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Investment Banker Salary in India {Beginners & Experienced}

Investment Banker Salary in India {Beginners & Experienced}

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Investment Banking has been one of the most popular careers in the finance industry. The Pandemic has resulted in growing uncertainties in businesses, equity, and debt issuance. But, still, Investment Banking has been the fastest-growing sector in India. Investment Banker is amongst the highest paid professions in the world. An Entry-level investment banker salary in India can be six-figure monthly salary right after graduation from this profession.

Investment Banker Salary in India {Beginners & Experienced}
Investment Banker Salary in India {Beginners & Experienced}

There is soaring demand for Investment Bankers in India as compared to the rest of the world. The Investment Bankers’ revenue has dramatically increased over the recent past years. Businesses require them to raise financing and capital for their projects. Investment Banking is one of the most sought-after careers in the Indian financial industry. There has been tremendous growth in the Investment Banker salary with a 10.8 per cent increase over the few years. Investment Banking activities have earned around Rs. 8.5 million as salary package in India.

Who is an Investment Banker?

Investment Banker is a banking professional. His or her role involves facilitating large and complicated transactions. It includes structuring an acquisition, merger, or sale for clients. An Investment Banker saves plenty of clients’ time and money. He or she identifies the risks associated with a particular project if a company forwards it. An Investment Banker is an expert in the banking industry. He or she has a finger on the pulse of the current investing climate.

The primary role of an Investment Banker is to provide the necessary support to organisations and government agencies in raising capital gains by providing them with investment or financial consultation.

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Investment Banker Skills

Aspirants who want to become Investment Bankers are required to acquire relevant skill sets to pursue a full-time Investment Banker career. Employers seek these skills while recruiting candidates. Therefore, it is important for aspirants to acquire these skills to remain competitive in the fast-paced work environment.

Analytical Skills

An Investment Banker must possess the ability to quickly understand and apply complex pieces of information. His or her role involves intellectual curiosity and agility. The role of an Investment Banker involves absorbing new data, managing the project, and meeting new clients.

Communication Skills

The role of an Investment Banker involves explaining financial information to groups. It includes IPOs or intricate details of the stock market. Strong professional communication skills are crucial for the role. It sets you apart from other candidates applying for the role.


A career as an Investment Banker demands strong personal resilience. It is important to bounce back when things get tough for a successful career in Investment Banking. Resilience brings a strong sense of self that helps to understand how to balance competing demands.

Numerical Skills

Besides analytical skills, having a strong financial literacy and confidence with numbers is mandatory to make it into Investment Banking. You need to spend time yourself to be confident with the numbers before applying to the Investment Banker job.

Investment Banker Qualifications

Employers prefer candidates with an MBA in finance, investment banking, banking and insurance, business management, or other relevant specialisations.

The Other Side

Aspirants must consider the other side of the lucrative high-paying Investment Banker career. It is quite stressful in nature, it involves unrelenting work hours. One has to follow strict hierarchical standards to succeed in their respective undertakings.

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Investment Banker Career Hierarchy

The hierarchical position in the investment banking career from a junior to senior level includes Analyst, Associate, Vice President, Senior Vice President, and Managing Director.

Investment Banker Salary

The salary of an Investment Banker varies from organisation to organisation. The average salary of investment banker in India is Rs. 942633 per annum.


Annual Salary

0-1 year

Rs. 610419

1-4 years

Rs. 800000

5-9 years

Rs. 1548529

10-19 years

Rs. 2947906

20 or more years

Rs. 4150000

  • The starting investment banker salary in India is Rs. 610419 per annum.

  • The average entry-level Investment Banker salary in India is Rs. 800,000 per annum.

  • The average mid-level Investment Banker salary in India is Rs. 1548529 per annum.

  • The average senior-level experienced Investment Banker salary in India is Rs. 4150000 per annum.

The investment banker salary in India per month is also affected by the geographical location of the employing organisation. Investment Bankers employed in Kolkata and West Bengal earn 112.2 per cent higher salaries than the national average. Investment Bankers employed in Mumbai and Maharashtra earn 94.3 per cent higher salaries than the national average.

The average Investment Banker in Goldman Sachs Group is Rs. 40,00,000 per annum.

The average salary of an Investment Banker employed by Bank of America Corp. is Rs. 645000 per annum.


The Investment Banker salary per month in India may not be equivalent to their annual CTC. It may include several deductions based on the services provided by the employing organisation as well as the addition of bonuses and profit sharing may also include. The Investment Banker average salary in India per month is Rs. 53260.


The Top Employers of Investment Bankers are:

  • Goldman Sachs
  • Morgan Stanley
  • JP Morgan Chase
  • Bank of America Merrill Lynch
  • Deutsche Bank


A career as Investment Banker is the most sought-after career in the Indian financial industry. New hires can expect a six-figure monthly salary. Investment Banking job opportunities have grown over the past years. The career is considered stressful in nature, one requires to work unrelenting hours.


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