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Top 7 Online Content Writing Courses

Top 7 Online Content Writing Courses

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Content writing involves the process of planning, writing, and thereafter editing web content, mostly for digital marketing. It is a vast field and can include writing blog posts or articles, scripting for videos and podcasts, and preparing content for specific social media platforms.

Content Writers are responsible for creating written materials for websites and other types of media. Though it is an easy job, it requires certain skills that can be developed by pursuing the best courses on content writing in India.

If you are willing to make a career in content writing, there are numerous online courses and certifications you can pursue to acquire content writing skills with some technical skills like SEO and more.

Now, the demand for skilled content writers has increased as companies hire candidates who have pursued online content writing courses with certificates to market their products and services. This has led to a rising demand for the courses.

Top Skills Required to Be a Content Writer

Have a look at some of the top skills that a content writer must have:

  • Research: It is very important to research the topics that you write about because you need to have something special if you want to attract an audience.
  • Originality: This is another important skill. You might have seen that in today’s era where hundreds of paraphrasing tools are available, many sites tend to copy the content, but this is of no use as it hurts your audience.
  • Search engine optimization (SEO): SEO remains to be the most demanded skill. Writing articles and content is very easy but writing them in a way that tops the search results is difficult. This can be best achieved by Search Engine Optimisation tools.
  • Technical skills: When we talk about technical skills, knowing the basic technical tools like Grammarly, and Plagiarism Checker is important. As a content writer, you need to be technically sound to avoid common mistakes that may lead the audience to lose interest in your content.

The Importance of Learning Content Writing Courses With Certificates

If you have already decided to become a content writer, then it's best to consider enrolling in any of the online content writing courses available in India. These courses are not only for freshers but also experienced candidates in the field of content writing.

It is always best to stay ahead in the game by brushing up on your content writing skills by selecting an SEO content writing course. Once you have understood the nitty gritty behind content writing then an online content writing certificate will only help you navigate easily through this journey.

Here are some pointers that must be conducted before you choose the best online content writing courses:

  • Content is always changing, and updating.
  • You must always be on your toes to improve and upgrade your skills.
  • The growing demand for content may give rise to understanding, and playing with new technological skills.
  • If you are new to writing then you will be able to understand what kind of writing is required.

Difference Between Content Writing and Other Writing Formats

Content writing is a unique form of writing that is usually written to be published on websites. This form of writing required a different skill set when compared to other forms like fiction, academic writing, or journalism. Copywriting, which is writing to market the brand of a company, is closely related to content writing.

Let’s look at the elements that help us make understand the difference between content writing, and other writing formats.

Keyword Usage

Keywords are important for content writing, as they help search engines understand and index content. Content writers make use of and long-tail (longer phrases) keywords, short-tail (one or two words). Long-tail keywords will boost the chances of search results' appearance since they cater to lesser competition.

SEO Techniques

Incorporating SEO writing into content is very important for visibility on Google. SEO writing will assist with keywords and phrases. The common goal is to improve rankings thereby driving organic traffic to the content, setting content writing apart from other writing formats.


The intended audience for content writing is different and less when compared to other forms like article writing. Content writing may target varied sets of audiences that have multiple interest areas but it will only revolve around the theme of the written content. Therefore some fats may not be relevant to all the readers.

7 Best Content Writing Courses in India

If you are interested in learning content writing then you need to find and enroll in online degree courses or content writing certification courses, which will give you a basic idea of how to write content. Here we have created a list of some of the best courses on content writing in India that will help you get a good career in this field.

1. Writing Proficiently

This is one of the best courses on content writing in India that will help you structure your writing and provide proven methods to make your business communication more structured, polished, and powerful. The course includes four modules and is suitable for persuasive leaders, job seekers, and other professionals.

Course Structure:

  • Structure Your Writing
  • The Harappa GRT Framework
  • From Theory To Practice
  • A Writer's Checklist
  • Harappa Capsule

Duration: 4.5 hours

Offered by: Harappa

2. Academic Writing

If you want a professional and formal course in academic writing then this best content writing course online is what you need. This programme teaches the students to learn the basics of academic writing so that they can put their research skills to use for their careers. Moreover, the candidates will be getting fruitful insights into the industry.

Course Structure:

  • Importance of academic writing
  • Tools for the detection of plagiarism
  • English in Academic Writing I & II
  • Journal Metrics
  • Author Metrics

Duration: 15 Weeks

Offered By: Swayam

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3. Writing Successfully for the Stage

These kinds of best online courses for content writing allow candidates to make their ideas into well-framed stories with interesting plots. The Writing successfully for the Stage Training Course is a self-paced course that also offers knowledge of dialogue writing including its form, style, theme, and the ways that enhance the creative skills of a writer.

Course Structure:

  • Web development
  • Keyword research
  • Duplicate content detectors
  • Content writing tools
  • Freelance content writing

Duration: 4 Weeks

Offered by: Edx

4. Certified Business Writing Professional

covers various aspects of business communication like verbal and non-verbal communication, graphics, coherence, and various other parts of written communication. The programme also deals with different types of writing, like CV, proposal, memo, email, cover letter, and more.

Course Structure:

  • Communication Basics
  • Oral Communication
  • Effective Communication
  • Written Communication
  • Non-Verbal Communication
  • Fragmented and Parallel Sentences
  • Unity and Coherence
  • Series

Duration: Self-Study

Offered By: Vskills

5. The Strategy of Content Marketing

This one of the content writing certification courses offered by the University of California, Davis, will discuss the importance of content marketing and how good content can be made to reach a large audience.

This is one of the best courses on content writing in India and it will help you not only learn content marketing strategies but also delve deeper into the distribution aspect so you can make an effective strategy for your content to reach maximum audiences.

Course Structure:

  • The Content Marketing Ecosystem
  • The Strategic Context (The 7A Framework)
  • Crafting a Content Marketing Strategy
  • The Strategic Types of Content

Duration: 19 hours

Offered By: Coursera

6. Content Writing Secrets: Complete Guide to Content Marketing

Content Writing Secrets: Complete Guide to Content Marketing online training comprises articles and videos. Applicants who finish the course will have a lifetime of free online access to the different materials. After completion, the candidates will get a completion certificate.

Course Structure:

  • Marketing Principles
  • Writing Principles
  • SEO 101
  • Blog Posts
  • Writing a Print Book Kindle Book

Offered By: Udemy

Duration: Self-Paced

7. Content is King: Writing Killer Content for Web & Marketing

You can learn to write content for a Kindle eBook, a Website, and a blog in this one of the highest-rated content writing courses in India. The course is designed for anyone interested in creating content for the web.

If you are an ebook writer, website developer, blogger, freelance writer, or ghostwriter, this is one of the perfect content writing courses with certification. You can enhance your skills and learn the techniques to market your content to reach a large audience with these kinds of best content writing courses online.

Course Structure:

  • Introduction to the different types of content
  • Powerful keyword research tools
  • Writing attractive homepage, about us, and products and services pages
  • Understanding the importance of keywords

Duration: 3 hours

Offered By: Udemy

Popular Providers Offering Content Writing Courses and Certifications


The demand for content writers has increased considerably as people these days prefer online sites over traditional books and stuff. So, if you are planning to make a career in this field, you cannot ignore these online courses for content writing or a diploma in content writing.

Several online learning platforms like Skillshare, Google, and Hubspot also offer free content writing courses so that anyone can learn content writing skills without worrying about the content writer course fees. After pursuing these content writing courses, you will get a basic idea of where you should start.

Remember, this is a field that requires creativity along with some technical skills. You can either opt to work for companies or organisations in particular or become a freelancer after pursuing any kind of content writing certificate course.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

1. What is taught in content writing courses?

When we talk about a content writing course online, you are taught the basics of SEO. So, these best content writing courses help you in knowing about the secrets of the top editors and content writers, and basically, what is that one thing that attracts the audience towards your content?

2. Where will I find some of the best content writing courses in India?

IIM Skills, Udemy, Skillshare, ETC are some of the best places to find the best content writing courses in india. These sites provide you with a variety of options, as per your need and demand you can choose the required content writing course.

3. Can I get started with content writing, even if I have no prior experience?

Yes, you can start by learning directly from any content writer online course. The first step is to start a blog, start guest posting, sign up for a content portfolio, start a Facebook page, and create a sample, and a network.

4. What is SEO content writing?

SEO content writing is a technique where you write your content by keeping the optimization strategies in mind. With the help of SEO content writing, including keywords and other strategies, you design content in a way that tops the search engine results.

5. Does freelance content writing pay well?

Yes, you can earn a good amount as a freelance content writer after pursuing a content writing online course. Freelance content writing is all about getting your topics and deadlines and adhering to them.

6. Is content writing a good job option to opt for?

The last few years have witnessed an incredible demand in the field of content writing, with companies both big and small now investing in creating informative, shareable, and value-adding content for their business, to achieve different business goals.

7. What are some of the basic skills required as a content writer and how to acquire them?

Content writing skills include the ability to write clear, consistent, and relevant content. It should be appealing enough to attract the target audience and force them to take action on your site. To acquire these abilities you can opt for a content writer online course.

8. Is it worth pursuing content writing online courses?

Yes. obviously, an individual who has pursued a content writer online course must be having some extra knowledge than a non-certified individual. So, whenever you are applying for jobs then it can help you in getting preference over other candidates.

9. How can I improve my content writing skills?

Content writing is something in which you become proficient with time. It requires a lot of practice which can be the best content writing course in India, so going for internships, freelancing, or starting your blog can be a great idea. It will help you earn some money and at the same time have a good experience too.

10. Is SEO important for a content writer?

SEO refers to the technical process that helps you increase the quality of traffic and attract maximum visitors to your website. Content marketing is focused on using valuable content to drive profitable customer or client action. So any SEO-based online content writing course is ideal.


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