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Career Options After BTech - Under Private Sector & Public Sector Undertakings

Career Options After BTech - Under Private Sector & Public Sector Undertakings

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Engineering is one of the most popular graduation courses. It is one of the most popular courses that students take after they finish school. It can be challenging to choose the right career options after BTech. Before you decide on your career options after BTech, take a look at the various career options that are available to you after engineering. One question that haunts students the most is, after BTech CSE, what to do?

Career Options After BTech - Under Private Sector & Public Sector Undertakings
Career Options After BTech - Under Private Sector & Public Sector Undertakings

After completing the B.Tech course, many students can either take on higher studies or pursue jobs after BTech in the field of their choice. Although M.Tech is a natural choice for many students, these days many opt to take up an MBA after BTech CSE. Aside from taking the entrance exams, many students also consider getting a job at a public sector undertaking or a private company.

BTech Campus Placements

College placements are becoming more prevalent in the engineering industry and are the best option to find jobs after BTech. They are often offered by top universities. Campus placements are an excellent way to get a job after BTech without much effort. They allow you to connect with potential employers and get hired without much competition. If you are thinking about what should I do after BTech CSE, then campus placements are good btech career options.

B.Tech students who are planning on participating in a campus placement should make sure that they keep their resumes up-to-date and their knowledge of their chosen subject. Before you start looking for jobs after BTech CSE, make sure that you thoroughly study the companies that you are interested in and maintain a good score in your chosen subject.

Higher Studies - Courses After BTech

After engineering, many people choose to pursue higher studies and this is quite a popular way to find jobs after BTech. This is because after completing B.Tech, they can take admission into M.Tech programs. The GATE exam is an entrance test for engineering students. It helps them prepare for the entrance test for the various engineering programs and find job opportunities after BTech. If you are thinking about what to do after BTech, then higher studies are good career options after BTech CSE.

Many people also prepare for the JAM test to get into the best colleges in India. After BTech CSE, they can also pursue diplomas and short-term courses. Aside from pursuing degree courses, many people also pursue short-term and diploma programs.

Public Service Undertakings

After engineering, it is also important to consider getting a job in public sector units (PSUs). The competition for these jobs is quite high. However, it’s worth it in the end as there are multiple PSUs and each of them has its own GATE score requirement. If you are thinking about what career after BTech then public service undertakings are good career options after BTech CSE.

Even though the GATE score is only taken into account for a specific year, hard work can still lead to getting a job in a Maharatna company. These jobs after BTech offer great pay and security and are also good options for those who are looking for a job after BTech CSE.

PSU Recruitment without GATE Score

Airport Authority of India

Reserve Bank of India (RBI)


Shipping Corporation of India Limited (SCIL)

Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission

Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC)

Bureau of Indian Standards

Hindustan Newsprint Limited

National Mineral Development Corporation (NMDC)

PEC Limited

Border Security Force (BSF)

Indian Coast Guard

Housing & Urban Development Corporation Limited

Punjab Police Intelligence Recruitment

CRPF Inspector Recruitment


Management Studies

After graduating from university, many engineering graduates choose to pursue career options after BTech in management. This discipline can help them get high-quality jobs after BTech. To get into this field, you will need to take an MBA. In order to get admitted to different schools, you will need to score well on the Common Assessment Test. If you are thinking about what should I do after BTech or then management studies are a good career options after BTech CSE.

After completing studies in management, you can work for different companies in India. This discipline is highly sought after by individuals who want to climb the corporate ladder. Many engineering graduates take up MBAs due to the combination of their studies with B.Tech. An MBA can help you get management roles at companies such as Accenture and Tata Consultancy Services. To get into a management school of your choice, take the Common Assessment Test.

Civil Services Entrance Examination

The Civil Services exam is the best way to clear the selection process for becoming a civil servant. If you want to work for the country, then take the Civil Services exam. This will allow you to clear the initial qualifying exams. If you are thinking about what should I do after BTech, then civil services entrance examinations are good career options after BTech CSE.

The UPSC CSE exam is divided into two stages:

  • Preliminary Examination

  • Mains (written exam + interview)

The Civil Services examination is one of the toughest ones. It offers various subjects such as civil, electrical, and mechanical engineering. Engineering optional subjects are also included in the examination. This allows candidates to get the prestigious positions of IPS, IFS, and even an IAS. Only a few thousand candidates are selected each year. If you can crack the exam, then you can get the jobs after BTech CSE of an IPS, an IAS, or an IFS.

Join Indian Army

If you are a passionate patriot and are ready to serve the country, then join the Indian army or the navy. The technical wings of the army are highly skilled and can support the troops on the field. A career in defense is one of the most prestigious and rewarding career options after BTech CSE. It offers good pay, job security, and the opportunity to serve the country. If you are thinking about what should I do after BTech CSE, then the Indian Army is a good career options after BTech CSE.

You can get into this field through various entrance examinations. Some of these include the University Entry Scheme, the Air Force Common Admission Test, and the Short Service Commission.

The Indian Armed Forces have three branches: the Indian Army, the Indian Navy, and the Indian Air Force. The latter is responsible for the air and water bodies. As a B.Tech graduate, you can find employment in the various branches of the Indian Armed Force. Each branch has its own unique requirements.

The Indian Army recruits technically sound individuals who can support its soldiers on the field. You can join the army through various entry schemes such as the TGC and the SSC Tech. After completing your B.Tech in Engineering, you can join the air force's ground or technical squads. Usually, candidates with good marks can get in through the common admission test.


Many engineering graduates nowadays start their own businesses after BTech CSE. This is a great opportunity for them since many of them started their ventures due to the success of startups. Being an engineer entrepreneur can give you the freedom to create and develop new ideas. However, it is very important that you carefully consider all the negatives and positives of this path. If students are thinking about what should we do after BTech CSE, then entrepreneurship is a good career options after BTech CSE.

There was a time when engineers were not inclined to entrepreneurship. But, the emergence of successful engineers in recent years has inspired the youth. To start with, identify a common issue that engineers face and come up with a solution that can be used in any industry.

Working in Private Sector

After B.Tech, many engineering graduates go on to work in the private sector. This is because there are many job opportunities in technical fields. Aside from being engineers, B.Tech graduates can also work as consultants, researchers, and subject matter experts. If students are thinking about what they should do after BTech CSE, then campus placements are good career options after BTech.

While campus placements are very useful, there are many ways to get started in the private sector, such as through job portals. Since engineering is a broad field, there are many job titles that can be found in the industry.

Popular Job Profiles After BTech CSE:


After graduating, engineers have plenty of career options after BTech. Whether you want to pursue a career in engineering or research, there are plenty of opportunities available to you. This list will answer some of the most common questions that you might have after BTech CSE. Your interest can be determined based on the career path that you would like to pursue after graduating. Before choosing which path to take, check the difficulty level of the field.


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