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Account Manager Job Description & Roles and Responsibilities

Account Manager Job Description & Roles and Responsibilities

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An Account Manager is a professional individual appointed to create and maintain a link between customer and the respective organisation. He or she makes sures that the requirements and expectations of the clients are being fulfilled while maintaining a strong bond with them. An account manager handles negotiations, solves problems and searches for new business opportunities.

Account Manager Job Description

An Account Manager role is to act as primary contact for the clients with the organisation, through which he or she can address their demands, queries and ensure their satisfaction. An account manager is required to develop strategies for sustaining and expanding the current client base

He or she monitors the ongoing accounts performance and reviews them regularly. One looks out for profitable trends running in the industry and consult clients accordingly. He or she also handles the problems of the clients and is supposed to solve the issues with keeping the customers needs in check.

Account Manager Duties

An Account Manager's goal is to maximise client satisfaction and retention, while simultaneously managing organisation’s account to increase the revenue and achieving organisational goals.An account manager plays a major role in a firm's growth and success. Some of the important Account Manager Duties have been mentioned below:

Client Relationship Management: An account manager cultivates and maintains the client and firm relationship. One is required to understand the needs of the client and works towards providing them a highly satisfactory and comfortable experience. He or she needs to ensure the client retention for future business and transactions. This is one of the key Account Manager Duties that the individual has to carry out.

Strategic Planning: An account manager connects with the clients and understands their business objectives and then makes strategic plans to match the organisation’s offering accordingly. One has to make sure the plans are such that both the firm and the clients are in a profitable situation.

Feedback Collection: An Account Manager is responsible for the collection of feedback of the clients on the goods and services and then share it with the responsible department to work towards continuous development and improvement. This is a continuous responsibility and requires effective communication from an account manager.

Reporting Analysis: An Account manager analyses the performance of the strategies implied and prepares reports regarding the reward gained and identifying the areas of improvement. The reports prepared are essential and helpful in research and improves the overall customer service and satisfaction. This is another one of the important Account Manager duties that the individual has to discharge.

Job Hierarchy of an Account Manager

An Account Manager is a position one achieves after working as an account coordinator, account executive and junior account manager. This requires a lot of experience and brilliant field knowledge. One can also achieve more down the line and reach the higher job titles which are mentioned below:-

Senior Account Manager: The additional role of a senior account manager is to tap on new client bases. One has to communicate with upper level departments and sales departments to figure out the shortcomings and assist them in developing better and effective pitches to the clients.

Account Director: An Account Director acts as a mentor to account managers. One is responsible for handling high level cases of dissatisfaction among clients or a steep decrease in clients. He or she helps the account manager in making important decisions.

Client Director: A Client Director is the top most position for a professional to achieve in the field of account management. He or she introduces new policies and technology in the department for improving client relationships and smooth coordination. One approves the deliverables offered to the clients and reviews all policies being produced.

Account Manager Qualification

An Account Manager is a job for which a candidate is required to be knowledgeable about multiple fields. He or she must have a bachelor's degree in marketing, business, or a related field. One needs to complete the 10+2 in the Commerce stream with a minimum aggregate of 50 per cent from a recognised board.

After finishing a bachelor's degree, one can either opt for an entry-level job position or opt for a master’s degree programme to get higher-level job positions. Below, we have mentioned the bachelor’s degree, and master’s degree programmes.

Bachelor’s Degree Programmes

Master’s Degree Programmes

Account Manager Skills

An Account Manager must have an array of skills to deal with day to day tasks. One is trusted with a variety of tasks such as managing client relationships, strategies planning, problem solving, feedback management. Some of these skills can be learned through training and some are mastered with experience. Some of the skills required are listed below :-

  • Communication skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Organisational skills
  • Problem solving skills
  • Adaptability

Top Recruiters

An account manager is an important link between clients and the company. He or she ensures the satisfaction of clients and success of the product strategies implemented. Hence it is an important position in any of the firms , making it a desirable profile for many big companies.

Following are the top recruiting companies for an account manager.

  • ICICI Bank
  • Bharti Airtel
  • Amazon
  • Zomato
  • Dell

Account Manager Salary by Top Recruiters

Account manager being an essential role in any kind of firm attracts a lot of recruiters. Majorly account managers are in demand in the firms of the customer account industry. An average salary of an account manager is Rs. 8.7 lakhs per annum.

Top RecruitersSalaries


Rs. 9.5 lakhs


Rs. 12 lakhs

Bharti Airtel

Rs. 5.1 lakhs


Rs. 8.9 lakhs


Rs 10.7 lakhs

Source :- Ambitionbox

Note: The salary figures mentioned anywhere in these articles are just for reference purposes. Actual salaries may vary depending on respective candidates, employer, job location and numerous other factors.


An Account Manager is an essential role in any company, responsible for the client relationships and looking for growth opportunities. This is a high skill, qualifications and experience demanding job. This job also pays Rs. 8-9 lakhs per annum on average. It also has constant demand among top multinational companies.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

1. What does an Account Manager need to know ?

An Account Manager should possess in depth information on the products and services of the company, in order to satisfy the customer's doubts and requirements.

2. Who manages account managers ?

Account Managers are directly managed by an Account Director or Agency Director.

3. What is the highest salary for an account manager?

The highest salary one can earn by working as an account manager is Rs.16 lakhs per annum (approx).

4. What industry is an account manager ?

Account Manager is a part of the Customer Accounts Industry.

5. Is Account Manager in demand?

Jobs for an Account Manager are becoming popular day by day as it is growing at 4 percent higher than the average.


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