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Demanding Careers in Construction Industry - Jobs, Skills, Average Salary

Demanding Careers in Construction Industry - Jobs, Skills, Average Salary

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Construction involves designing and building the infrastructure around us in the environment. It is not limited to skyscrapers, football stadiums and bridges, but it also includes tunnels, piers, dams, coastal defenses, factories, houses, schools, railways and energy generation plants.

A Construction project can be a new build, renovation or a refurbishment. A Construction Professional is responsible for ensuring that the project is attractive, safe and sustainable. He or she ensures the successful completion of the project within the budget. There are a number of organisations that work together to complete a project. The task assigned to a construction worker depends on the organisation he or she works for. Aspirants can locate construction jobs on the internet through a search browser.

Demanding Careers in Construction Industry - Jobs, Skills, Average Salary
Demanding Careers in Construction Industry - Jobs, Skills, Average Salary

Construction Organisations

Consultants: A Consultant looks after the pre-construction stages of a project. He or she is responsible for working on behalf of a client. A Consultant job involves helping planning and designing the project.

Subcontractors Organisations: A Subcontractor organisation is employed by the contractor if the construction requires specialist or additional help. Professionals who work with subcontractors are required to spend their time on site alongside contractors.

Service Provider: Several construction professionals may also work with service providers. It includes water companies, or local authorities. There are several types of employers such as architecture companies, interior designing companies or others.

Types of Construction Jobs

We have provided here details of types of construction jobs. The salary offered to professionals in construction jobs varies depending on their roles, responsibilities and employing organisation.


An Architect is a professional responsible for planning, developing and implementing building designs. It is the most preferred job among careers in construction industry. His or her role involves compiling feasibility reports, determining environmental impact and creating project proposals. An Architect estimates costs, determines the timelines and supervises the construction processes and ensures it complies with the architectural plans.

Qualifications: B.Arch.

Architect Salary: The average salary of an Architect in India is Rs. 344291 per year. An entry-level experienced Architect average salary is Rs 293113 per year in India. While, a senior-level experienced average Architect salary in India is Rs. 1217132 per year.


Civil Engineer

A Civil Engineer is a professional responsible for creating, improving and protecting the immediate environment. He or she plans and oversees the construction and rebuilding. It includes maintenance of roads, bridges, railways, tunnels, dams, harbours, power plants and airports.

Qualifications: B.Tech. in Civil Engineering

Civil Engineer Salary: The average salary of Civil Engineer in India is Rs. 308344 per year. While, a Junior Civil Engineer average salary is Rs. 291689 per year in India. A Senior Civil Engineer average salary in India is Rs. 624155 per year.


Urban Planner

An Urban Planner is a professional who develops plans and programmes for the use of land. He or she identifies the community needs, accommodates growth or revitalises physical facilities in towns, cities, counties and metropolitan areas. An Urban Planner provides support in managing economic, social and environmental issues.

Qualifications: B.Arch. in Urban Planning

Urban Planner Salary: The average salary of an Urban Planner in India is Rs 508985 per year. A Junior Urban Planner average salary is Rs. 494797 per year in India. A Senior Urban Planner earns an average salary of Rs. 780000 per year in India.


Landscape Architect

A Landscape Architect is a professional responsible for designing spaces that withhold the life between buildings. It includes streets, roads, housing estates, apartment compounds, shopping malls, squares, plazas, gardens, cemeteries, memorials, museums, schools, universities, transport networks and other construction projects. He or she is not limited to designing frameworks and policies for place and city shaping but go beyond to create better places for everyone.

Qualifications: B.Arch. in Landscape Architecture

Landscape Architect Salary: The average salary of Landscape Architect is Rs. 393579 per year in India. The Junior Landscape Architect average salary is Rs. 380230 per year. A Senior Landscape Architect earns an average salary of Rs. 610419 per year.


Interior Designer

An Interior Designer is a design professional who makes interior spaces of a building such as home or commercial place functional, safe and beautiful. The role of Interior Designer involves making indoor spaces safe, functional and enhancing the outlook while determining the space requirements. He or she selects the essential and decorative items such as lightning, colours and materials.

Qualifications: B.Des. in Interior Designing, BID (Bachelor of Interior Design)

Interior Designer Salary: The average salary of Interior Designer in India is Rs. 305917 per year. A Junior Interior Designer average salary is Rs. 294341 per year. While the average Senior Interior Designer salary is Rs. 645467 per year.


Geotechnical Engineer

A Geotechnical Engineer is required to utilise their in-depth knowledge of soil and rock. He or she assesses the risk and solves problems concerning the diverse infrastructure projects. The role of Geotechnical Engineer involves supporting design and construction by carrying out tests and analysing the risk associated with construction. Common risks include landslides, sinkholes, rock falls and earthquakes.

Qualifications: B.Tech. in Geotechnical Engineering

Geotechnical Engineer Salary: The average salary of a Geotechnical Engineer in India is Rs. 595976 per month. A Junior Geotechnical Engineer earns an average salary of Rs. 482791 per year in India. A Senior Geotechnical Engineer earns an average salary of Rs 2358324 per year in India.


Structural Engineer

A Structural Engineer is responsible for designing and analysing various construction structures. It involves buildings, flyovers, bridges, tunnels, towers and other things. A Structural Engineer is concerned with the integrity of the structure of the construction such as beams, foundations, columns and floors.

Qualifications: B.Tech. in Structural Engineering

Structural Engineer Salary: The average Structural Salary in India is Rs. 487123 per year. A Junior Structural Engineer salary is Rs. 384801 per year. While a Senior Structural Engineer average salary in India is Rs. 1183591 per year.


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Site Manager

A Site Manager's work responsibilities include organising the work on building sites. He or she ensures its completion safely on time and within the given budget. A Site Manager has to liaise with architects, surveyors, and builders to ensure the project is on track with enough staff, machinery and materials.

Qualifications: B.Tech. in Civil Infrastructure Engineering

Site Manager Salary: The average salary of Construction Site Manager in India is Rs. 630000 per annum. A Senior Construction Site Manager earns an average salary of Rs. 1190000 per year in India.

(Source: Ambitionbox)


The construction industry contributes in the development of the infrastructure of the country. Whether it is the new construction or renovation of the existing structures, it is crucial to ensure its integrity, safety and utility within the allocated budget. Construction industry offers numerous career options for aspirants. The salary offered for each career in the construction industry may vary concerning candidates’ skills, qualifications, expertise and employing organisation’ size and structure.


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