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11 Best Short Term Job Oriented Courses

11 Best Short Term Job Oriented Courses

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With the increase in demand for job-relevant skills, individuals nowadays are taking short term job oriented courses online that certify them. The skill gap is the major reason for not getting the right job option, regardless of business type and size. Recruiters now prefer professionals who have completed short-term job-oriented courses on specific skill sets. Enrolling in the best short term job oriented courses after 12th will help upgrade your skills while enabling you to understand your passion.

Short term certificate courses provide students with proper guidance for specific career choices and increase the chances of getting job options. Students at different levels of education will find short time courses that suit them. These short term job oriented courses after a degree come with great career prospects and salary potential.

Some of the careers that students can explore after online short term courses after graduation are AI Developer, Blockchain Developer, JavaScript Developer, Digital Marketing Specialist, Back-End Developer, ML Engineer, Data Scientist, and many more. With the proliferation of online course providers, students have many short term courses with high salaries after graduation in India.

What are Job Oriented Short Term Courses?

These are short time courses after 12th that focus mainly on practical skills that are required for specific careers in the fields of healthcare, technology, and business. These offer hands-on learning so that you can handle real-life situations. These short job related short term courses will offer deep knowledge from projects, simulations, interactive exercises and other tools that are required in the specific fields.

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Best Job Oriented Short Term Courses

Let us explore the top job-oriented courses list that you can check and take the one that suits you best.

1. Business Accounting and Taxation

Business accounting and taxes are explicitly designed to help students become skilled accountants. This includes hands-on accounting and tax experience. This one of the job-oriented short courses after 12th will not only train students for a job but also provide them with a realistic exhibitor to progress in their career as an accountant and tax specialist. This short term course for the job will also cover different payroll policies, final statements, and MIS reporting.

2. Digital Marketing Courses

Communication platforms and social media have become the most important for all modern traditional marketing. All business functions include digital marketing. That is why individuals require the basic knowledge and techniques widely used in digital marketing.

A digital marketing certification is one of the most cost-effective course that can provide useful skills. This short time course for jobs will equip students with SEO strategy, web analytics, and affiliate marketing. There are many skill courses after 12th in digital marketing with varied durations such as 1 month, 2 months, 3 months, and the like.

Popular Providers Offering Online Digital Marketing Certification Courses

3. Business Analytics Courses

Whether you are in Finance, Logistics, Sales and Marketing, or Planning, you will be in touch with large sets of data every day. Business analytics courses are short term courses with high salaries that will give learners ways to make sense of all existing data on every form of business.

Business Analytics uses techniques and methods like pattern matching, data mining, and data visualization to predict and maximise data performance and value. In these job oriented short-term courses with high salary after 12th, students will learn summarised data and market basket analysis.

Popular Providers Offering Online Business Analytics Certification Courses

4. Machine Learning Courses

As a fast-emerging technology, Machine Learning holds strong market demand. With a machine learning certification, students will become a great asset to prospective employers as this short term course for jobs will equip them with domain expertise and necessary skills.

With these job oriented short term courses with high salary after 12th, students enter the promising landscape of Artificial Intelligence. Students can find various short courses with job placement in machine learning and online courses that offer immediate jobs in this field.

Popular Providers Offering Online Machine Learning Certification Courses

5. Java Courses

Java is an object-oriented language that allows an individual to construct real-world applications. Software-based Java technology works on almost every device. Being a widely revered language all over the world, pursuing Java courses provides lucrative job opportunities with handsome salary packages.

Java Developer, JAVA Webmaster Software, Computer Programmer, and Software Developer are some of the job roles students will explore after completing these job-oriented short-term courses in Java Development. Moreover, students can even opt for government free online courses with certificates for this specialisation.

Popular Providers Offering Online Java Certification Courses

6. Data Visualization Courses

One of the best short term courses with high salary in India is Data Visualization. Students can find from a 1-month course with certificate to 6 months job oriented courses after 12th and 3 months courses after 12th in this field. These best online courses for jobs will help them understand the key concepts and techniques in Tableau to switch from basic to complex visualisations.

They will also learn how to integrate them into interactive dashboards. These are considered to be the best online job-oriented courses after graduation if anyone wants to go deeper into the data world.

Popular Providers Offering Online Data Visualization Certification Courses

7. Big Data and Hadoop Courses

Looking for the best short term courses after 12th or online job oriented courses after graduation? Big Data courses are the best job oriented courses after degree courses for you. Big Data is a concept that describes a lot of information that is both organised and unstructured.

Big Data Hadoop certification courses will lead students to make informed decisions and strategic business moves. Hadoop is a software platform for the collection and analysis of Big Data. It is an open-source tool based on the Java platform and focuses on improved data processing efficiency on commodity hardware clusters.

Popular Providers Offering Online Big Data Hadoop Certification Courses

8. Financial Planning Courses

Another one of the best professional courses with job placement is the Certified Financial Planner certification. These career-oriented courses provide the skills needed to tackle the financial services challenges. These job-oriented courses after a degree are for all individuals who fulfill the standards of education, evaluation, practice, and ethics.

9. Networking Hardware and Security Courses

These are some of the best short-term courses with high salaries for those who wish to enter the networking and security field. Individuals can pursue these career-oriented courses in BCA, MCA, B.Sc, and M.Sc degrees and find lucrative job opportunities in national and international companies.

10. Data Science Courses

These courses are high in demand since companies require data scientists to analyse data and find actionable insights. Online data science courses with certifications will offer skills in topics like data analytics, programming, data management, programming, and data visualization. Some of the most popular platforms that offer data science courses are Courser, IBM, Coursera, and more.

Popular Providers Offering Online Data Science Certification Courses

11. Project Management Courses

If you are someone who can multitask in tough situations without losing their calm then project management online courses are ideal. Project management deals with the application of strategies, and expertise to finish a project based on a particular set of criteria.

Popular Providers Offering Online Project Management Certification Courses

Why Enrol in Job Oriented Courses?

Before opting into professional job oriented courses professionals are faced with doubts regarding why they should invest time and money in these best short term courses with high salary in India. Career oriented courses provide learners with an edge over their competitors, take control of their learning, and enhance their learning journey.

Below are some pros of taking up online job courses, and six months diploma courses after graduation.

High Salary

High salaried jobs require better skills, and that is where the best job oriented courses come into action. Different technical roles for which companies hire individuals and pay good salaries require skills that are not present in the traditional form of any curriculum-oriented studies. The best online courses for jobs like Business Analytics Courses, Python Courses, and Blockchain Courses may help learners earn lucrative salaries.

Better Career Opportunities

When an individual learns a new skill, new career opportunities increase for the individual. Pursuing short courses after 12th or short term courses after graduation will open numerous career paths associated with the courses that students have studied.

Practical Knowledge:

There are many reputed educational providers and online learning platforms that offer professional six-month courses after graduation to get a job along with the opportunity to apply the knowledge in real-life projects. Individuals can take IT short courses with job placement to improve their knowledge of current technologies and technological developments.

Points to Consider When Opting for Short-Term Job-Oriented Courses

When considering 1-year job oriented courses after 12th, there are several essential points to remember so that professional growth is bang on with the expectations of the students. Here are some key points to consider when selecting short term courses with high salaries.

Identifying and Setting Goals

Clearly define whatever career goals you have and identify the gaps that have been stopping the process. Students must wisely select a course that helps them acquire the skills necessary and aligns with their career aspirations.

Institution Credibility

Candidates may choose courses that are offered by reputable and accredited institutions. One has to check the institution’s reputation, reviews, and success stories. Also, students must look for industry-recognised short certificate courses which can build value to their resume and improve their job prospects.

Course Curriculum

Review the course curriculum to understand the topics and skills covered. Ensure it addresses the skills you want to develop and provides practical training and hands-on experience. Then choose the best short time courses after 12th.

Practical Training

The courses offered by different online providers will be ideal if they offer practical training along with real-world projects that allow practical exposure. These short term courses after graduation will help in building the confidence and competence of students while securing placement.


Look into the qualifications and experience of the instructors and faculty members who will be teaching the course. Experienced and knowledgeable instructors can significantly impact the quality of your learning experience.

Can Job-Oriented Short-Term Courses Replace College Degrees?

Whether or not job-oriented courses are worthy of pursuing and if it is going to replace degrees varies from one person to another. What future requirements do you have in mind or what job opportunities you are looking for must be taken into consideration. With job-oriented short-term courses, you can gain knowledge related to the required latest technologies.

Colleges are more on the expensive side when it comes to the cost of the courses whereas short-term job-oriented courses are much cheaper. Pursuing both of these is going to be helpful in the long run. Some short term courses for women can help restart their careers after a break.

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These are some of the top short term courses to get a job. If an individual is equipped with the necessary skills and able to use them in the right way, he will have great career opportunities ahead. These courses in India can be completed in a short period with a small investment of money.

Short term courses for ladies prove to be more effective while applying for a job in any industry because having specific skills is sought by all recruiters. These short term professional courses also help one to improve the skills required for the job market.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

1. What are job oriented skills?

Job-oriented skills will help you in your work. Some job-oriented skills include relationship-building, listening, communication skills, time management, product awareness, demonstration, and negotiation skills. These skills can be obtained from the best short term courses.

2. What are some degree courses that I should take along with these short term courses with high salary?

B.E., B. Tech, or BCA are some degrees that you can take before or along with these short term job oriented courses after 12th science.

3. How much I can earn after completing these short 3 month courses?

After completing the best short term courses with high salary, you can get great salary packages. However, it depends on the job profile, employer, location, and other factors. You can get an average salary of Rs 40,000 to Rs 3 lakhs per annum after completing short term courses after 12th.

4. Are job oriented courses available online?

There are numerous online short term courses with high salary that you can pursue from anywhere. Many institutes and universities provide online job-oriented short time courses

5. Why choose online job oriented courses after graduation?

The advantages of the short term courses after graduation are that they allow you to acquire practical knowledge, and ensure work after completion. Understanding its significance, many universities and colleges have taken measures to make the degree courses more academic realistic, and work-oriented.

6. What are some short term job oriented courses after 12th?

You can opt for a diploma in areas like digital marketing, business analytics, big data, and more. These are all great options for short term job oriented courses after 12th.

7. How can I get admission to job oriented short term courses?

You can go to the official website of the course provider. As most of these best course for job are online, you can easily apply for them from the comfort of your home.

8. Which course is best for job?

When you upskill, it opens up different kinds of opportunities for your career. So, read this article carefully to understand the best short term courses for a job.


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