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How to Become an Animator After 12th

How to Become an Animator After 12th

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An Animator is a professional responsible for creating animations and visual effects for films, video games, television, mobile devices and other forms of media. He or she uses illustrations and software programs to create animation. An Animator not only creates graphics but also develops storyboards, illustrations and drawings. He or she creates plans and script animated narrative sequences. The role of Animator also includes providing assistance with background design and production coordination.

How to Become an Animator After 12th
How to Become an Animator After 12th

Animators may research upcoming projects to provide support in creating realistic designs or animation. Animators are required to edit their animations based on the feedback of directors, game designers, clients and other animators. They review deadlines and development timelines with clients, animators, game designers and other professionals.

Skills of an Animator

We have provided here details of Animator skills. These skills are crucial to function in a fast-paced work environment.

Technical Skills: An Animator career demands technical skills. He or she works on various design software on the computer to create animations. An Animator must possess knowledge of AutoCAD or CAD tools to design animations.

Eye for Details: An Animator must possess an eye for detail. He or she has to ensure that his or her designed animations persuade the audience and convey the scenes of the storyboard.

Aesthetic Skills: The profession of Animator is aesthetic in nature. He or she is required to develop the storyboard, characters, scenery and other designs keeping aesthetics in mind.

Communication Skills: The role of Animator involves meeting with the clients, other animators and producers for review of the animations and get feedback to further improve it according to requirements.

Functions of Animator

Research: An Animator is required to research upcoming projects to get an idea of realistic designs or animation. He or she may check other animation projects to get an idea or research through the internet where plenty of content is available based on animation.

Developing Storyboard: An Animator is responsible for conceptualising ideas for characters, backgrounds, scenes and other elements of animation. He or she creates sketches for animations according to design briefs.

Editing: The role of Animator involves editing animations and effects concerning feedback from directors, other animators, game designers and other clients. Smooth editing required developing timing and pacing of motion depending on the requirements of audio.

Coordinating and Collaborating: A career as Animator involves meeting and coordinating with clients, producers, game designers, directors and other staff to review deadlines and developing timelines. He or she collaborates with other creative professionals to finalise the project.

How to become an Animator after 12th

Most high school students are fascinated by the animation in Disney movies and usually search how to become a Disney Animator. You may pursue an undergraduate course in visual effects, animation or game design. After successful completion of the academic programme or professional Animator course, aspirants may opt for internships. An Animator internship increases your chances to acquire an entry-level full-time job.

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Work Environment

An Animator usually works in an office environment. Several animators may often be provided with work from home or remote work. He or she works in a team. Animators are required to develop a movie, visual effects or electronic game. Each animator works on a small- portion of the project. Further, the pieces are put together to create a cohesive animation.

Types of Animators

There are types of animation careers. Check some of the most demanding career options.

Graphic Designer

A Graphic Designer is a professional responsible for visualising and creating graphics such as illustrations, logos, layouts and photos. He or she shapes the visual aspects of books, websites, magazines, product packaging, exhibitions and more.

Qualifications: BMM (Bachelor of Mass Media), DAM (Diploma in Animation and Multimedia)

Graphic Designer Salary: The salary of Graphic Designer varies depending on candidates’ skills, prior experience and employment setting. The average Graphic Designer salary in India is Rs. 299690 per year. An entry-level Animator earns an average salary of Rs.287,152 per year. A senior average Graphic Designer salary is Rs.465459 per year.


Game Designer

A Game Designer is a professional responsible for creating concepts and worlds of video games. He or she stays involved in the design of the genre, gameplay system, environment, story, characters, objectives and user experience of video games. A Game Designer in the creative mind behind the Video Game.

Qualifications: B.Voc. in Multimedia, Diploma in Animation

Game Designer Salary: The average Game Designer salary in India is Rs. 549822 per year. The entry-level average Game Designer salary is Rs. 512239. A mid-career Game Designer earns an average salary of Rs. 950,000 per year.


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Multimedia Animator

A Multimedia Animator is a creative professional who utilises technology to create animations and visual effects for television, movies, video games and other forms of visual media. He or she creates three-dimensional models and animation. A Multimedia Animator may specialise in designing characters, scenery or background design.

Qualifications: B.Voc. in Multimedia, B.Des. in Animation

Multimedia Animator Salary: The salary of a Multimedia Animator varies depending on candidates’ skills, experience and employing organisation. The average Multimedia Animator salary is Rs. 589581 per year. An entry-level Multimedia Animator salary is Rs. 296609 per year. A mid-career Multimedia Animator salary is Rs. 600000 per year.



We hope now you have understood how to become animator after class 12th. You need to work on acquiring skills for designing characters, scenes, storyboards, drawings and illustrations. There are no formal mandatory education requirements to become an Animator.

An Animator career is one of the most popular design careers. The popularity for VFX, special effects for television, films, videos, and video games has grown over the years. It is a skill-based career. Candidates are required to first opt for internships to become an Animator.


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