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How Can Pinterest Help You Plan Your Career Goals?

How Can Pinterest Help You Plan Your Career Goals?

Edited By Pragati Singh | Updated on Jun 08, 2023 03:29 PM IST

According to McGraw-Hill Education, social media no longer has to be a barrier to learning. It helps students build and manage their learning communities, maximise their study time, and find new resources to help them learn and retain their knowledge. We already know about facebook communities, instagram pages and youtube channels the student community can follow to find solutions to their academic problems and employment queries. However, here’s another social media platform – Pinterest that can be as useful. Let’s find out how.

How Can Pinterest Help You Plan Your Career Goals?
How Can Pinterest Help You Plan Your Career Goals?

Positive Points Of Pinterest

>> Security: The Pinterest search engine is more tightly controlled than the Google search engine. The Google search engine can display inappropriate content, but Pinterest doesn't.

>> Career Planning: Also, with the pinning feature of this application you can create content for projects, portfolios, assignments and bring huge changes in your career with helpful short guides and 1-2 minute reading on career change tips, life planning for teens (class 6-12), personal development planners. In addition to it you can also go through pins on smart career goals, examples for growth and promotion just by using it methodically you can sync it in with your career plan. It can act as a catalyst in your respective action plannings.

>> Vision Board: This feature allows you to create your own dream zone or world. For example, if you're studying a fashion design programme, you can create your own vision board with inspirational fashion designers, major awards and events and your favourite pieces—the types of clothing you've always dreamed of.

>> Suitable for different professions: This application is best for those who belong to the creative fields such as photography, interior designing, fashion designing and so on because of its multiple, global and unique graphics options.

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>> Prevents distractions: According to one's interest, Pinterest also helps in maintaining your explorer/browse which means it will automatically show you information which you are focused on. Most importantly it does not have messaging tools which could lead you to distraction, which also makes it best to stay goal oriented.

>> Quality of Media: Although videos on pinterest are not that famous, whereas videos are considered to be a powerful way of learning. You need to just take a moment and focus on it and you may catch some big, unique and deep ideas such as, steps to follow, quick and precise guides. Media and posts that we can get from Pinterest are different and more standard and precise than that of Instagram and Facebook.

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>> Global Exposure: On pintrest you can have a virtual field trip by yourself. Travel the world and make a virtual photo album of your own. With such globalised information and resources, at your fingertips imagine what you can achieve

>> Enhance Creative Skills: You can make digital portfolios and have personal photo journals. If you are ambitious and want to create something exceptional, distinctive and supporting to your ideas and ambition, then you can always come up to pinterest for better search results. For example, if you are studying interior designing, you can always find different styles and trends of interior designing and take help for your projects, like learning trendy crafty ideas for wall hangings, Paintings and pottery for better outcomes of their interior. Also, especially on the interior styles like greek, bohemian, contemporary, rustic or transitional styles of interior. By using an enormous depth of resources and images available students can develop creative muscles, problem solving and research skills.

Using Pinterest is like having a collective of data from all around the world in one place. For instance, Photography students can learn tips for unique and stylish photographs. Students from makeup and styling professions can easily find trendy makeup and hair tutorials, and a better skin care routine which is a few minutes watch with no time hassle. Being tuned in to industry trends can make their work unique and appreciated by clients.

Hope you find your inspiration soon!


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