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How to become a Successful Vlogger

How to become a Successful Vlogger

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After watching so many vlogs of various niches it is quite obvious that you are planning to start your own. But pursuing it as a full-time career is not a cake walk. You must be typing how to become a vlogger on your search browser to get all the tips and tricks. Do you want to become a vlogger? The trend of being a vlogger starts from YouTube. Those who share vlogs on YouTube are also known as YouTubers.

How to become a Successful Vlogger
How to become a Successful Vlogger

Vloggers are the celebrities of the Internet. The world wide web has made them reach everywhere around the world with their content.

What is a Vlog?

A Vlog is a video log or blog in the form of video. A vlog can be considered as your own channel that streams on the internet. You produce its content and more presumably you are starred (or your pet dog.

There are numerous platforms other than YouTube where you can create your own vlogging channel and publish content such as Instagram or Twitch. The format of the vlog is a Video and publishing medium is web. You need a genre for your vlog, It could be in instructional, performance art, comedy or documentary. A Vlog usually has video,video plus text, images or other fun features.

The primary purpose of the vlog is to entertain or inform the audience. A vlog can be shot in one go or multiple shots and clips that need to be further edited well. You need to scroll and read the entire article to learn how to be a successful vlogger.

Here is your guide of how to become a successful Vlogger. Yes, it does not involve any rocket science to become a successful vlogger.

Here, we provided you 6 easy steps to become a Vlogger on YouTube

Start your vlogging journey by shooting with a handycam or camera usually equipped with a tripod or a drone for a panoramic view.

Step 1: Create your own channel on YouTube by signing up.

Step 2: Shoot a Vlog or short video

Step 3: Edit your video and upload it.

Step 4: Share the link of your video with your friend, family, and social groups to keep promoting it

Step 5: Monetise your Vlog

You need to plan your vlog with a specific genre to target the audience accordingly. It helps to categorise the target audience that you want to attract. It is not necessary to stay glued with the same topic for a vlog. You can mix and match with different styles. The blog must revolve around the main theme as per the channel depicts.

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Different Categories of Vlog

YouTubers not only earn a huge fan following through their videos but also earn through views and monetise advertisements on the channel. YouTube has given a platform to individuals to showcase their talents in various forms of arts such as dance, singing, stand up comedy, drama, beauty vlogs, review vlogs and others.

Product Review Vlogs

Most consumers research about the product before making an action to buy it. They prefer to see what is inside the box and how it looks. Vlogs that provide such information about the product with genuine reviews get a good amount of traffic. Subscribers of such channels usually come back whenever another such review vlog is posted.

Humour and Pranks Vlog

Another popular category is humour and prank. A funny video relieves the stress of each and everyone. As it is said that ‘Laughter is the best medicine’. It is indeed true. No one would really want to miss their laughing dose. It is the most popular and easy to make vlog. It gets the most shares by people as it makes them laugh and no one resists sharing smiles. There is not any specific formula of how to become a famous vlogger but choosing a niche in which you can excel definitely helps.

Body, Fashion and Fitness Vlog

Mostly the youngsters love watching fashion vlogs. Today’s youth is freaking about the fitness of their body. Whether it is hitting out gyms or following a diet chart with a number of daily exercises to shed weight or build muscles, the vlogs garner huge traffic on it. You suddenly become the idol of the audiences, they start looking up to you for more tips.

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Learning Vlog

Students come on YouTube at times for a tutorial or a career guidance vlog. If you are an expert at something or can create content after an in-depth research. Then, this category might be the right choice for you. The subscribers eager to learn or get informed may soon become your subscribers, and the number will keep growing with lots of likes, views and shares. Such types of vlogs are watched so frequently.

To start as a Vlogger, the most important thing is to have knowledge about some editing skills. In this section we will talk about the popular editing applications.

Top Editing Applications

  • Imovies from Apple Iphones
  • Splice from GoPro
  • Final Cut Pro for Complex editing
  • HitFilm (Free Version)
  • Soundcloud to Sync Music

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You need to work on your skills and stay focused. It is not a cakewalk to get popular in a day with a single content. You need to be consistent to ace the right fan following on the internet. If you are searching for how to be a vlogger and get paid, then you must know your own vlog could turn out to be the main source of the income. You need to have patience. Coming up with exciting content, increasing the reach or number of subscribers will help you to make it big on the internet. You can make a lot of money by monetising the vlog.

Top Vlog Platforms

YouTube is the most popular user-generated video content platform. Besides, there are some other platforms that provide opportunities to content vloggers. You can grow tremendously on these platforms also.

  • Facebook
  • Facebook Live
  • Instagram Stories
  • Instagram Live
  • IGTV
  • Vimeo
  • Twitch
  • Flickr

Try out these video formats to increase your reach based on your target audience. These platforms provide you a huge audience and an opportunity to go viral and become an Influencer on the internet.

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You need to stay focused and consistent in creating the content to target the right audience. Work on your editing skills. You need to learn to do voice over and editing videos to make your vlogs look professional. Learning SEO Skills and using hashtags may turn out to be beneficial for you. Hope, we have provided you with all the knowledge of how to become vlogger.


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