions with the integrated systems and devices. IoT Engineer job roles include designing, coding and testing features of devices meant to connect to other systems and devices. He or she also provides solutions relevant to the connection of networks and platforms.

An IoT Engineer analyses the user needs and also serves as the service designer. He or she develops software that monitors and executes the processes and designs platform solutions that are compatible with the cloud and function well with IoT applications. IoT Engineers develop software that allows IoT products to function and connect with other devices.

Functions of IoT Engineer

We have provided here major details of IoT engineer roles and responsibilities performed on a daily basis.

Developing IoT Devices: The role of IoT Engineer involves creating and developing IoT devices, sensors and software. He or she designs, codes and tests features of IoT solutions.

Designing Platform Solutions: IoT Engineer is responsible for providing solutions for issues concerning the connection of networks and platforms. He or she researches, creates, tests and documents IoT solutions.

Analysing: User Needs: An IoT Engineer is responsible for analysing the user needs and further developing software that monitors and executes processes that serve user requirements.

Developing IoT Applications: An IoT Engineer work responsibilities include designing cloud-compatible platform solutions that work with IoT applications. He or she develops software that can connect to other devices and allow IoT devices to function.

Skills of IoT Engineer

We have provided here details of major IoT Engineer skills required to function efficiently in a fast-paced work environment.

Machine Learning: For IoT Engineers, machine learning is a basic requirement. They are required to collect, analyse and extract insights from huge data. IoT Engineers identify the patterns and structures in the data to make predictions.

Programming Skills: Aspirants who want to become IoT Engineer must be skilled in Javascript and Python programming languages. Proficiency in these programming languages is crucial to ace the field of IoT.

Knowledge of Sensors: In each IoT application, sensors are utilised in some other manner. The exchange of data in real-time in IoT devices is done through these sensors as devices connect to the network.

Big Data: Data is generated by IoT devices in real time. Data generated on such a vast scale requires an IoT Engineer to manage it. Big Data is utilised for analysing patterns and making predictions.

Cloud Computing: IoT Devices generate huge data in real-time. Cloud Computing is utilised to overcome such challenges. All such IoT devices are connected to a network. Cloud Computing provides support to host the excess data being generated through these devices.

IoT Engineer Job Market

The job market for IoT Engineers is expected to grow and reach around 1.39 trillion dollars by 2026. IoT Technology is being rapidly adopted by all the other industries such as manufacturing, retail and healthcare. A large number of IoT solutions have been created for personal and in-home use resulting in generating more IoT Engineer jobs in India.

As the networking infrastructure expands for edge computing, 5G, and cloud computing, the automation of processes is expected to increase at a rapid rate for both businesses and domestic uses. The majority of IoT techies are involved in developing IoT frameworks, IoT applications and other IoT solutions having compatibility with cloud computing.

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Types of IoT Engineer Jobs

IoT Architect: The role of IoT Architect involves creating and maintaining the actual infrastructure of IoT networks such as devices, sensors, clouds and software.

IoT Researcher: It requires a dedicated team of IoT researchers to research new IoT cases and security innovations to provide support to IoT solutions.

IoT Consultant: The role of IoT Consultants involves working with external business users and primary enterprises in order to implement IoT solutions in the market.

IoT Engineer Salary India

The salary of IoT Engineer in India varies depending on the candidate’s skills and experience. The average IoT Engineer salary in India is Rs. 417797 per year with an estimated pay of Rs. 468408 per year in India. The estimated additional IoT salary in India is Rs. 50,611 per year in India.

(Salary Source: Glassdoor)

IoT Engineer Top Employers

We have listed here the top employers of IoT Engineers:

  • Tata Consultancy Services
  • Capgemini
  • Intel Corporation
  • Microsoft
  • Jio


Hoping that this article would have resolved all your doubts concerning the IoT Engineer career path and salaries. IoT is a broad field that has numerous opportunities to offer. Numerous industries such as manufacturing, healthcare and retail are adopting IoT technologies for automation processes that result in increased efficiency.


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