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EdX is a MOOC (massive open online course) provider that was founded in 2012. Based in America, EdX provides online courses and certification programmes to learners worldwide to help them upskill. EdX aims at making quality education accessible to everyone from anywhere and improve the online and on-campus teaching and learning process. EdX offers more than 3600 EdX online courses and EdX certificate programmes in collaboration with more than 160 institutions and universities. 

100 million-plus enrolment had taken place across the EdX-offered EdX courses  and EdX free courses. To let everyone from anywhere in the world learn new in-demand skills, EdX provides both the paid online certificate programmes and EdX free courses and certifications

EdX - Overview

  • EdX is an American-based educational technology company. 

  • More than 3600 courses are offered by EdX in partnership with 160+ partners from across the world.

  • EdX-courses are instructed by 15 thousand experienced teachers and are available in more than 25 world languages. 

  • 42 million users from around the world have made 110-plus enrolments and 1.4 million certifications have been issued. 

EdX Courses

EdX administers a number of EdX courses and EdX free online courses that will enable the learners to excel in diverse disciplines and topics. EdX-offered online courses span the topics of cyber security, blockchain, computer networking, language, music, medicine, physics, science, data science, python, artificial intelligence, and many more. The students can join various EdX courses in more than 25 plus international languages. 

EdX - Collaborations and Accreditations

EdX, founded jointly by MIT and Harvard University, collaborates with 160+ reputed national and international universities and institutions to offer online courses and EdX free certificate. Some of them are the University of California, Australian National University, Boston University, Georgetown University, ACCA, University of Toronto, University of Oxford and several others. 

EdX - Industry Partnerships

EdX partners with many organizations and companies around the globe to make the online learning experience outstanding. EdX has partnerships with Google, AWS, IBM, SBI, The Linux Foundation, MandarinX, IsraelX, Microsoft and whatnot. 

Types of EdX courses

The learners can find different types of EdX courses and EdX certificate on the platform of EdX. Professional Certificate, XSeries Programme, MicroMasters Programme, and MicroBachelors Programme are some of them. Besides, EdX also offers online courses and certifications in different world languages for the learners who belong to beginner, intermediate and advanced skill levels. 

The students can find a wide range of topics covered by the EdX courses. Some of the key subjects and disciplines in which the online certifications are available are provided in the table below: 

EdX  India

Millions of Indian learners are taking benefits out of the EdX by pursuing several online courses and certifications. EdX also joined hands with many of the organizations and institutions in India to offer online certificate courses including the SBI, IIT Bombay, IIM Bangalore and the like. Also, the EdX-offered online courses are available in the Indian languages of Bengali, Urdu, Hindi and whatnot. 

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