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Fun and Interesting Career Options in India

Fun and Interesting Career Options in India

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There are fun and exciting career options that we will explore in this article. When you start planning your career, you keep several things in consideration. Strict timings, work pressure and other things might have come to your mind while planning a career for you. But, there are some interesting career options in India that are quite different from a typical 9 am to 6 pm job.

Fun and Interesting Career Options in India
Fun and Interesting Career Options in India

We have provided here details of such interesting career options that you might want to pursue considering their uniqueness.

Wine Taster

A Wine Taster is a professional responsible for tasting wines. He or she must be aware of the effect of various types of wine on humans. A Wine Taster can easily tell how long the effect of wine will last. He or she has proficiency in storage, maintenance and cost control of wines. A Wine Taster must be capable of reading the acidity, fruitiness and sweetness of the blend as well as the texture. It is one of the interesting career options after 12th that can be pursued.

Qualifications: Diploma in Wine Tasting

Average Salary: The average Wine Taster salary in India is Rs. 606782 per annum, according to

Ethical Hacker

A career as Ethical Hacker is about preventing the information systems from cyber threats and malicious attacks. There are numerous companies that seek such professional hackers who can test their internal security and identify the loopholes in it. An Ethical Hacker is also known as White Hat Hacker. You might have heard terms such as Black Hat Hacker, Red Hat Hacker and Grey Hat Hacker. White Hat Hacker or Ethical Hacker is a legal career. While all other types of hacker are some sort of illegalities and can-not be opted for a full-time career as they are intended to attack the security systems and steal confidential information or such events.

Qualifications: B.Tech. in Cyber Security, CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker) Certification, B.Tech. in Information Security

Average Salary: The average salary of an Ethical Hacker in India is Rs. 49920 per month, according to Glassdoor.


A Photographer is a professional whose role comes with the responsibility of taking photographs that are clear and as per client specifications. His or her duties include setting up lights, backdrops and equipment for preparing a photo shoot. He or she also directs models and subjects in order to capture the image as planned. A Photographer also performs editing of photos in order to remove the blemishes and correct the lighting.

Qualifications: BMC, BA in Photography, BMM

Average Salary: The average Photographer salary in India is Rs. 395050 per annum, according to


A career as Chef is a culinary career. It is a craft based career. If you have interests in the aroma of species, and keep experimenting with the dishes to develop a new flavour of taste then this is the right career for you. As a Chef, you must have culinary expertise to create appetising dishes. He or she oversees the kitchen staff, tasting dishes before serving to customers. A Chef has to restock the food ingredients as required.

Qualifications: BHMCT, BA in Culinary Arts

Average Salary: The average salary of a Chef in India is Rs. 3,500,000 per annum, according to Glassdoor.

Graphic Designer

A career as Graphic Designer provides flourishing opportunities in the media industry. The relationship between the content and graphic is inevitable. Graphic Designers create graphics as illustrations of the content. They create visual concepts utilising various CAD software or by hand to convey the ideas behind the inspiration and captivate the audience’s attention. Being a Graphic Designer, you’ll be responsible for developing the overall layout, production design for applications such as advertisements,brochures, magazines and reports.

Qualifications: Diploma in Graphic Designing, BMC, B.Des. in Graphic Designing, B.Des. in Animation

Average Salary: The average Graphic Designer salary in India is Rs. 300199 per annum, according to


Nurse is a profession of empathy. A Nurse is responsible for assessing, observing and speaking to patients. He or she records details and symptoms of patient medical history and current health. The role of Nurse involves preparing patients for exams and treatment. He or she also administers medications and treatments.

Qualifications: B.Sc. in Nursing, B.Voc. in Operation Theatre Technology

Average Salary: The average salary of a Registered Nurse in India is Rs. 300974 per annum in India.

Sound Engineer

A Sound Engineer is a professional whose work involves sound aesthetics. He or she is responsible for planning the record session with an artist or musician. A Sound Engineer sets up the required equipment, records each instrument separately as well as edit and mixes record tracks. He or she enhances the sound to achieve high quality recording.

Qualifications: Diploma in Sound Engineering, B.Tech. in Sound Engineering

Average Salary: The average Sound Engineering salary in India is Rs. 387635 per annum, according to

Fashion Designer

Fashion Designer is an aesthetic career. If you love experimenting with accessories, colours and design to enhance the overall look, then this career is the right fit for you. The role of Fashion Designer involves creating clothings, accessories, jewelleries, footwear, costumes and other accessories. You may specialise in a niche to improve your chances of success. It is a highly competitive field. Fashion Designers may sell their own stuff and become self-employed, while several may work on a full-time basis and create sketches that involve creating patterns, design clothes for established brands.

Qualifications: B.Des. in Fashion Design

Average Salary: The average salary of a Fashion Designer in India is Rs. 387635 per annum, according to


A Pilot is a professional responsible for operating the aircraft in various industries. He or she may find employment in the commercial sector, military or work for airlines. Pilots form a crew that typically involves captain, first officer and co-pilot. They work together to fly the aircraft safely and navigate it. He or she performs regular aircraft inspections.

Qualifications: PPL (Private Pilot Licence), CPL (Commercial Pilot Licence)

Average Salary: The average salary of a Pilot in India is Rs. 46,87,900 per annum, according to


A Beautician is responsible for enhancing the look of his or her clients with skin care therapies and other methods. He or she removes facial hair and performs beauty treatments. It includes hairstyling, make-up, facials, manicures and pedicures. A Beautician provides his or her clients with the necessary support in making them feel confident in their own skin. It is one of the unique careers in demand.

Qualifications: Diploma in Cosmetology, Diploma in Beauty Therapy

Average Salary: The average Beautician salary in India is Rs. 18769 per month in India, according to Indeed.


A Bartender is a professional responsible for working directly with customers by serving them their orders. His or her job includes preparing dring by mixing various ingredients or solutions. A Bartender has to verify the age requirements and also possess knowledge of alcohol pairing and tastes. He or she prepares classy and traditional drinks, processes payments, manages inventory and cleans the bar supplies. It is a low competition career option in India to be pursued.

Qualifications: Diploma in Professional Bartending, Diploma in Mixology and Flair Bartending

Average Salary: The average Bartender salary in India is Rs. 233870 per annum, according to


There are endless career opportunities that are fun and exciting to pursue. The work hours or work environment of these careers might vary from a typical 9 am to 5 pm job. The challenges in these roles also vary from other careers.


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