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Top Highest Paying Engineering Jobs - Skills, Education, Salary

Top Highest Paying Engineering Jobs - Skills, Education, Salary

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Engineering is one of the most pursued careers options in India. There are a variety of disciplines offered in Engineering. You might not be astonished to acknowledge the fact that India has the highest number of engineers. India is also the country that ranks tops in having the highest number of engineering educational institutes in the world. It offers a range of specialised engineering programmes concerning varying areas such as transport, communications, construction, information technology, healthcare and others.

Top Highest Paying Engineering Jobs - Skills, Education, Salary
Top Highest Paying Engineering Jobs - Skills, Education, Salary

It may sound like a prestigious career option as many believe that engineering offers highest paying engineering jobs as compared to other fields. Well, it is not completely true. You need to spend a few hours researching the scope of each engineering field and the average salary it offers. You must analyse your skills and your inclination towards a certain area of engineering. You must acknowledge the pearls and perils included in following your passion. When we talk about the highest paid engineering profession, Computer Science, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence top the rank. But highly skilled professionals in other fields can also find top paying engineering jobs. Software Engineers, Artificial engineers and Aeronautical engineers are considered as highest paid engineers.

The role of the Engineer involves applying mathematical and scientific concepts to develop cost-effective solutions for technical issues. He or she considers the functional requirements given by the management and safety regulations. Engineers are required to stay highly involved during the testing and development stages. Engineers play a crucial role in maximising efficiency for customers. You might be searching for the best engineering course with a high salary. We have provided here details of highest paying engineering jobs in India with their roles, responsibilities and salary details. There is no specific highest engineering salary, as it varies depending on candidates’ skills, knowledge qualifications, prior work experience and employing organisation.

Aerospace Engineer

An Aerospace Engineer job involves leading edge-top technologies and integrating them into aerospace vehicle systems. He or she stays involved in the design and manufacturing of aircraft, spacecraft, propulsion systems, satellites and missiles. An Aerospace Engineer designs and tests aircraft and aerospace products. Aerospace Engineering is considered one of the best paying engineering jobs.

Qualifications: B.Tech. in Aerospace Engineering

Average Aerospace Engineer Salary: Rs. 813073 per year (Source:

Civil Engineer

A Civil Engineer is a professional responsible for creating, improving and protecting the immediate environment. He or she plans and oversees construction and rebuilding and maintenance of construction such as roads, bridges, tunnels, railways, harbours, power plants and airports. It is one of the best engineering jobs in India.

Qualifications: B.Tech. in Civil Engineering

Average Civil Engineer Salary: Rs. 308876 per year (Source:

Mechanical Engineer

A Mechanical Engineer is responsible for designing, building and testing various mechanical devices such as robotics equipment, industrial machines and transportation systems. A Mechanical Engineer's major duties are identifying problems in the machinery systems, conducting experiments to improve product designs and using CAD technology to design products.

Qualifications: B.Tech. in Mechanical Engineering

Average Mechanical Engineer Salary: Rs. 352835 per year (Source:

Electrical Engineer

An Electrical Engineer is responsible for designing, developing and testing electrical devices and equipment. It includes communications systems, power generators, motors, navigation systems and others. He or she oversees the manufacturing of these devices, systems and equipment.

Qualifications: B.Tech. in Electrical Engineering

Average Electrical Engineer Salary: Rs. 373920 per year (Source:

Mechatronics Engineer

Mechatronics Engineers stay involved in all the aspects of the development of products such as its designing and testing right through to manufacture. A Mechatronics Engineer combines the principles of electrical engineering, electronics engineering and mechanical engineering. It is one of the best salary engineering jobs

Qualifications: B.Tech. in Mechatronics Engineering

Average Mechatronics Engineer Salary: Rs. 985551 per year (Source:

ML Engineer

Machine Learning Engineers are responsible for developing AI systems to automate predictive models for recommending searches, virtual assistants, translation apps, driverless cars and chatbots. ML Engineers are responsible for designing machine learning systems, applying algorithms to generate accurate predictions and resolving data set problems.

Qualifications: B.Tech. in Computer Science, B.Tech. in Machine Learning

Average ML Engineer Salary: Rs. 726438 per annum (Source:

Computer Engineer

A Computer Engineer job involves managing and designing computer hardware and software systems of the company. He or she is also known as a programmer. A Computer Engineer's responsibilities include developing software systems, updating hardware and designing new technical equipment. It is one of the best engineering jobs in India and the overall world.

Qualifications: B.Tech. in Computer Science Engineering

Average Computer Engineer Salary: Rs. 5,08,600 per year (Source:

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Software Engineer

A Software Engineer is an IT professional who gathers user requirements defining the functionality of the system. It is considered one of the best paying engineering jobs. He or she writes codes in various languages such as Java, Ruby on Rails or .NET programming languages. A Software Engineer job demands building high-quality, innovative and fully performing software that complies with coding standards and technical design.

Qualifications: B.Tech. in Software Engineering

Average Software Engineer Salary: Rs. 595943 per year (Source:

Big Data Engineer

A Big Data Engineer is responsible for developing, testing and maintaining Big Data solutions for the company. He or she is responsible for gathering large amounts of data from multiple sources. A Big Data Engineer ensures that the data is accessible to authorised individuals. He or she also ensures that the data pipelines of the company are scalable, and secure and serve multiple users.

Qualifications: B.Tech. in Big Data

Average Big Data Engineer Salary: Rs. 7,43,605 per year (Source: Glassdoor)

AI Developer

An AI Developer or Artificial Intelligence developer is responsible for building AI functionality into software applications. He or she integrates and implements AI algorithms and logic into delivering an IT project. An AI Developer is responsible for programming systems to best suit the business requirements based on data collection and analysis.

Qualifications: B.Tech. in Computer Science, B.Tech. in Artificial Intelligence

Average AI Developer Salary: Rs. 9,38,849 per year (Source: Glassdoor)

Network Architect

A Network Architect is an IT professional who takes care of communication networks such as LAN, WAN and intranets. The job of a Network Architect demands creating, maintaining and modifying an IP network’s hardware, software and virtualised components. Network Architect is responsible for the security of the network. He or she designs, implements and manages security countermeasures whenever vulnerabilities in the network are discovered.

Qualifications: B.Tech. in Computer Science

Average Network Architect Salary: Rs. 1949515 per year (Source:


No doubt, engineering is the most pursued profession in India. India has the highest number of engineering institutes in the world and hence Engineers graduating from here not only serve the country but go beyond it and serve the world. But, Engineering is not limited to a specific area. One needs to do a bit of research about the job market, and geography of the country or region and analyse his or her skills and inclination towards a specific field of engineering to determine the highest paid engineers jobs for him or her.


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