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Data Analyst Salary in India for Fresher & Experienced

Data Analyst Salary in India for Fresher & Experienced

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Data plays a crucial role in making future predictions on industry trends which makes it quite helpful to make crucial business decisions. Data is everywhere. You might be amazed to know that on average 188 million emails are sent each minute. Around 4.5 million YouTube videos are watched and 18.1 million text messages are exchanged each minute. It means globally we generate around 2.5 quintillion bytes of data each day.

Data Analyst Salary in India for Fresher & Experienced
Data Analyst Salary in India for Fresher & Experienced

Data Analyst jobs are the most high-in-demand jobs around the world. The salary of Data Analyst is significantly higher than all the other software-related professions. The role of Data Analyst demands several skillsets. He or she is required to keep growing onwards and upwards as the fresher data analyst salary in India itself also starts from high.

The profession of Data Analyst involves the translation of numbers, statistics, and figures into simpler English that can easily be understood by everyone. Individuals who have the expertise and a high interest in subjects like mathematics, computer science, statistics, or business backgrounds have a high scope of succeeding in this career.

A Data Analyst career involves data mining and expertise in programming languages such as SQL, Python, and others. It is required to extract relevant insights from the data sets. He or she is required to channel ideas through visualisation and reports.

What do Data Analysts Do?

Being a Data Analyst, your role will involve collecting, storing, and interpreting data to transform it into valuable business insights. It can further be utilised to improve business operations to foster data-driven decision-making. Data Analysts are involved in parsing through data, analysis, and interpretation. It is done on analytical measures.

Data Analysts interpret the hidden information within large datasets and effectively communicate the same information to stakeholders such as colleagues, business and management teams, company partners, clients, and others. Due to rising demand, the salary of data analyst in India.

Skills Required To Become a Data Analyst

Business Skills: Understanding the variables of business in the Data Analyst career is crucial. A Data Analyst is required to bring a significant positive change both internally and externally. An understanding of the business model is quite necessary for this career. It also impacts the Data Analyst salary in India.

Mathematics Skills: Solving in a critical time with objective decision-making is crucial in the career as Data Analyst. It involves relying on the principles of Mathematics and Statistics. He or she is required to find patterns and segments to make future predictions on extracting the information based on historical data.

Technical Skills: A Data Analyst career involves identifying and solving problems utilising domain understanding and mathematical skills. He or she is required to go through data sets beyond the calculative abilities. A Data Analyst has to go through data sets that might seem beyond the calculative abilities. He or she replicates algorithms and business solutions at a large scale. It involves utilising several tools such as R, Python, SQL, and others.

Soft Skills: The profession of Data Analyst comes with the requirement of communicating the solution simply and understandably to stakeholders. For doing the same, Soft Skills are crucial. Utilising visualisation tools such as Tableau, QlikView, ggplot and others is crucial.

Data Analyst Annual Salary

The average data analyst salary for freshers in India varies depending on various factors such as skills, expertise, and geographical location of the employing organisation. The average Data analyst salary in India is Rs. 456759 per year.

Data Analyst Salary in India

ExperienceAnnual Salary

0-1 year

Rs. 356015

1- 4 years

Rs. 444300

5- 9 years

Rs. 705379

10 - 19 years

Rs. 976955

20 or more

Rs. 1500000

  • The starting salary of Data Analyst in India is Rs. 356015 per year.

  • The entry-level Data Analyst average salary in India is Rs.4443000 per year.

  • The average mid-level Data Analyst salary in India is Rs. 705379 per year.

  • The average Senior Data Analyst salary in India is Rs. 976955 per year.

Data Analysts employed in Bengaluru, Karnataka get 19.1 per cent higher salary than the national average. Data Analysts employed in Gurugram get 6.8 per cent higher salary than the national average. (Source:

The Data Analyst salary per month in India might not be equivalent to the annual CTC. The average Data Analyst salary per month in India is Rs. 3083. (Source: Indeed)

Types Of Data Analyst Job Roles.

Data Science can be defined as the statistics implemented through programming. Computer programming languages such as R, Python, or other are effective in sorting out data as per generic and other specific requirements. In India, Python Programmers with data science skills earn more than Software Developers and DevOps programmers. Data Collection, Data Cleaning, and processing are quite significant nowadays. Companies require data to gather market and customer information.

Data Scientist: Data Scientists are professionals who utilise their analytical, statistical, and programming skills to collect, analyze and interpret large data sets. He or she further utilises the information to make data-driven solutions to provide solutions to various business problems. There is quite a high demand for Data Scientists in Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Pune, and Bengaluru. Having technical competencies in various areas such as statistics, machine learning, coding languages, databases, and reporting technologies are quite important for a Data Scientist career.

Data Scientist Salary

The salary of a Data Scientist varies depending on his or her skills, expertise, prior experience, and the size and structure of the employing organization. The average Data Scientist Salary in India is Rs. 860454. A Data Scientist salary fresher in India is Rs. 860454 per year. While a Senior Data Scientist earns an average salary of Rs. 1847542 per year in India.


Data Engineer: The role of Data Engineer comes with various responsibilities. He or she works in a variety of settings. The Data Engineer stays involved in building systems that collect, manage and convert raw data into usable information that can further be utilised by the Data Scientists and Business Analysts to interpret. The primary goal of a Data Engineer is to make the data accessible to organisations to evaluate and optimise their performance.

Data Engineer Salary

The average Data Engineer Salary in India varies depending on candidates' skills, knowledge, and prior experience. The average Data Engineer salary in India is Rs. 857157 per annum. An entry-level experienced Data Engineer earns an average salary of Rs. 477444 per annum. A Senior Data Engineer average salary is Rs. 1893468 per year in India.


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The average data analyst salary per month in India varies depending on candidates’ skills, qualifications, and prior work experience. A Data Analyst is the highest paid profession in the software-based tech professions. The minimum education requirement for Data Analyst is successful completion of any undergraduate programme in Computer Science, Data Science including other subjects such as Mathematics and Statistics.


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