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Top Free Excel Online Courses to Pursue

Top Free Excel Online Courses to Pursue

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Excel is one of the most widely used and powerful tools for data analysis, visualisation and manipulation. Whether you want to use Excel for personal or professional purposes, you can benefit from learning Excel skills and techniques that can help you work more efficiently and effectively. There are many free excel courses online that can help you learn Excel online for free and get certified. In this article, we will discuss some of the best free online Excel courses with certificate that you can enrol in today. We will also give you some tips on how to choose the best free Excel courses with certificate for your needs and goals.

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Importance of Learning Free Excel Courses With Certificate

As the most versatile software tool, Excel is used for various business applications. It enables usees to analyse data, and visualise and manipulate it. Whether you are seeking to use Excel for personal projects or professional pursuits, acquiring Excel skills can significantly enhance your efficiency and effectiveness. Gaining knowledge of Excel through free Excel courses with certificates and excel free online courses offers an opportunity to empower yourself with valuable skills that are in high demand across various industries.

Best Free Online Excel Courses with Certificate

Excel courses online free provide you with the ability to deal with data analytics concepts like data visualisation, data wrangling, and more. With free online Excel courses with certificates, you can create graphs and presentations using crucial Excel functions and formulas. Below, we have mentioned some of the best free online Excel courses with certificate that you can enrol in right now.

Excel for Beginners by Great Learning

This is one of the best free Excel courses with certificate offered by Great Learning. In this free excel certification course, you will learn the basics of Excel, data analysis, pivot tables, charts, formulas and functions, and more. You will be taught different functions like Average, Median, Max, Count, and others used in descriptive statistics throughout this free advanced Excel course. After completing this one of the free online Excel courses with certificate, you will earn a certificate of completion that you can share on your social media and showcase your skills.

Excel for Beginners Course by Davidson College via edX

Offered by Davidson College via edX, this is another one of the free excel courses with certificate. This excel free certification course equips you with Excel skills and techniques such as data cleaning, data manipulation, data visualisation, conditional formatting, VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, and more. You can also earn a globally recognised certificate after completing this amongst the top free excel courses online with certificate.

Introduction to Spreadsheets and Models by The Wharton School, Philadelphia via Coursera

This one of the most popular Excel courses online free is offered by The Wharton School, Philadelphia. This free Excel certification course will teach you about topics such as business analytics, dashboard creation, macros, financial modelling, VBA, and more. You can also earn a certificate of completion or a specialisation certificate after finishing this Excel course online free with certificate.

Excel for Intermediate Level by Great Learning

This amongst the best free Excel courses with certificate for is designed for beginners. With this Excel free certification course, you will develop the skills essential to make the most effective use of Microsoft Excel. This Excel free online course will take your Microsoft Excel skills to the next level. Building upon the foundational knowledge of Excel, this one of the best free online Excel courses with certificates delves deeper into the software's capabilities, making it ideal for individuals who are already familiar with basic Excel functions and want to become more proficient users.

Reproducible Research By Johns Hopkins via Coursera

In this one of the best Excel courses online, you will learn to organise data analysis to help make it more reproducible. You will be able to write up a reproducible data analysis using knitr and determine the reproducibility of analysis project. This amongst the top online Excel courses with certificate free contains 4 modules focusing on literate statistical analysis tools. After completing this advanced Excel course online free, you will earn a certificate that you can share on your social media account to exhibit your skills.

Analyzing Data with Excel by IBM

This free excel certification course offered by IBM on the edX platform is a valuable resource for individuals looking to enhance their data analysis skills using Microsoft Excel, a widely used and accessible tool. This course is designed to help learners develop a deeper understanding of Excel's data analysis capabilities and how to leverage them effectively.

Online Excel Certification Courses by Top Providers

Skills You Will Gain With The Best Excel Courses With Certificate

By enrolling in these free Excel courses with certificate, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of skills and techniques. These Excel courses online free will equip you with a diverse range of knowledge, including:

Foundational Excel Concepts: With an Excel course online with certificate, you will explore the basics of Excel, comprehend data structures, and grasp the essentials of navigating this dynamic software.

Data Analysis: Learn about data trends, gaining insights through comprehensive analysis, and utilising functions like pivot tables with a free advanced Excel course and free Excel certification course.

Charts and Visualisations: Learn how to transform raw data into compelling visual representations, harnessing charts to convey your findings effectively with an Excel free online course.

Formulas and Functions: Gain an understanding of formulas and functions, discover how to streamline calculations and automate tasks by enrolling in a free advanced Excel course.

Certification Credentials: Upon completion of each free Excel certification course course, you will earn a certificate that not only validates your proficiency but also serves as a testament to your commitment to learning Excel.

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How to Choose the Best Free Excel Courses With Certificate?

Choosing the best free online Excel courses with certificates is a daunting task. There are various factors you should consider when choosing how to learn excel online free. To help you with this, we have mentioned below some of the tips to make the better decision on the best free Excel courses with certificate.

Choose the Right Level of Expertise: Gauge your current familiarity with Excel and opt for a course that aligns with your skill level—whether you are a novice seeking to grasp the fundamentals or an experienced user striving to advance your capabilities. This is one of the factors to consider when choosing the best Excel courses online with certificate.

Align with Learning Objectives: Identify your learning objectives and aspirations. If your goal is to excel in business analysis, seek out the best Excel course online with certificate that emphasise data analysis, formula manipulation, pivot tables, and chart interpretation. If financial modelling is your aim, look for courses covering topics like financial statements, valuation methods, and scenario analysis.

Tailor to Your Learning Style: Personalise your learning experience by selecting the Excel course online with certificate that complements your preferred learning style. Whether you learn best through hands-on projects, video lectures, demonstrations, or text-based materials, there are various best free Excel courses with certificate that suit your unique preferences.

Budget Considerations: Consider your budget as you evaluate your options. While free Excel courses online with certificate offer an accessible entry point, keep in mind that paid Excel courses might provide more comprehensive content or higher quality. Weigh the advantages and disadvantages to determine the best fit for your needs.


As you have the details of the best free Excel courses with certificate, choose the one to learn excel online for free and fulfil your career goals. These excel courses online free are offered by top institutes and online learning platforms worldwide. You can advance you skills and knowledge in Excel and take you presentation to the next level by enrolling in these best online Excel courses with certificate free.

You can also find many other online Excel courses with certificate free or paid that can help you learn more about Excel or other data analysis tools. You should choose the best Excel courses with certificate, from a beginner to advanced excel course online free with certificate, that match your level of expertise, learning objectives, learning style and budget.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

1. Are Excel skills in demand?

Excel skills are highly sought after in all industries, including sales, marketing, and finance.

2. Is it hard to learn Excel online for free?

Excel as a program can be challenging to learn and master, especially for beginners without prior experience in managing data or spreadsheets. However, grasping the basics is a first step.

3. What are the professions that use Microsoft Excel?

Project Managers, Accountants, Administrative Assistants, Journalists, and Digital Marketing Executives are among the professionals who frequently use Microsoft Excel in their respective roles.

4. What are the five fundamental Excel skills?

The five basic Excel skills are data entry and formatting, formulas and functions, charts and graphs, data sorting and filtering, and pivot tables. You can learn these skills with the best free Excel courses with certificate online.

5. Is an online Excel free certification course adequate for a job?

While Excel proficiency is valuable, it is often just one aspect of the skills needed for a job. Additional skills and qualifications are usually required to secure a job.


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