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One of the popular certification providers, Simplilearn partners with individuals and companies to provide training and coaching as per their needs to help them chart their career growth. Individuals and working professionals can choose from the more than 400 Simplilearn courses taught by around 2000+ qualified trainers. Simplilearn courses come with around 40+ global accreditations. Along with the paid online courses, Simplilearn also offers a good deal of free Simplilearn courses and certifications on its sub-platform named SkillUp. 

Simplilearn - An Overview

  • Over 2 million professionals trained
  • An online presence in digital training in over 150 countries
  • Backed by 2000+ renowned industry and academic experts
  • Courses oriented towards work-ready skills needed to excel and channel career growth
  • Tie-ups for courses with leading universities and professionals 
  • Free resources and guides
  • Skill-based Learning with 600+ job-ready skills in domains in demand
  • Learning from anywhere at anytime
  • Practical and applied approach to training
  • 1500 live classes per month with real-world projects

About Simplilearn courses

Simplilearn offers more than 400+courses in all the domains that are in demand. There are comprehensive certification programmes, courses offered by leading universities as well as individual courses incorporated with job ready skills. Some are free too.

Simplilearn free courses include Cloud Computing, Cyber Security, Digital Marketing, Project Management, Data Science to name a few. Simplilearn free courses can be checked at https://www.simplilearn.com/

Simplilearn Courses - Collaborations and Accreditations

Some of the partnerships for Simplilearn courses are with Duke continuous study, UNiversity of Massachusetts, University of Georgia, Lovely Professional University, Santa Monica College, K.L University, Ashford University, Symbiosis International University, Pune etc. Individuals who do these courses get a certificate from the university itself.

 Simplilearn Industry Partnerships

The focus on job ready skills, upscaling of relevant skill sets is cemented with Simplilearn partnerships with  industry stalwarts like  Accenture, Deloitte, BOSCH, Ford, KPMG, CISCO etc.

Types of Simplilearn Courses

Training and course structures of Simplilearn are segregated broadly to corporate, higher education and such. This enables a demarcation for all individuals looking to enhance their skills as per their need and requirements. The corporate training programmes involve boot camps and intense training tailor made just for working professionals. 

The higher education section focuses on digital, outcome centric and industry aligned skills. Certification programmes from Simplilearn under this focus more on the latest, and most in-demand technologies and skills with provisions for online learning at one’s convenience, cloud labs, simulation tests, projects and more.

Simplilearn online courses and certification programmes span many topics that are the most sought after by modern professionals and learners. Some of the major areas in which the Simplilearn-offered online boot camps are available are 

Simplilearn Data Science Courses & Certifications

Simplilearn Cyber Security Courses & Certifications

Simplilearn Digital Marketing Courses & Certifications

Simplilearn Software Development Courses & Certifications

Simplilearn Machine Learning Courses & Certifications

Simplilearn Data Analytics Courses & Certifications

Simplilearn Programming Courses & Certifications

Simplilearn Software Engineering Courses & Certifications

Simplilearn Big Data Analytics Courses & Certifications

Simplilearn Business Analytics Courses & Certifications

Simplilearn Benefits

Taking courses at Simplilearn can be beneficial for the candidates  in the following ways:

  1. Candidates will be able to develop a skill for real career growth as Simplilearn provides a cutting-edge curriculum designed with the help of the industry and academia to develop job-ready skills.

  1. The learning experience will be from the field experts who are leading practitioners and could bring the best practices and case studies that can fit into the learner’s work schedule.

  1. By pursuing a course from Simplilearn will help to learn through working on real-world problems that involve real world data sets with virtual labs for hands-on learning.

  1. Learners will be able to get 24x7 learning support from their mentors and get their conceptual doubts clear. 

Simplilearn Job Assist Programme

For Simplilearn graduates, the JobAssist is a placement service that aims to place them for relevant openings based on their skills and the job requirements. While JobAssist is currently applicable to programmes in Big Data, Data Science, and Digital Marketing Masters Program courses and through Simplilearn’s select online classroom.

Simplilearn offers the JobAssist facility to professionals who complete their course and projects with a final assessment score of 80%. The facility will be valid for a year from the course completion date. 

Simplilearn also helps with Resume Building, Interview Preparation and Career Mentoring under the JobAssist service.

Companies like Atos, TESCO, Synchrony, aQb Solutions Pvt Ltd, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Capgemini have hired Simplilearn graduates.  

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