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Top 10 Online Mass Media Courses and Certifications

Top 10 Online Mass Media Courses and Certifications

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Thanks to the digital media, the career opportunities in mass media skyrocketed. Through mass media, people can remain connected and updated with what is going on in their surroundings and all around. With people shifting to the digital world, the mass media also adapted to the digital space opening many career opportunities.

Top 10 Online Mass Media Courses and Certifications
Top 10 Online Mass Media Courses and Certifications

For professionals who are always in a rush a traditional degree might not always be a good option. This has led to the demand for online mass communication courses in India and free online certificate courses in mass communication.

The list of jobs in mass communication includes all the methods through which people can receive knowledge or content. Be it newspaper, TV, radio, publication houses, or advertisements, there are so many options for one to choose from and make a fortune from it for the professionals who have completed media online courses.

Read this article to learn about some of the mass communication online courses in India and mass media courses.

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10 Best Online Mass Media Courses

Here are some of the best journalism and mass communication online courses that are worth your time, money, and effort.


Offered by


BA Journalism and Mass Communication

Chandigarh University, Chandigarh

3 years

MA Journalism and Mass Communication

Jain University, Bangalore

2 years

PG Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication

Amity Online

2 years

Post Graduate Certificate Program in Advertising Management and Public Relations

MICA, Ahmedabad via Talentedge

11 months

MA Mass Communication

KUK Kurukshetra

2 years

Digital Learning Toolkit Resources for Successful Online Teaching

Eindhoven University of Technology via Future learn

5 weeks

Integrated Digital Media Capstone

New York University, New York via Edx

8 weeks

Certificate in Linkedin Marketing



Mass Communication and Digital Media Productions


10 months

BA Journalism and Mass Communication

Shoolini University Solan

36 months

1. BA Journalism and Mass Communication

For those who want a solid foundation in mass media and communication, this certificate course in journalism is an option. A bachelor’s degree is the best starting point after which one can add master's and certification courses to their arsenal.

This is one of the best online certificate courses in mass media that offers a degree qualification that anyone can attain. This mass media online course emphasizes practical application rather than theory and its course structure orbits around project-based learning and experiment-based learning.

Offered by - Chandigarh University, Chandigarh

Duration - 3 Years

2. MA Journalism and Mass Communication

Once you have got your degree, the next best decision you can take is to go for a master's. While you can land good jobs with your bachelor’s it is advisable to get a master's.

And what is more, you can manage it with a little bit of discipline with this online master's programme. This is one of the top online certificate courses in mass media when it comes to an advanced degree.

Offered by - Jain University, Bangalore

Duration - 2 years

3. PG Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication

This is one of the best online certificate courses in mass media professionals choose instead of a master's programme. This is because the diploma programmes are short-term but deliver at the same time all the practical applications you need in the industry.

Offered by - Amity Online

Duration - 2 years

4. Post Graduate Certificate Program in Advertising Management and Public Relations

This is one of the best online mass communication courses for professionals (Advertising, marketing management, Public Relations and the like) A combination of strategic marketing and communication is a necessity to reach the masses.

This can make or break a business because consumers search for products or services and compare them before purchasing any service or product. So you need to have a strong foothold in Advertising and public relations to become a trustworthy brand.

Offered by: MICA, Ahmedabad via Talentedge

Duration: 11 months

Topics Covered:

  • Evolution and Growth of Marketing
  • Marketing Environment
  • Consumer Behaviour
  • Advertising, Brand positioning
  • Agency structures and evolution
  • Cases of successful campaigns
  • Rural advertising
  • Creative brief – importance and writing skills

5. MA Mass Communication

This online postgraduate programme in mass communication is offered by Kurukshetra University for students who are passionate about pursuing a career in mass communication and have a bachelors.

The students will be provided with a deep understanding of various aspects of mass communication including media laws and ethics, reporting and editing, evolution of media and the like. During the mass communication online course, the candidates will be given both theoretical and practical explosion into the industry.

Offered by: Kurukshetra University

Duration: 2 years

Topics Covered:

  • Theory and Practice of Communication
  • Writing Skills
  • Introduction to Mass Media
  • Media & Society
  • Computer Applications
  • Reporting
  • Advertising
  • Editing

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6. Digital Learning Toolkit Resources for Successful Online Teaching

This is one of the online courses for mass communication that will help you get started with your journey in mass media. This mass media online certification course, one of the certificate courses in journalism, will equip you with the skills to become an instructor. In this mass communication online course, you learn to design effective online content.

This mass communication diploma course online covers all major aspects that you will encounter in traditional digital media courses. There are three joining options for this certificate course in mass communication- Free (six-week audit), Upgrade (paid track for unlimited access and the certificate), and Unlimited (paid track for one-year access to hundreds of short-term courses, the completion certificate, unlimited access to any course you receive certification for and more).

Offered by: Eindhoven University of Technology via Future learn

Duration: 5 weeks

Topics Covered:

  • Learning theory
  • Learning journeys
  • Social learning
  • Multimedia: images, audio, text, videos, interactions
  • Data-driven learning
  • Blended learning design
  • Web lecture recordings
  • Learning analytics

7. Integrated Digital Media Capstone

This is one of the best online mass communication courses, as it carries the prestigious stamp of NYU. Going into the details, through this certificate course in journalism and mass communication, you will learn coding, Design, media theories and laws. The emphasis is on improving technical and critical analysis.

This mass media online course, one of the mass media courses, is an NYU instructor-paced program focusing on the practical applications of Digital Media and thus enhancing your job prospects. The certificate with its NYU stamp has immense value in the market. There is 90 % financial assistance to those who have difficulties in paying for the mass media communication course.

Offered by: New York University, New York via Edx

Duration: 8 weeks

Topics Covered:

  • Proctoring onboarding
  • Course Logistics
  • Ideation & Prototyping
  • Introduction
  • Activating ideation
  • Planning & documenting your process
  • The five phases of ideation & prototyping

8. Certificate in Linkedin Marketing

When you think of a mass media online course, LinkedIn comes to mind these days. If you are a professional, you know the power of LinkedIn marketing. This Mass media online certification course provides insights on Lead Gen Forms, a tool used to drive website traffic, build brand awareness, and generate leads. This mass communication degree online, being one of the online courses in mass communication, also teaches you how to leverage LinkedIn analytics, and comprehend legal issues such as privacy and what is ethical and what is not in LinkedIn marketing and what is not.

This is one of the top online certificate courses in mass media tailored for better ROI from LinkedIn manifold which eventually eases brand awareness, hikes up a corporate reputation and trains candidates to deploy LinkedIn as an effective PR tool for businesses. for organizational HR needs and managing online reputation.

Offered by - Vskills

Duration - Self-paced

Topics Covered:

  • Lead gen forms
  • Social media marketing introduction
  • Goal setting in a social environment
  • Participation in marketing
  • Linkedin marketing
  • Campaign targeting
  • Social media platform-tools
  • Conversion and performance metrics

9. Mass Communication and Digital Media Productions

This 10-month-long certification in mass communication is provided by the School Of Open Learning, Delhi University. The programme can be pursued by anyone who has completed 12th with an interest in exploring the topic and building a career in it. The certificate in mass communication will discuss radio and TV journalism, writing and editing of scripts, digital media, web content and the like.

Offered by - DU SOL

Duration - 24 months

Topics Covered:

  • Fundamentals of Journalism & Mass Communication
  • Writing scripts for audio/ radio
  • Voice modulation, tips to improve your Public Speaking Skills and engage with your audience
  • Tips for becoming an effective commentator, do’s and don’ts
  • Art of storytelling, radio Jockeying & becoming a better Presenter
  • News & News Writing, News Gathering
  • News Presentation
  • TV Journalism

10. BA Journalism and Mass Communication

This is an undergraduate programme in journalism and mass communication offered by the Shoolini University, Solan. The 36-month course will shed light on various related vertices such as journalism, reporting, editing, content strategy and many more. To join this mass communication certificate, the candidate must have completed 10+2 in any stream.

Offered by - Shoolini University Solan

Duration - 36 months

Topics Covered:

  • Functional English- 1
  • Fundamentals of Journalism
  • Introduction to Reporting
  • Digital and Technological Solutions
  • Functional English- 2
  • Introduction to Editing
  • Journalism in India- Historical Perspective
  • Radio Journalism
  • New Media

Top Careers in Mass Media

Now let us take a look at some of the top careers you can look for after the completion of mass media courses and free online media courses with certificate:


Average Base Salary p.a.

Digital Marketing Executive

Rs 5,49,252 (Approx.)

Public Relations Specialist

Rs 6,05,048 (Approx.)

Public Relation Executive

Rs 2,90,976 (Approx.)

Event Manager

Rs 7,53,732 (Approx.)

Content Writer

Rs 2,82,982 (Approx.)

News Anchor

Rs 4,71,665 (Approx.)

Radio Jockey

Rs 3,77,304 (Approx.)


Rs 2,50,000 (Approx.)

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If there is passion, then hard work and discipline must follow suit. So take some of the best mass media courses to become a highly sought-after professional. All these are some of the best online mass communication courses in India that you can pursue if you have a dream of working in the journalism and mass communication industry.

Whether to choose the certificate in journalism and mass communication or UG or PG level programme completely depends on what kind of qualification you have. However, the UG and PG level online courses in mass communication will provide an added advantage

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

1. What is a master's in journalism and mass communication programme?

This mass communication course online will help students improve their strategic communication skills, and their cultural background and will shape their writing as well as their editing skills. The students graduating from this course would be eligible to get jobs as writers, TV anchors, and media consultants in big firms.

2. Is Amity University UGC/DEB approved?

Yes, they have been accredited by the Distance Education Board, making them the first online approved university.

3. How are the examinations conducted for online courses for mass communication?

There are separate laws and regulations for different online certificate courses in mass media. These examinations are accessed through the Online Technology Enabled Proctored Mode, the marking scheme of the students has been made into two parts consisting of online test assessment and online internal assessment. 

4. Are there any placement opportunities post completion of my mass media certification?

Yes, there are plenty of placement opportunities after completing online certificate courses in mass media. But it would vary depending on the institute. For example, Amity University provides virtual job fairs where all top recruiters come together and hire students online, without any extra fee. 

5. What is the passing criteria of the online mass communication courses?

It depends on the university you are applying to, each university has a different pattern, some have credit-based systems, and some colleges have assignment systems where you are awarded the degree for successful completion of each module with time.

6. What is the use of online certificate courses in mass media?

It helps individuals or media consultants to act as informants and keep the world informed about what is going on be it current affairs, calamities, or any celebration. Any mass communication course online bridges the gaps in knowledge by educating the students on the nuances of the field.

7. Can one enroll in a degree course and PG course simultaneously through distance mode?

Yes, it is completely okay to pursue two courses simultaneously. It’s more dependent on the student if he/she can cope with both the courses and excel in each at the same time.

8. What is the scope of mass communication in India?

Mass media is a gateway to spreading a message or educating people on a global scale. A field that allows you to do so will never run out of the game and will always create trends and change the phase of the future by guiding people to a brighter path.

9. How is YCMOU for pursuing a mass media online certification?

It is one of the best open universities India has to offer, with cheap prices you get the course from a UGC-approved college, and with excellent support from the college, the staff helps you to clear the course seamlessly.

10. Which online certificate courses in mass media should I take for a career in journalism?

It is most preferred to go for a bachelor's in mass media to get an understanding of both writing and journalism, after that, you could get a master's degree in technical content writing and achieve your dream. There are several online courses, go through each of them, check their course curriculum if it matches your needs and you should apply for them.


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