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Social Media Manager Job Description & Roles and Responsibilities

Social Media Manager Job Description & Roles and Responsibilities

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A Social Media Manager is a professional who is appointed for creating content to connect and communicate with consumers and launch digital marketing strategies through social media platforms of the organisation or sometimes an individual in certain cases. He or she makes written content, posts photos with attractive captions to develop an online presence amongst the target audience.

Social Media Manager Job Description

A Social Media Manager is appointed by the organisation to create a digital bridge between the organisation and the consumers. One creates content on social media to promote the organisation and implements the marketing strategies to spread the brand's message effectively. One helps in scaling and maintaining constant growth of the company in the market.

A Social Media Manager can also work for individuals such as public figures and celebrities. A social media manager is responsible for creating a positive image in public through social media. One keeps an eye on the latest trend on social media to utilise and improvise them in the marketing strategy to achieve the required goals set and improve public reach.

Social Media Manager Responsibilities

Social Media Manager Responsibilities include constantly monitor and analyse the performance of the social media marketing strategies and upgrade them simultaneously. Some of the important Social Media Manager Duties have been mentioned below:

Marketing and Promotion: A social media manager is responsible for promoting brand loyalty and the assigned product service or person. He or she uses relevant hashtags, writes engaging captions and posts relevant photos and graphics to boost posts visibility on a social media platform. This is one of the primary Social Media Manager Duties.

Collaboration: A social media manager collaborates with other advertising professionals to create fresh and attractive content to establish a constant brand image and social media personality. He or she can collaborate and prepare specific theme related social media campaigns to capitalise the ongoing trends at that point to time.

Creative Campaigns: The primary function of a social media manager is to create creative and compelling content for social media platforms of a particular organisation or individual. One should work with the brand or individual to create and execute the campaigns according to their needs and achieve the set targets.

Supervise and Analyse: A social media manager generally has a team under his or her command, one should supervise the day to day management of the marketing campaigns and all other aspects of social media engagement. He or she should analyse the performance of the current campaign and ensure brand consistency. This is another one of the many important Social Media Manager Duties.

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Career Progression of a Social Media Manager

A career as a social media manager is rising in popularity and demand day by day. To progress in this career one must gain experience, learn skills and handle complex campaigns and projects. One can also move forward in this career by obtaining advanced degrees, certificates and courses. A social media manager can progress as the following job titles:-

Senior Social Media Manager: A senior social media manager handles strategic responsibilities, oversees multiple campaigns, and leads large teams. He or she acts as a guiding leader who ensures the targets are achieved by the organisational standards or personal requirements.

Social Media Director: A Social Media Director is responsible for overseeing the activities of the social media department. He or she is responsible for handling marketing strategy, setting budgets, and using social media to achieve marketing objectives. He or she keeps record of all the social media platforms and the marketing techniques implemented.

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO): Chief Marketing Officer is at the highest level, responsible for reviewing marketing strategy, giving direction to the organisation and controlling both traditional and digital marketing platforms. One needs to have experience in the field of marketing to achieve this position.

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Qualifications Required

A Social Media Manager is a career in which one does not necessarily require formal education, it is highly dependent on the individual’s creativity and skills. Although to pursue this career in a more formal setting one can pursue the following degrees to enhance their knowledge.

Bachelor Degrees

Masters Degrees

Social Media Manager Skills

A social media manager must possess a range of soft and hard skills to produce quality content and create effective marketing campaigns. Mentioned below are the essential skills one must possess to be successful in this career in particular:-

Hard Skills

  • Production management
  • Analytical skills
  • Strong communication skills
  • Digital marketing tools
  • Graphic designing

Soft Skills

  • Creativity
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Customer service
  • Leader's qualities
  • Time management

Top Recruiters

In the current world of social media, everyone is utilising the social media platforms to promote products, create public image and make a digital presence. Many organisations and individuals hire social media managers to handle all of their social media activities. Hence they are in rising demand in the current market scenario. List of the top recruiters are follows ;-

  • Swiggy
  • Accenture
  • Flipkart
  • Myntra
  • Uber

Social Media Manager Salary by Top Recruiters

Social Media being the major marketing tool for any kind of organisation, creates a huge opportunity for social media managers. Therefore the job title of social media is in demand in the market. Salaries of a social media manager ranges between Rs.2 lakhs till Rs.10 lakhs with the average salary of Rs.5 lakhs, a social media manager is a desirable post in every company.

Top Companies

Average Salary (per annum)


Rs. 2,50,000


Rs. 3,40,000


Rs. 2,70,000


Rs. 2,90,000


Rs. 3,50,000

Source :- Glassdoor

The salary figures mentioned anywhere in these articles are just for reference purposes. Please treat them as such. Actual salaries may vary depending on respective candidates, employer, job location and numerous other factors.


A career as a Social media manager is a great opportunity for people with creative talent and who want to integrate it with the corporate sector. A social media manager acts as the link between the organisation and online market base and is responsible for the persona of the firm online. This career has a high growth and is in constant demand. Individuals following this career will require a lot of creativity and skill to excel in the field. This position requires an individual with a good amount of experience in the market.


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