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10 Best Travel and Tourism Courses to Pursue Now

10 Best Travel and Tourism Courses to Pursue Now

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The tourism sector is prospering all over the world. As an emerging sector, there is a huge demand for tourism professionals with job-ready skills. There is a wide range of online courses in tourism for individuals who are passionate about travelling and looking for a career in the tourism industry.

Students can pursue different tourism related courses at degree, diploma, and certificate levels. Students can also pursue PhD courses in tourism and travel to build their careers in the field of research. Aspirants looking forward to making their careers in this industry can opt for online travel and tourism courses in India.

10 Best Travel and Tourism Courses to Pursue Now
10 Best Travel and Tourism Courses to Pursue Now

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What are the Advantages of Pursuing Professional Tourism Courses

There are various benefits to doing the travel and tourism certificates including

  • It provides a lucrative job opportunity as the tourism industry revolves around luxury and demands acute professionalism.
  • It opens a window to be part of the global market as the tourism industry is thriving everywhere in the world.
  • It creates chances to travel a lot.
  • It improves communication and social skills as it involves a lot of interaction with people.

10 Best Short-Term Tourism Professional Certification Courses

Aspirants can check the table below consisting of the top 10 best courses in travel and tourism along with their details. Here's the tourism courses list:

Best Short-Term Tourism Professional Certification Courses

There are many tourism certificate courses and degree courses in tourism. Certifications in travel industry are mostly short-term and are based on several concepts related to tourism. The short-term tourism certification courses can be done both offline and online.

Aspirants who are looking for a certificate course in travel and tourism with a short duration of completion can check out the courses given below:

1. Tourism Planning and Sustainable Development (Swayam)

This is one of the best travel and tourism courses and is offered by Swayam in collaboration with PUCHD. It helps students to learn about the sustainable way of doing tourism practices. It also teaches about the procedures and methods in tourism planning. The course is 15 15-week long programme that will help students build a successful career in tourism.

2. Foundation Course In Tourism (Swayam)

This course is offered by Swayam and IGNOU and it helps the students in learning the fundamental concepts of tourism. Students can learn the history of tourism, evolution and development, transportation and accommodation in tourism and how ecology and environment are affected by tourism.

3. Tourism Marketing (IGNOU)

This IGNOU-offered certificate course in tourism trains people in marketing strategies in the tourism industry. This is one of the travel and tourism courses that assist students with career development by exploring marketing analysis, and new technologies in tourism marketing. It also also discusses the accommodation marketing and travel services marketing.

4. Sustainable Tourism – promoting environmental public health

This online tourism course by Coursera aims to teach the role of sustainable tourism in maintaining sound environmental and public health. The key concepts that are taught in the online course include global trends in tourism, waste management, the impact of tourism on freshwater ecosystems and the like. The course will be beneficial for travel professionals.

5. Introduction to the Travel and Tourism Industry: Passport to the World (Futurelearn)

This course will provide the students with an introductory glance at the industry of travel and tourism. Particularly, the certificate course in tourism will help them to explore how the tourism industry operates, how to plan a travel itinerary and the like. The course by Futurelearn is 8 week-long programme.

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6. Sustainable Tourism Society & Environmental Aspects (Edx)

This is one of the travel and tourism courses offered by Edx and it focuses on sustainable tourism, perceiving tourism from the perspective of social science and the development of global tourism. The skills that are taught in this travel and tourism certificate course will help professionals stand out in this evolving and fast-growing industry.

7. Introduction to Hospitality and Tourism Industry (edX)

The tourism and travel management course provided by edX helps students to get a proper understanding of introductory concepts of hospitality and tourism. This, one of the travel related courses, also deals with event planning, tour operations, and food services. This programme is 6 6-week long free course offered by edX.

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8. Understanding Data in the Tourism Industry (Futurelearn)

The tourism certification course offered by Futurelearn covers the role of data in the tourism industry. This course on tourism provides in-depth knowledge and understanding of the impact of data and customer behaviours on the flourishing of the tourism industry. This is one of the top travel and tourism courses that will help you better careers in the industry.

9. Professional Certificate in Impact of Global Tourism and Sustainability Issues (MSBM)

This is an advanced tourist certificate course that will help students gain a proper understanding of the global tourism industry and sustainable tourism. This is one of the top travel and tourism courses that teaches concepts of tourism development, principles of sustainability and public-private sector interface in tourism and the like.

10. Diploma in Tourism Studies (IGNOU)

The travel and tourism diploma course by IGNOU is designed with inputs from industry representatives and experts. This ensures that the course is efficient enough to let the professionals seeking the course get assured success in the industry in the right way. This certificate course in tourism will explore various aspects including tourism marketing, tourism management and operations and production of tourism development.

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The tourism industry is flourishing with more people travelling around the world and exploring places trans nations and continents. Governments and private entities now invest exponentially in the sector to attract tourists more and make them feel at home.

The surge in the tourism industry demands more professionals with the skills and potential to interact and deal with visitors creating more job opportunities. If you are planning to get into this thriving industry, hope the list of travel certifications provides a better idea to get started.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

1. What do you mean by travel and tourism?

Travel refers to moving from one place to another. Tourism is the act of travelling for a purpose let it be pleasure or business. Since the concepts of travel and tourism are similar, they are related most of the time.

2. What are some important forms of tourism?

A few important forms of tourism are Ecotourism, Industrial Tourism, Geotourism, Adventure Tourism, Beach Tourism, Cultural Tourism, Atomic Tourism and Bicycle Tours.

3. What is tourism management?

Tourism management is the management of various activities like planning a tour, travel arrangements, providing accommodation to customers and knowledge about tourist destinations. A certificate in tourism management also facilitates the marketing efforts that intend to attract more tourists to travel to a particular destination.

4. What skills do individuals require to be in the tourism sector?

The professionals working in the tourism industry need to have excellent communication skills, administrative skills, marketing skills, and organisational and networking skills. Side by side they should have other valuable skills like confidence, patience, diligence, commitment, teamwork, flexibility and enthusiasm.

5. What is the basic eligibility criteria for opting tourism certificate courses?

The certificate course in travel and tourism almost does not need any such eligibility criteria to be pursued. However some of the diploma and certificate courses do need higher secondary level education to be eligible for the course.

6. Which course is best for tourism?

There are many tourism related courses online. Some certificate courses in tourism and hospitality management are B.A. in Travel and Tourism Management, BBA in Tourism Management, Bachelor of Tourism Administration, Bachelor of Hotel Management and more.

7. What are some of the top recruiters in the tourism sector?

Some of the top recruiters in the tourism sector are Make My Trip, Radisson Blu, Cox and Kings, Thomas Cook, and Club Mahindra which offer a certificate course in travel and tourism.

8. Which diploma is best in tourism?

Some of the best Diploma in Tourism courses are BTS Tourism, Bachelor and Diploma in Hotel and Tourism Management, Diploma In Tourism, and Diploma in Hospitality & Tourism Management, among others.

9. What do we study in travel and tourism certifications?

In the field of travel and tourism, we mainly place ourselves in the centre of service. With a certificate in travel and tourism management, we learn skills and concepts about different types of tourism and how to manage it professionally. Also, we learn skills related to many other industries as well.

10. How can anyone make a career in tourism?

Any individual can make a career in tourism by taking certificate courses in tourism and hospitality management. All of them need a very nominal qualification to get enrolled. Also, one can take up degree courses for higher positions in the industry which requires different eligibility criteria compared to certification courses.

11. What tourism courses can be done after class 12?

After 12th, anyone can take up short term courses in travel and tourism online, diploma and degree courses depending on the area and level in which they want to build their career in the tourism industry.

12. Is a degree in tourism management worth it?

Yes, a degree in tourism management is worth doing if someone wants to work in the upper levels of the tourism sector. Degree courses for tourism will provide a different edge that is needed to stand out in the crowd.


Questions related to Tourism

Have a question related to Tourism ?


MBA in Tourism and Travel Management is a good choice. A person can gain a lot of skill in travel management and can earn a good amount of money. In India, there are more private institutions which offer this course. Maharashtra being the top state which have more colleges that offer your preferred course. There are some good college listed below;

  1. Indian Institute of Tourism and Travel Management, Noida is a very popular college. It is a place for your. The tuition fee of this institute is about 1.91 Lakhs. The eligibility criteria is Undergraduate Degree with 50% aggregate and Accepting Exams: MAT, XAT, CAT, CMAT, ATMA.
  2. Shri Mangalam College of Management studies is college of private ownership, it is another good college for MBA in tourism and travel management. The total fee of this college is around 1.91 lakhs and the selection criteria is through marks scored in CAT, MAT Exams.
  3. University of Mumbai is a very renowned university for its courses and placement records. The fee of MBA here is 1.77 lakhs and can go above that. The eligibility criteria of MU is Undergraduate Degree with 45% aggregate and Accepting Exams: MAH CET, CAT, CMAT, MAT, XAT, ATMA, GMAT, Sports Management Admission Test (SMAT-Exam to be held on 21 July, 2024), NMAT, CBSE 12th
  4. Jayawantrao Sawant Institute of Management and Research, Pune is a private yet one of the very best institutions for MBA. The placement records are very much good. The tuition fee of JSIMR is 1.71 lakh. The eligibility criteria is based on the score achieved in CAT, MAT exams.

Hope this will help ypu.



BBA in Aviation and Tourism Management is a 3-year degree course. Different colleges/universities have different cut off for admission in this course. However, students who have completed their 12th standard in any stream from a recognised board with atleast 50% marks are eligible for admission in this course. It is advisable to check the requirements of the college you are planning to join in their official website.

Hope this information will help you. Best wishes ahead!

Hello Supriya

Diploma in tours and travels is a one year's course.

Fee structure in Dr D Y patil is 1,50,000.

This is tution fees and apart from Tution fees you will be charged hostel fees .

Diploma in tours and hospitality management is a professional Course, deals with hotel management resort management,  customer service, accounts management , also includes travel management.

Fees ranges from 24,000 to 8 lakh

After pursuing diploma in tours and travels a candidate can work as travel agent, Travel executive, travel officer , tourist guide etc.

MAKAUT does not conduct a separate entrance exam for Ph.D. in Hospitality and Tourism.

Unlike some programs, MAKAUT Ph.D. admissions (including Hospitality and Tourism) are conducted through a Research Entrance Test (RET) that they hold themselves [Shiksha]. There is no separate application for this test.

The application process for MAKAUT Ph.D. programs is entirely online.

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