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Top online Computer Courses for High Paying Jobs

Top online Computer Courses for High Paying Jobs

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The digital world exists because of the ingenuity of professionals who have created powerful infrastructure. Every day, new products are created and maintained. You could be the professional who is helping organisations boost their business, helping governments undertake public welfare, and helping individuals achieve their goals. The world of Computer Science demands top-notch professionals. That could be you. In this article we will explore top computer science courses and certifications that can turn you into a sought-after professional.

Top online Computer Courses for High Paying Jobs
Top online Computer Courses for High Paying Jobs

You could do this by being a professional in Information Technology, Computer Applications. You can find a place for yourself in a plethora of industries. Before we get started, there are a variety of short and long-term online computer courses for job. It is critical for you to understand strengths and skills as well as your weaknesses before selecting a computer course for yourself. Academic degrees alone wouldn’t help you land your dream career nowadays. You need to constantly keep learning. In this article we have listed some of the best computer courses.

Software Development

With the rise of mobile apps and web apps, there is a huge demand for software development. A Software Developer works with a variety of programming languages, such as C++, Java, ReactJS, Native, and others. As a Software Developer, you will be responsible for developing valuable mobile apps, web apps, and software for businesses.

The popular computer courses in Software Development and Programming Languages will need you to concentrate on the most up-to-date coding techniques and development approaches, such as Hadoop, JavaScript, iOS, Android, Unity, and others.

Top Careers

Top Providers offering online Software Development courses

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Computer Hardware Engineering And Networking

One of the best computer courses in this list, the computer hardware and networking courses concentrates on the upkeep and repair of the computer's essential components. You must address frequent issues that develop as a result of routine equipment use. To minimize major equipment repairs, you can plan ahead and use predictive and preventative measurements.

You will learn topics such as LAN, DTP, CCNA, and many others in these computer networking courses.

Top Providers offering online Computer Networking courses


To work in the digital space, you need the protection of cybersecurity. It is crucial for protecting sensitive data, for conducting financial transactions. You can take popular computer courses in cybersecruity. There are both paid and free online cybersecurity courses. In a world filled with Consumers conducting various transactions via their smartphone app. (i.e. fin-tech to e-commerce), cyber security is an unavoidable necessity. To avoid theft, cyberattacks, and unanticipated ransomware, it is necessary to ensure good cybersecurity.

With these best computer courses in cybersecurity, you will learn how to recognise online threats, understand the nature of cyberattacks, and take precautions. You will learn how to analyze technical hazards and how to take preventive and predictive measures to avoid various types of online attacks with cybersecurity courses.

Top careers in Cyber Security

Top Providers offering online Cyber Security courses

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Data Science

Data Science is one the most upcoming fields, and some of the best computer courses are in Data Science. The demand for data in India has gone through the roof. There were around 150,000 Data Scientist job vacancies in 2020. This is a 62 per cent hike from what was around in 2019. Pharmaceutical, aeronautics, oil and energy, and marketing industries are all looking for Data Scientists to help with their analytics. With just three years of expertise, data scientists can earn up to Rs. 20,00,000 p.a. This makes Data Science one of the best computer courses for job.

Along with your background in Mathematics and Statistics, you will delve deep into the world of computer applications starting with Python, Deep Learning, and Machine Learning.

Top Providers offering online Data Science courses

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Big Data Engineering

Big Data, as the term implies, is a massive collection of data that is methodically analyzed and used to gather information. Nowadays, when consumers prefer online transactions, Big Data is critical in helping businesses understand how their customers spend their money online.

You must design, maintain, assess, and evaluate Big Data solutions within the firm in order to pursue the Big Data Engineering programme. A famous Data Engineer’s principal responsibility is to design large-scale data processing systems. It would be beneficial if you also have expertise in data analysis and storage systems, as well as the ability to deal with cutting-edge data technologies such as R, MySQL, Python, NoSQL, and others. According to payscale, the average median salary of a senior Data Engineer in India is Rs. 1537080

Top Providers offering online Big Data courses

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Data Analysis

You use statistical techniques and logical thinking to extract crucial facts from an unstructured pool of data. You assist organisations in conducting qualitative research in order to generate structured data that the company can use to conduct administrative, manufacturing and marketing operations. While it is closely related to Data Science, there are still certain key differences between the roles of Data Analyst and Data Scientist.

Unlike Data Scientists, they do not require extensive coding and programming. However, you should be familiar with the most recent data technologies and computer languages, such as Python, Ruby on Rails, R, MySQL, and others. According to payscale, the average median salary of a Data Analyst in India is Rs. 4,60,229. Hence, this makes courses in Data analysis one the best computer courses for job.

According to payscale, the average median salary of a senior Data Analyst in India is Rs. 7,98,615.

Top Providers offering online Data Analysis courses

Web Designing

If you are someone who loves visualisation, then Web Designing is for you. With the rise of mobile-first experiences, you'll need to redesign your website to improve user experience and interfaces. Responsive web design, HTML, PSD to HTML, and PHP are all covered in these online computer courses on web designing. It would be beneficial if you finished your design using Adobe Photoshop or Corel Draw. According to payscale, the average median salary of a senior Data Analyst in India is Rs. 3,57,810.

Top Providers offering online Web Designing courses

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VFX Training And Character Animation Degree

The entertainment industry (game design, film making) is fuelled by augmented and virtual reality, which has given rise to modern technology such as visual effects and character animation.

You will master advanced VFX effects, software skills, and new approaches utilised in filmmaking during the VFX training course. Because of the growing demand for visual effects in films, animated films, and video games, a VFX artist has a wide range of opportunities. According to payscale, the average median salary of a senior Data Analyst in India is Rs. 3,54,167.

Top Providers offering online Animation courses



Some of the best computer courses have been listed in this article. There are several advantages learning these online computer courses. Learning the course at your own pace from wherever you are; Geographical boundaries and time constraints will no longer bother you. Now the ultimate decision is up to student and which one the best computer courses for job you want to pursue. It is alright to take time and decide, all of these contribute to the eventual success. It is important to understand and figure out that which computer course is the best for jobs, after all it is a decision regarding the career.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

1. What are some crucial programming languages taught in computer science courses?

Here are some prominent languages you can take through online computer courses: R, JavascriptCC++, Python, Java, PHP, etc.

2. I have passed class 12. I want to pursue computer science. What should I do?

Degree qualifications such as B.Sc computer scienceBCAB.Tech in computer science are great options. Along with them, consider also online computer courses.

3. What is the duration for online courses and certifications in computer science?

There are short-term online computer science certification courses. You can complete them within a few months. Longer online courses will take up to a year.

4. What are the main subjects I should specialise in if I want to pursue programming?

Computer applications, Computer Science, Computer Science Engineering, etc. are a few subjects you can specialize your degree in if you wish to pursue computer courses.

5. Mention some highest-paying jobs after completing top computer courses?

AI Engineer (Rs. 9,01,800), Game Developer (Rs. 4,78,895), Software / Engineer / Developer - (Rs. 5,01,350), Full Stack Developer (Rs. 6,41,112), Back-end Developers (Rs. 4,05,880), Front-end Developers (Rs. 4,88,349), etc.

6. What are some educational providers for offering online certifications in computer courses?

Top Computer courses can be taken from CourseraEdxSwayam, etc. You have the option to audit these online computer courses for free. Udacity offers financial aid for its online certifications. And Udemy offers inexpensive online computer courses.


Questions related to Computer Science

Have a question related to Computer Science ?

Hello Aspirant,

Yes, you can definitely cope up both the arenas if you keep in mind that time management and consistency are the key. Afterall, this is the very way to success.

Being a final year B.Tech student, balancing your MERN stack coaching along with GATE 2025 Preparations can be challenging in real, but I want to share some tips to help you manage both:

  1. Create a realistic schedule where you must prioritize your Gate Preparations since it's a crucial exam. Set aside specific 1 hour for MERN stack coaching as you have decided yourself.
  2. TIME  BLOCKING : Divide your day into blocks for different activities (coaching, Gate, self study, breaks). Don't do Multitasking in between coaching and Gate Topics within the same hour.
  3. Utilize your weekends , here you can revise your MERN stack concepts and some part of the time for intensive Gate preparation.
  4. Solve GATE-related problems regularly .
  5. GATE MOCK TESTS : This is important for your self assessment. Analyze your results in it.
  6. Stay Healthy

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Best of luck with your Mern stack coaching and Gate 2025 preparations.


The number of subjects in a polytechnic computer science program varies but typically includes programming languages, data structures, databases, operating systems, computer networks, web development, software engineering, object-oriented programming, computer architecture, and information security.

Hope this helps you,

Thank you

Hello aspirant

You can get admission to bsc in computer science without any entrance test.  You will get admission for Course on the basis of class xii score .

For pursuing bsc in computer science you must have passed class xii with physics,  chemistry and mathematics with minimum 50 % marks .

Note that yoj must have given maths exam too as for neet biology is required .

Without maths you won't be eligible for getting  computer science seat.

If you had taken pcmb in class xij ie physics, chemistry, biology and maths then you won't have to worry .

Otherwise you can give maths exam from NIOS .

Chromebooks might be limiting for a Mechatronics program, depending on the specific software used by your chosen institute.

Chromebooks primarily run web-based applications. While some Mechatronics programs might utilize online simulation tools, many rely on specialized engineering software like:

  • AutoCAD for 2D/3D design
  • SolidWorks for 3D modeling
  • MATLAB for programming and simulation
  • LabVIEW for data acquisition and control

There are some cloud-based versions of engineering software available, but they might have limitations compared to the full desktop versions.


You could explore Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Computer Science, Bachelor of Engineering (BE) or Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) in Computer Science and Engineering, Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA), Master of Science (MSc) in Computer Science, Master of Computer Applications (MCA), or Master of Engineering (ME) or Master of Technology (M.Tech) in Software Engineering.

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