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Career Opportunities After Pursuing Liberal Arts

Career Opportunities After Pursuing Liberal Arts

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Liberal Arts is a detailed study of various subjects in fields such as humanities, fine arts, and social sciences. Students can pursue Liberal Arts courses at different levels or they can even opt for their preferred degree along with Liberal Arts. They can study Liberal Arts at the undergraduate, postgraduate, or even at the doctorate level.
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In recent times, the focus on interdisciplinary education has become more prevalent. Since traditional degrees focus on just one specialisation, students are not well-equipped with the skills necessary for today’s complex environment. Therefore, a Liberal Arts degree holds a lot of importance as many careers and fields have arisen in recent times, which may confuse students.

The degree allows students to explore diverse career paths, and choose a career based on their interests and future goals. It also equips the students with a broad range of skills, which will not only help them in their careers but will also help them become a better human being.

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Career Options Available after Pursuing Liberal Arts

As we have discussed earlier in this article, there are a lot of benefits to a liberal arts degree. The freedom to explore different fields is one of them. The graduates have a diverse range of skills which make them more appealing to recruiters. Liberal Arts graduates can choose various careers from a varied industry, such as education, hospitality, business analysis, data analysis, technology, and finance. Some of the popular job roles one can explore are mentioned below.


Professors or lecturers are educationists at the college or university level. They are not necessarily focused towards the moral development of the students since they teach adults. They are responsible for giving lectures and making them ready to pursue their future goals. Professors usually hold a doctoral degree in a specialisation and have written several research papers. This provides them with an in-depth understanding of that subject. The average salary of a professor or a lecturer in India is Rs. 15.5 LPA.

Human Resource Manager

HR or Human Resource Managers are professionals hired by companies or universities for recruitment. They are responsible for interviewing, hiring, training, and supporting new employees to understand the corporate culture and help them adapt. They also ensure that there are no disputes and that employees work together as a team.

HR plays a very important role in any organisation, they hire and help in retaining deserving employees. In India, an HR Manager can earn Rs. 10.9 LPA depending on their experience and the company.

Social Worker

Social Workers provide social services for the betterment of society by helping individuals or groups. Social Workers can work in a variety of settings such as educational institutes, healthcare, hospitals, NGOs, government or privately held organisations. Based on their work setting, they focus on the availability of basic resources for the public and ensure all their needs are met.

Social Workers focus on the external factors that impact an individual or a community and provide them with possible solutions. They also assist them in improving their lives. The average salary of a Social Worker in India is Rs. 2.9 LPA depending on the experience and the company.


Journalists are professionals responsible for gathering and conveying news to the public. They can use newspapers or magazines (print media), or through news and media channels. The main motive of a journalist is to make the public aware of what is happening in the world and around them.

Graduates can also opt to pursue Journalism after graduating in Liberal studies. Some of the popular degree programmes include BAJMC at the UG level and MAJMC at the PG level. In India, the average salary of a Journalist is Rs. 4.1 LPA, which depends on their experience and level of education.

Business Analyst

Business Analysts are professionals who assist companies in improving their existing products or services. They analyse the business processes and help with what can be improved. Business Analysts also provide the company with measures to improve their efficiency and boost their revenue. The average salary of a Business Analyst in India is Rs. 9.6 LPA.


Economists analyse the monetary information of a business using various advanced statistical techniques. They can work in a variety of settings such as government, academics, and the private sector. Economists can work in any industry to analyse the market and assist the business in making economic decisions based on their forecasts. The average salary of an Economist is Rs. 16.4 LPA.


Mathematicians are professionals who specialise in the subject of mathematics. They apply their knowledge and expertise to a variety of industries. Some of the areas where Mathematicians contribute are accounting, engineering, finance, and academics. They help businesses to interpret and understand mathematical data and make informed decisions.

Their work involves both theoretical and practical aspects of Mathematics. They also analyse data and provide simple solutions to complex mathematical problems. Mathematicians usually hold a master’s or a PhD degree. The average salary of a Mathematician in India is Rs. 8 LPA based on their experience and level of education.


Painters are artists who use various materials such as paintbrushes, paints, and other tools to create visually appealing paintings typically on a canvas. They use different techniques and styles to express their emotions. Their work can be found in art galleries or museums. Painters may work for a company on a commission basis and also sell their artworks by setting up exhibitions.

Painters generally hold a degree in Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA), Master of Fine Arts (MFA), BA or MA in Liberal Arts, or Bachelor of Design (B.Des). The average salary of a Painter in India is Rs. 2.5 LPA which depends on their experience.


Average Salary as per Industry Standards

Once candidates have completed a Liberal Arts degree, they can choose from many career options. The course prepares the students with the important skills that they can apply to various fields. Below are the average salaries for popular career paths based on industry standards.

Job Profiles

Average Salary


Rs. 15.5 LPA

Human Resource Manager

Rs. 10.9 LPA

Social Worker

Rs. 2.9 LPA


Rs. 4.1 LPA

Business Analyst

Rs. 9.6 LPA


Rs. 16.4 LPA


Rs. 8 LPA


Rs. 2.5 LPA

Source: AmbitionBox

Liberal Arts Career Scope in India

The scope of a Liberal Arts course is not necessarily limited to a specific field. Unlike other degrees, liberal arts focus on interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary education. In recent times, the education industry has evolved rapidly with a lot of changes. Nowadays, students are interested in a comprehensive education which prepares them for various careers.

Many students are now opting for a degree in Liberal arts due to its broad scope. The graduates possess a unique combination of skills which make them more appealing to the employers. They can opt from diverse job profiles such as Painter, Mathematician, Economist, Business Analyst, and Journalist. BA Liberal Arts and MA Liberal Arts are popular degrees.


After graduation, individuals have access to various high-paying careers. Liberal arts degrees focus on humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, and fine arts disciplines. Students develop critical thinking, effective communication, creativity, problem-solving abilities, and teamwork skills. Business Analyst, Painter, Economist, Mathematician, and Journalist are the popular job roles.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

1. What is the scope of liberal arts?

In India, the scope of liberal arts has been rising in recent times due to the shift from traditional discipline-specific education to interdisciplinary studies. Liberal arts prepare the students to pursue varying careers. 

2. Is Liberal Arts in demand?

Liberal arts studies are very much in demand nowadays. At present, students are interested in getting knowledge of various disciplines. Liberal arts studies provide them with the necessary skills and aptitude that they can apply in many disciplines. 

3. What are the high-paying job opportunities in Liberal arts?

The high-paying job opportunities after a Liberal arts education include Economist, Professor, Business Analyst, and Mathematician. 

4. What are the popular careers in Liberal arts?

Economist, Mathematician, Journalist, Business Analyst, Professor, Human Resource Manager, and Painter are the popular careers after graduation. 


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