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Software Engineering Salary in India [Average & Highest Salary]

Software Engineering Salary in India [Average & Highest Salary]

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A Software Engineer plays a crucial role in software design and development. He or she provides support to implement and develop ideas or ways to acquire functionality in the software as it is created by the software design team. The engineering professional works in close coordination with designers and programmers. He or she provides designers with the necessary support to consolidate disparate program functions in a unified manner. A Software Engineer helps programmers and coders to map out various mapping tasks and smaller functions. It is further combined into larger functioning programs or new features for the software.

Software Engineering Salary in India [Average & Highest Salary]
Software Engineering Salary in India [Average & Highest Salary]

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Software Engineer Education Requirements

Software Engineer is one of the most demanding careers in the industry. Aspirants are required to fulfill the minimum education requirements to pursue a full-time Software Engineer career. The minimum required qualification to become a Software Engineer is the successful completion of any undergraduate course in Computer Engineering, Software Engineering, Computer Science, Information Technology, Electronics, and Communication Engineering.

Undergraduate: B.Tech. in Computer Science, B.Tech. in Computer Engineering, B.Tech. in Software Engineering, B.Tech. in Information Technology, B.Tech. in ECE

Postgraduate: M.Tech. in Computer Science, M.Tech. in Computer Engineering, M.Tech. in Software Engineering, M.Tech. in Information Technology, M.Tech. in ECE

Software Engineer Career Outlook

Software Engineers job opportunities are expected to grow with the advancement of information technology. Software Engineers not only design software programmes but also participate in the details of their development. Concerning the present times, the human population has started being familiar with information technology around the world with its growing importance in applications and web development. Software Engineer employment opportunities are robust in numerous industries.

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Software Engineer Skills

Having hands-on expertise in computer programming languages is crucial to becoming a Software Engineer. We have provided here details of major Software Engineer skills.


Java is utilised to produce software on multiple platforms without any requirement for recompilation. Java utilises syntax from C to C++. The Java code runs on all operating systems including Windows and Mac OS.

Java Script

JavaScript is utilised to perform complex tasks and it is incorporated into most web pages. The JavaScript programming language allows users to update content, operate multimedia, animate images, and store variables.


SQL stands for Structured Query Language. It is used to query, update, modify, delete, and insert data. It uses a number of commands to perform all such tasks. It is considered standard for the manipulation of data and relational database management. It is used to manage structured data.


C++ is perceived as an object-oriented, general-purpose programming language. It uses both low as well as high-level language. Virtually, all computer systems contain C++. C++ encompasses most C programmes without switching the source code. It manipulates texts, numbers, and other tasks.

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Python contains dynamic semantics, structures, typing, and binding that connects existing components. Python syntax is an easy-to-learn programming language. There is no compilation stage involved in it. It reduces the program maintenance time and enhances productivity.

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Software Engineer Salary

The average salary of a Software Engineer varies depending on various factors such as skills, qualifications, prior work experience, size, and structure of the employing organisation. The average Software Engineer salary in India is Rs. 591463 per annum.

Average Salary of Software Engineer in India


Average Salary

0 -1 Year

Rs. 446143

1 - 4 Years

Rs. 542397

5 - 9 Years

Rs. 946395

10 - 19 Years

Rs. 1566212

  • The average entry-level Software Engineer salary in India is Rs. 542397 per year

  • The average mid-level Software Engineer salary in India is Rs. 946395 per year

  • The average senior Software Engineer salary in India is Rs. 1566212 per year

Software Engineer employed at Gurugram, Haryana gets a 23.7 per cent higher salary than the national average. While Software Engineer are employed at 21.5 per cent higher salary than the national average.


The salary of software engineer in India per month is Rs. 43200 per month, according to Jobted. in.

Top Software Engineer Recruiters and Average Salary

Top CompaniesSoftware Engineer Salary

Google India

Rs 1174468 lakhs per annum

Tata Consultancy Services Limited

Rs 434468 lakhs per annum


Rs 514842 lakhs per annum


Rs 1328403 lakhs per annum


Rs 367401 lakhs per annum

HCL Technologies Limited

Rs 395595 lakhs per annum

Tech Mahindra Ltd

Rs 409240 lakhs per annum

JP Morgan & Co.

Rs 1259554 lakhs per annum


Rs 677343 lakhs per annum

Dell Inc.

Rs 870921 lakhs per annum



A Software Engineer is one of the most demanding careers in the IT industry. He or she is the one who brings life to the software design by adding functionality to it. He or she is the one behind the technological advancements in the IT industry. Having knowledge of programming languages and proficiency in coding is crucial for the role of Software Engineer. A Software Engineering salary in India varies depending on candidates’ skills, prior work experience, and the employing organisation.


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