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Top 10 Online Healthcare and Hospital Management Courses

Top 10 Online Healthcare and Hospital Management Courses

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The field of Hospital and Healthcare Management is very vast offering a variety of career options to choose from. From online hospital management courses to hospital administration courses and an MBA in Healthcare Management, there are numerous healthcare and hospital administration courses in India.

Top 10 Online Healthcare and Hospital Management Courses
Top 10 Online Healthcare and Hospital Management Courses

Students can also take a one-year diploma in hospital management, a diploma in healthcare management, or short-term courses in hospital administration like 6 months course in hospital administration. Online Healthcare Management courses introduce students to different administrative functions of healthcare.

With hospital related courses and healthcare administration courses, students will learn basic to advanced levels of concepts. Students from different backgrounds can take healthcare and hospital management courses online. They can also opt for free health care management courses offered by several online learning providers.

Before starting with hospital administration certificate courses, or online certification courses in hospital and healthcare management in India, students must consider hospital administration course fees. Go through the article below to get online hospital management course details.

To help students find the best healthcare management certifications, we have listed below the top 10 hospital and health care administration courses. The list also comprises hospital administration courses after 12th.

10 Best Online Healthcare and Hospital Administration Courses

Since there are numerous healthcare management short courses and online certification courses in hospital and healthcare management in India, enrolling in the best hospital and health care management courses online is a daunting task.

Let us take a look at some of the best hospital and healthcare management online courses, certificate courses in hospital administration with hospital management course fees that students can pursue from the top online learning providers worldwide.

CoursesOffered byDuration
Leadership for Healthcare Improvement and Innovation
University of Warwick, Coventry via Futurelearn6 Weeks
Developing and Testing Complex Healthcare Interventions
University of Bergen, Bergen via Futurelearn5 Weeks
Managing Change in a Healthcare Environment
University of East Anglia, Norwich via Futurelearn3 Weeks
Medical Billing Course Training
Henry Harvin80 Hours
Value-Based Healthcare: An Introduction (Premium Edition)Udemy1.5 Hours
Becoming a Healthcare Administrator
Udemy2.5 Hours
Health Informatics for Better and Safer Healthcare

IsraelX via Edx

4 Weeks
Effective Communication for Healthcare Leaders
Udemy1 Hour
Healthcare Management and Analytics
IIM Kozhikode via Emeritus10 Months
Revenue Cycle and Healthcare Finance - Rev Cycle Ready
Udemy5 Hours

1. Leadership for Healthcare Improvement and Innovation

This is one of the best healthcare and hospital management courses online offered by the University of Warwick, Coventry via Futurelearn. This certificate course in hospital services is designed to provide learners with the general concept of leadership, and practical examples of innovative management across a range of healthcare settings.

With this health care course in India, students will analyse real-life case studies of improvement and innovation projects drawn from a global context to gain a better understanding of patient and public leadership, alongside the need for great healthcare leadership on the front line.

2. Developing and Testing Complex Healthcare Interventions

This is another one of the best courses in hospital management online offered by the University of Bergen, Bergen via Futurelearn. This online certificate course in hospital administration aims to teach you why it is essential to fully build and test any new ideas for service delivery in health before performing the final definitive trial.

This health care administration certificate online will also guide you through the process from idea inception to the final randomised controlled trial, explaining the rationale behind each stage of the process.

3. Managing Change in a Healthcare Environment

In this one of the top online certification courses in hospital and healthcare management, you will be exposed to the issue of change in healthcare environments. Offered by the University of East Anglia, Norwich on the Futurelearn platform, this health care administration course will teach you how to improve your response to change.

After this hospital training certificate course, you will understand the importance of preserving and improving the quality of service provision, while adapting to change.

4. Medical Billing Course Training

As one of the top hospital and healthcare management courses online, this healthcare course in India focuses on the aspects of Medical Terminology with skills to maintain all aspects of the revenue cycle. This online hospital and healthcare management course equips learners with the knowledge of Gathering and Entering Data, Paper Claims Processing, and Electronic Claims Processing.

This is one of the best courses in hospital management online covers topics such as types of Insurance Coverage, Procedures and Diagnoses, Overview of Essential Office Forms, Posting Payments, Generating Reports, Billing Your Clients, and more.

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5. Value-Based Healthcare: An Introduction (Premium Edition)

This is another popular certificate course in hospital administration and is ideal for those who are interested in improving healthcare quality, cost, and value. In this one of the hospital administration courses after 12th, students will learn about value-based healthcare, value-based payment, value-based pricing, and medical billing.

6. Becoming a Healthcare Administrator

Candidates enrolled in this one of the best medical administration courses online will understand the structure of the healthcare industry. This healthcare management certification will allow them to understand the history of the healthcare industry and explain the role of the healthcare administrator.

The courseware of this online certificate in hospital administration includes the healthcare industry and its intricate parts, functioning as a healthcare administrator, and the reality of healthcare administration.

7. Health Informatics for Better and Safer Healthcare

Students seeking a career in healthcare and associated facilities will find this hospital administration certificate course beneficial to them. This one of the important healthcare courses in India allows students to understand the kinds of careers in Health Information Technology and what are the core disciplines on which Health Information technology is built.

This health care management course contains 11 modules and after completing these modules, students will earn completion certificates.

8. Effective Communication for Healthcare Leaders

This is amongst the best short term courses in hospital administration available on Udemy. This hospital training certificate is designed for aspiring healthcare leaders equipping them with the concept of effective communication as it relates to healthcare leadership.

This certificate in hospital administration consists of 5 Lectures and the e-book version of Freshman Manager, Sink or Swim, a 112-page book written by the instructor Lana Bamiro, DrPH, MPH, MBA, LSSGB.

9. Healthcare Management and Analytics

In this one of the online courses in healthcare management, you will understand concepts and techniques related to critical functional areas of the healthcare ecosystem. This hospital administration certification helps you develop the necessary leadership and communication competencies to lead the 21st-century healthcare ecosystem.

Offered by IIM Kozhikode, this amongst the top healthcare management certifications covers topics such as Health and Healthcare, General Management in Healthcare, Operations Management in Healthcare, Healthcare Analytics, and Competitive Strategy and Leadership in Healthcare.

10. Revenue Cycle and Healthcare Finance - Rev Cycle Ready

Offered by Udemy, this is one of the top healthcare management short courses online. This hospital administration certificate course will equip students with the concepts of Revenue Cycle, Healthcare Finance, Pivot Tables, Root Cause Analysis, Big Data Analysis, and Healthcare Analytics. This online health care management course also teaches about Healthcare Billing Data, Healthcare Administration, Revenue Management, Healthcare Data, and Big Data.

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Career After Online Hospital and Healthcare Management Courses

Online hospital and health care management courses are popular among students who wish to pursue a lucrative career in the hospital administration field. Pursuing these healthcare management courses in India opens a myriad of job opportunities in this field. The need for management experts in the healthcare industry is ever-increasing.

The average course fee for health care management courses in India varies between Rs 30,000 and Rs 4 lakhs. The average salary of a hospital management professional ranges between Rs 5 lakhs and Rs 8 lakhs p.a. after pursuing a hospital management course.

Hospital and Healthcare Management Job Options

Candidates can choose their desired job options after pursuing hospital related courses. All these job options after short term courses in hospital administration are mentioned below:

Hospital CEO - A Hospital CEO cares for the overall direction of the organisation as per the set standards. He or she ensures the flawless operation of the institute that he leads. Hospital CEOs are also involved in planning, staffing, budgeting, and creating and implementing policies.

Hospital CFO - This is one of the best job options after a certificate in hospital administration. A Chief Financial Officer is accountable for the financial resources of the organisation. He or she guarantees that the hospital runs the most cost-effectively. Hospital CFOs also plan and manage all the financial elements of the hospital.

Hospital Administrator - This is another one of the most sought-after career options after healthcare courses in India. The role of a Hospital Administration revolves around taking care of the daily operations of the organisation to coordinating, controlling, and arranging services according to the defined standards.

Health Inspector - After pursuing healthcare certificate courses, you can find this career option most suitable for you. A health inspector is a professional who oversees standard health and sanitation conditions. He or she also visits various food facilities and public health nuisances to scrutinise and inspect the standard safety measures regularised by state government authority.

Healthcare Finance Managers - They work under the guidance of the CFO. The routine financial operations are handled under their purview. They closely monitor the company’s spending plans and utilise financial analysis skills to keep the business solvent and healthy. This is amongst the top job options after completing courses in healthcare management.

Chief Nursing Officer - Amongst the top job options after hospital administration certifications is Chief Nursing Officer. A chief nursing officer fulfills various regulatory duties in addition to providing hands-on patient care. Chief Nursing Officers may also manage finances, and implement treatment plans, alongside other duties.

Hospital and Healthcare Management Salary Trends

After completing online courses in healthcare management, you will explore numerous employment opportunities with great salary potential. The Hospital and Healthcare Management salary may vary depending on the Hospital and Healthcare Management job profiles, experience level, employer, location, and many other factors.

Mentioned below are the Hospital and Healthcare Management salary trends based on different Hospital and Healthcare Management job profiles.

Job Profile
Average Salary (Annual)
Healthcare Administrator
Rs 486,961
Health Program Director
Rs 1,800,000
Healthcare Manager
Rs 505,652
Chief Nursing Officer
Rs 545,000
Clinical Project Manager
Rs 1,024,085
Medical Affairs Manager
Rs 1,239,185

Source of the Salary: PayScale

Online Health Care Management Certification Courses By Top Providers


These are the top online courses in hospital management offered by online learning platforms and institutions worldwide which include hospital training certificate courses to short term courses in hospital administration. Pursuing these certificate in healthcare management can take your career to a greater height.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

1. Is MBA or an MHA the better choice for courses in hospital management?

An MBA offers general training in organization administration. An MHA emphasizes healthcare management. MHA candidates are usually trainees who plan to construct a profession within the world of healthcare. So both are ideal courses in hospital management.

2. What salary I can get after completing an MBA in hospital management?

As a beginner with an MBA in Healthcare Management, you may be offered around Rs 5 lakhs p.a. With skills and experience, this can go up to Rs 20 lakhs p.a.

3. What are the subjects covered in MBA Hospital Management?

Some important MBA Hospital Management subjects are Strategic Management in Healthcare, Managing Quality in Healthcare, and Health Communication, Planning and Management.

4. What is the work of Hospital Management graduates?

Healthcare courses in India prepare graduates to collaborate with the health services of a hospital. They enhance the efficiency of care, keep up-to-date on new laws, represent the facility at governing boards, and arrange the records of facility services. Candidates will be able to learn directly from hospital administration courses after 12th.

5. Can online courses in hospital management lead to good careers in India?

Any kind of hospital management certificate course can help you achieve two things- service to mankind and thus a rewarding job. The second thing is good career growth with handsome salaries. The demand for healthcare administrators is growing exponentially along with the hospital administration courses after 12th.

6. Is an MBA in Healthcare worth it?

Having an MBA in hospital and healthcare management provides great industry exposure with lucrative remuneration. A graduate with an MBA in hospital administration and healthcare management can work in both private and public sector organisations. This can be done after one pursues hospital management courses after 12th.

7. What jobs can I pursue after online courses in hospital management?

With an MBA in Health care management, and hospital management courses after 12th, you can pursue roles such as Policy Advisor, Hospital Administrator, Health Services Manager, and many others.

8. What is the distinction between Healthcare administration and Healthcare management?

Healthcare management deals with supervising the direction of a healthcare facility or system, organisation-wide efforts, and "broad view" requirements. Healthcare administration, on the other hand, concentrates on private departments and budgeting plans, daily operations, and staffing.

9. What are the duties of a Hospital Administrator?

Hospital Administrators are responsible for organising and managing the health services and daily activities of a hospital or healthcare centre. They handle staff and budgets, interact between departments, and ensure adequate client care amongst other duties. All this can be learned after hospital management courses after 12th.

10. Can I pursue these hospital management courses after 12th?

For a master's degree in Hospital Administration, you will need a bachelor's (in any stream). The Indian Society of Health Administrators (ISHA) provides one-year courses in hospital administration and nursing administration.

11. How do Hospital Management Systems work?

The hospital management system is integrated software that handles different instructions for clinic workflows. It handles smooth healthcare efficiency along with administrative, medical, financial, and legal control. This is crucial for the effective operation of the healthcare facility.

12. What are some of the best certification courses in hospital management?

Some of the most popular health care courses in India are Certified Coding Specialist Physician-Based (CCS-P); Certified Patient Care Technician (CPCT); Certified EKG Technician (CET); Certified Phlebotomy Technician (CPT); and more.


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Questions related to Health Care Management

Have a question related to Health Care Management ?

Hello aspirant,

After completing the GNM course, you are qualified to enroll for the MBA (hospital management courses), as the GNM course is regarded as being comparable to graduation. The applicant must have earned their diploma with a strong academic record in order to enroll for the MBA program.

For MBA admissions, you must take one of the entry exams listed below:

  • CAT- Common Admission Test
    MAT- Management Aptitude Test
    XAT- XLRI Aptitude Test
    FMS- Faculty of Management Studies Entrance Test
    GMAT- Graduate Management Aptitude Test

Thank you

Hope it helps you

Hi aspirant...!

Hope you're doing great...!

So, with regard of you're query. If you have at least 50% in your graduation class and at least one to two years of experience in it, you can apply for a postgraduate diploma in health care and management after earning a BSc in medicine.

The following are the eligibility requirements for PG Health Care and Management:

Students with an MBBS, BAMS, BDS, BEMS, B. PT, or B. OT degree who have completed their studies with a minimum grade point average of 50% are eligible.

Students with degrees in BMM, B. Com, B. Sc, BA, or biomedical engineering who have at least a 50 percent grade point average and one to two years of experience are eligible to apply.

Graduates of the General Nursing and Midwifery (GNM) diploma program may also enroll for this course if they have 50 percent of the required marks and five consecutive

years working in the healthcare sector. The candidates must have experience that was gained in the years immediately before to the start of the program, and they must be employed at the time that they apply for the course.

Further, you can click the link below to learn more about the PG health care and management in detail:

Hope this will helps you...!


Hey bright thinker!!

Its a great effort to show your interest towards MBA in Healthcare Management course, in India there is AIHMS scholarship for M.B.A in Healthcare Management students offering a hefty sum of amount, in foreign countries there is availability of Campus Safety, Health, and Environmental Management Association (CSHEMA) Scholarship Award or Albert. W. Dent Scholarship or there are scholarship in Germany known as DAAD Scholarship for Fully funded MBA courses.

Hope it helps you!!

Hello Payal,

Best MBA in Health Care Management Colleges in India along with their fees structure is given below.

1. Dr BR Ambedkar Open University

Total Course Fees: Rs. 2,40,000

2. K J Somaiya Institute of Management, Mumbai

Total Course Fees: Rs. 1,868,876

3. Ahalia School of Management, Palakkad

Total Course Fees: Rs. 2,50,000

4. Asia-Pacific Institute of Management, New Delhi

Total Course Fees: Rs. 8,75,000

5. CT University, Ludhiana

Total Course Fees: Rs. 2,02,000

To get more information about MBA in Health Care Management Colleges in India go through below mentioned link.

Coming to Scholarship, it is difficult to say about it because Scholarship eligibility varies from State to State. Mostly States offers Scholarship for some reservation Category candidates.

I hope this information helps you.

All The Best!!

hello there

Here I have listed below the list of  health care management colleges

  • KJ SIMSR - K J Somaiya Institute of Management
  • School of Management Studies, University of Hyderabad, Hyderabad
  • Dr BR Ambedkar Open University, Hyderabad
  • Jamia Hamdard, New Delhi
  • HITS Chennai - Hindustan Institute of Technology and Science
  • MITSOM Pune - MIT School of Management
  • Ajeenkya DY Patil University, Pune
  • Integral University, Lucknow
  • Manipal University (MAHE) - Manipal Academy of Higher Education
  • KSOM Bhubaneswar - KIIT School of Management
  • Sharda University, Greater Noida

For more further information check the link given below


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